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Popular Attractions in Yangcheng

House of the Huangcheng Chancellor (Huangcheng Xiangfu)
2,404 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Famous Residences
The “House of the Huangcheng Chancellor” was the official mansion of the famous Qing dynasty official Chen Tingjing, who was the chief editor of the Kangxi Dictionary (the standard Chinese dictionary of the 18th and 19th centuries) and tutor of Emperor Kangxi. The entire architectural complex is divided into an “inner city” and “outer city,” and the architectural style is similar to that of the Qiao Family Compound or Wang Family Compound in Shanxi; all are classic examples of the northern courtyard architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912). However, it is different in that as many as 38 members of the Chen clan who resided here were government officials. The complex also has a plaque inscribed and bestowed by the Kangxi Emperor himself, in honor of the complex and its owner.
Haihui Temple of Yangcheng
46 Reviews
Historical Site
Beiliu Town, Yangcheng County 048102, China
Dongpotou Forest Park
18 Reviews
City Park
Wangwu Mountain
246 Reviews
Located in Jiyuan City, Wangwu Mountain is a famous mountain in ancient China and the hometown of Yu Gong (the Foolish Old Man who moved a mountain), a famous figure in ancient China. The Wangwu Mountain scenic area is divided into Yangtai Palace, Tiantan Mountain, Tiantan Lake, Wudou Peak (also known as Wuzhi Mountain, Five Fingers Mountain). The tall and beautiful mountain is steeped in Taoism style. Top sites include the Yangtai palace at the foot of the mountain and the very distinctive buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The thousand-year-old ginkgo tree on the mountain, is one of the largest ginkgo trees in China. Not far from the ginkgo tree, there is also a "long life spring." These have been deemed the symbol of eternal love since ancient times.

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Trip Moments

Posted: Aug 1, 2019
Adam Yue   
The pleasant scenery of Xiangfu Manor is also one of the main attractions of the Imperial City Scenic Spot. It is a natural landscape successfully developed on the site of Chens Manor. The nine scenic spots and seven gardens and five wonders, the three mountains and two mountains and one manor; the scenic area is blue and green, the four seasons are sweet and sweet. It is described as Xiangfu Manor. At the same time, there are natural oxygen bar, Xiadu Taoyuan and Summer Mountain Villa. Reputation.

In addition to the large-scale, unique hotel, walking in the Xiangfu Manor, you can also enjoy a variety of wonderful performances, appreciate the charming pastoral style, and experience the excitement of the experience. The nine scenes of Xiangfu Manor. They refer to Xian Laiting Viewing, Prime Minister's Appreciation of Ancient Times, National Defense Education Base, 5D Cinema Stimulation, Four Seasons Orchard Picking, Organic Vegetable Tasting, Health Product Cultivation, Swimming Pool Experience, and Eco-Restaurant Enjoyment; and Seven Parks are rare flower gardens. The seven gardens of the tropical customs garden, the strange melon and vegetable garden, the aromatic health garden, the cherry blossom garden, the plum garden and the Qishu Garden. The five wonders are the ancient gods of the millennium, the centuries-old Ganoderma lucidum, the fragrant fruit with the alpaca, the Meiyuan landscape, and the first yew in North China.

Step on the long bluestone road, pass through the chic courtyards with thousands of years, board the ancient walls that have been going through hundreds of years, watch a grand and realistic emperor go on tour, and think about the prosperity of more than three hundred years ago. The prosperous world will have a panoramic view of the changes in the past few years. With the beautiful legend of the Nine Fairy Lake, you can walk slowly on the rippling lake, give your eyes and mind a second vacation, and experience a unique summer cool in the shade of the trees.
Posted: Jan 11, 2019
Adam Yue   
The Heshan Building, which stands firm in the middle of the old castle, can be said to be the iconic building of the Imperial City. It is a tower-like building. It was built by the Chen family to resist foreign enemies. It was built in the Ming Dynasty for five years and has a history of nearly 400 years. At that time, at the end of the Ming Dynasty, the world was in chaos, and the smoke was everywhere. Chens family invaded the riots and built the Heshan Building and the Tibetan Soldier Cave.

Heshan Building is a hundred feet high. It is called the Baishan River Building. It is probably the tallest building in the Imperial City, and it is also a rare building in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The building is divided into seven floors, with corridors connected to each other, which can accommodate more than a thousand people. There are windows on the third floor and above, and there are piers and towers on the top of the building. The ground floor is deep underground, and there are water wells. There are living facilities such as grinding and grinding, and there are dark passages leading to the outside of the city. After the completion of the Heshan Building, it was indeed besieged by the chaos. More than 800 people in the village and the Chen family took refuge in the building. In one month, they resisted the invasion of the chaos and protected the lives of more than a thousand people. The Heshan Building is made of stone. It lasted for more than 400 years and still stands in Xiangfu. It is a miracle.
Posted: Jan 10, 2019
Adam Yue   
The main entrance of Xiangfu is such a tall and sturdy castle-style gatehouse. The upper book has three characters: Zhongdaozhuang. Zhongdaozhuang is the old name of the Imperial City, and it is customary to refer to the outer city of the Imperial City. The outer city was built in the 42nd year of Emperor Kangxi. The main buildings include the outer city walls, Jiazaidi, Dianhantang, Miss Courtyard, Hanlin Academy, College, Garden and Gongde Memorial Arch. Each courtyard has its own unique characteristics. A group of large-scale Qing Dynasty castle-style residence buildings.

Backed by the green hills, overlooking the river, and built a layer of courtyards along the mountain. In the courtyard, at first glance, the first thing I saw was the Yushulou. It stands at the forefront. On the upstairs, Kangxi presents the four characters of "Ting Ting Shan Village" for Chen Tingjing. At the same time, Kangxi wrote the inscription for Chen Tingjing: "Spring is back to the arbor, and autumn is yellow." I don't know if it is a true or a transcript, but if you see a word like a person and look at his handwriting, it is enough to see that Kangxi Emperor is not a generation of snake worms and ants. He is a mighty true gentleman.

gongde archway is the most striking archway after entering the Imperial City. The first archway to be admitted to the hospital is a large archway, four pillars and three floors, which are made of stonework. The base Zhourui beasts embrace each other. The square is engraved with dragons and dragons. The momentum is magnificent and spectacular. The front is engraved with the four characters of "Zhangzai General Constitution". It is a summary of the Chen family's official culture. The Chen family has been an official for several generations. In addition to Chen Tingjings appearance in the court, there are still many ethnic groups who are still not low-ranking. There are detailed records in this arch.
Posted: Jan 11, 2019