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Yangcheng Lake

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Popular Attractions in Yangcheng Lake

Huayi Brothers Movie World
3,523 Reviews
Theme Park
Shajiabang Scenic Area
4,708 Reviews
CCP Historical Site
The Shajiabang Scenic Area is located 10 kilometers south of Changshu City and is in the north of Yangcheng Lake. It is known for the communist-style Beijing Opera "Shajiabing". The TV series "Shajiabing" is also filmed here. In the scenic area, you can take a boat ride into the reeds and enjoy the beautiful wetland scenery. The reed maze is in the south of the Red Stone Folk Culture Village. There are two parts: a water maze, explorable by boat, and a land maze, by planks built on the surface of the water. You can choose which one to explore depending on your personal preference.
Yangcheng Lake Lotus Island
399 Reviews
Boat Tour
The Yangchen Lake Lotus Island can be found in the middle of Yangcheng Lake. The island gets its name due to being shaped like a lotus flower. On the island you will be able to find an abundance of famous crab restaurants that are known to serve up some delicious food. The specialty crabs that are served are the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. On the west side of Lotus Island you find another beautiful side of the peninsula. On the North side of the peninsula you will be able to find Yangcheng lake Town. Across the lake from the North side of the peninsula is where the Lotus Island is. You should enjoy the scenery of the island as well as the magnificent lake views. This is definitely going to be a great experience if you are able to enjoy it.
Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort
99 Reviews
The Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort is located on the south bank of Yangcheng Lake. Here, whether you take a sightseeing car to enjoy the flowers, or take a leisurely stroll to explore your own scenery, you must be all the way to laugh. The spring gardens in the three ecological parks of Lianchi Lake Park, Xianying Lake Park and Yunshan Lake Park are intoxicating. If you like to ride, don't miss the cycling trail around the lake and enjoy the scenery along the lakeshore and forest trails. In addition, you can also go to the temple of Buddhism, or go to Europe to buy and buy.

Yangcheng Lake Weather

Jul 11, 2020
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Jul 14, 2020
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Trip Moments

At this time of the year, there is a delicious food that must be eaten, that is, hairy crabs. Take a boat to Lotus Island and stroll along the lotus pond. Although it is almost October, there are still a lot of pink lotuses greeted us, and the sunflowers smiled at the sunshine. Pick a big male crab and eat it very well.
Posted: Sep 22, 2019
When I went to the autumn wind to eat crabs, I went to Suzhou Yangcheng Lake to enjoy the cool weather. Of course, the main purpose is to go to the local to eat crabs. Yangcheng Lake has many crab shops, we chose the crab village on the lotus island. This crab shop is relatively old. The crab is not bad, it is quite big. The yellow inside is fuller. It tastes a bit sweet and sweet. In addition to eating crabs, there are many rivers to choose from. The local specialties, the screw tastes very good. Looking at the weekend, everyone can go group together.
Posted: Oct 20, 2019
Night Tour Huayi Brothers Movie World ~ What is the Halloween card? This time on the eve of Halloween, I came to Huayi Brothers Movie World to give me a compliment! The door will be bowed, because the overwhelming spider web will cover you. There are surprises (stunning) on the sides of the Avenue of Stars with stunning Halloween decorations, so be sure to look carefully. The top of the head is a little devil, fluttering in the wind, hey, have different expressions and colors, I have a complete set of photo collection. Remember to enter the park and register with the film school first, the script kills, the Halloween Di Renjie II, the immersive game, the demon family is ready to move, I also put on the costumes to investigate the case, who is poisoned Really fierce, hurry to find out. A variety of rides, also open at night, more exciting. Of course, the 8th Halloween Parade is not to be missed, the Phantom Carnival, the Hundred Ghost Night. Maoshan Taoist, Xiaoqian, Ning Caichen, Green Snake, White Snake... will have interactions, and a Taoist little brother is too dedicated and superb. A brush is too late to play, too many projects.
Posted: Oct 20, 2019
The Yiyuan Museum is located in the northeast corner of Lotus Island. The "Golden Bricks" displayed inside are engraved with the traces of Yangcheng Lake. The fishery hall, folk customs pavilion, water village wedding hall and Yangcheng clothing hall are also carefully set up. The historical humanities and so on show the folk customs of the entire Jiangnan water town and restore the original ecological lifestyle of the lotus island. You can also go to Sanyuanfu to see the champion on the lotus island. In the imperial examination society of more than 1,300 years, Suzhou has nearly 3,000 scholars, including 50 Wenwu champions. Guan, and Qian Qian is the only one who has connected to the three yuan (the township test, the test, and the temple test are the first). The three yuan house is the old residence of Qians house. It is a typical ancient residential building in the south of the Yangtze River. Feel the influence of culture here, one person's elegant temperament, culture can be edified, and profound, only the years can give.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
Lotus Island, this is the only place in the Yangcheng Lake area that does not have access to the road. It takes a boat to get on the island. There are more than 200 households on the island.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018
Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort in Jiangsu Province is a national-level tourist resort. It is located in the north of the park and on the south bank of Yangcheng Lake. The total area is 24.3 square kilometers. It is surrounded by more than 50 kilometers of lakeshore and 9 square kilometers of pure Inner Lake. Precipitating more than 6,000 years of Caoxieshan ruins culture and Jiangnan civilization, the resort enjoys a happy life by water, bringing together high-end fashion elements, leading the new trend of modern leisure resorts, and sketching geographically close to the city and psychologically far from the city. Unique charm, painted "modern, international, gardening new waterfront leisure health resort." The first scenic bicycle route around the lake in Suzhou, built on the shoreline of the Chengyang Chenghu Lake. It has a total length of more than 30 kilometers and contains about 7 kilometers of water. It also has the auxiliary function of walking trails. It is a slow ride, sports and leisure for tourists. An ideal place for waterfront sightseeing. Along the line, you can ride the encounter station and provide you with a professional bicycle service station that integrates the leisure brand bicycle experience and lease. Through the layout of the multi-point station, visitors can enjoy the bicycle ride on the peninsula at any time. There are 6 rental locations in the ride station: Xinghua Street Visitor Center, Xianying Lake Visitor Center, Lianchi Lake Tourist Enquiry Point, Conch Plaza Visitor Center, Catholic Church Tourist Enquiry Point. Can rent single car, double car, baby stroller, parent-child caravan
Posted: Dec 23, 2018