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Jingyang Hill

Jingyang Hill

4.2/5175 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
8:00-17:00 (Local time)
Located in Zhangqiu Town, Yanggu County, Liaocheng City, Jingyang Hill Tourist Area is where Wu Song fought the tiger in The Water Margin according to legend. There is a large Longshan Cultural City site in the area. With the theme of Wu Song fought the tiger, the tourist area is a wilderness scene. The main attractions in Jingyang Hill include Wu Song Temple, Sanwanbuguogang Hotel, Tiger Growling Pavilion, "Site of Wu Song Fighting the Tiger" stele house, and Longshan Cultural City Site. Visitors can stay in the Village hotel to taste the Water Margin wine and food culture, linger around the tiger pond for a glimpse of the tiger, and indulge in the art of calligraphy of many celebrities and marvel at the long-standing Longshan Culture.
Chiyou Mausoleum Tourist Area

Chiyou Mausoleum Tourist Area

4.1/540 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Chiyou Mausoleum tourist area, located in Shiwuliyuan Town, Yanggu County, is a cultural shrine for people of all ethnic groups in China to seek roots and pay respects to Chiyou. The scenic area is divided into three parts—a sacrifice area, mausoleum area, and cultural exhibition area. In the sacrifice area there is a statue of Chiyou, a Chiyou treasure hall, etc.; in the mausoleum area there is the Chiyou Tablet Pavilion, Chiyou tombs, etc.; in the exhibition area there is the Dongyi Culture Exhibition Hall, the Agricultural Culture Exhibition Hall, and so on.
Shizilou (Lion House) Tourism Area

Shizilou (Lion House) Tourism AreaNearby City

4.4/5183 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
8:00-18:00 (Local time)
Shizilou is located in the center of Historic Yanggu Town. It includes both the original Shizilou and the nearby Shizilou Tourist City. Taking the history and culture of the Song Dynasty as the background, Shizilou Tourist City combines Yanggu's historical stories and folk sceneries in a way which shows off the architectural style of the ancient city. It is a replication of what it used to be found in the Jingli Lane area of Yanggu City during the Song Dynasty. The main attractions include Wu Dalang's house, Granny Wang's Tea House, the Silversmith Shop, the Paper Horse Shop, the Cold Wine Shop, the Cobblestone Street, The five big shops at West Gate, Lion Street, Jade Emperor Temple, and the Opera Building.
Water Margin Haohan City

Water Margin Haohan CityNearby City

4.4/5378 Reviews
Historical Architecture
8:00-18:00 (Local time)
Heze's Water Margin Haohan City—Yuncheng—was built in the Spring and Autumn Period during the fourth year of the reign of the Han Dynasty's Duke of Lu (587 BC). This is the ancestral hometown of famous heroes of the Water Margin such as Chao Gai, Song Jiang, and Wu Yong. Yuncheng is located on the southwestern plains of Shandong in China's eastern monsoon region. Song Jiang Lake is the only extant bit of water remaining from the famous eight hundred li (about four hundred kilometers) Liangshan Lake. This is also where the seven stars of righteousness gave birth to the band of brothers who would be known as the "Outlaws of the Marsh." This was also the site where Song Jiang's Jiutian Xuannu Temple was built, the site of Song Jiang's renowned Military Academy and a famous scenic area built with the theme of Water Margin Tourism.

GuangyuelouNearby City

4.5/5170 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Liaocheng University

Liaocheng UniversityNearby City

4.7/558 Reviews
Open all day (Local time)
Dong'a Yaowang Mountain

Dong'a Yaowang MountainNearby City

4.3/569 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
9:00-17:00 (Local time)
Dong'a Yaowang Mountain is located in Caozhi Park of Dong'a County in Liaocheng, Shandong. There are the Guanyin Temple, the Wanshou Road, the Bell and Drum Twin Pavilions and others. There are also different precious herbs and ornamental plants such as peony and forsythia, as well as many famous sculptures such as the Xuanhu Jishi and the Water-dripping Guanyin. It is a renowned national scenic area that combines human landscaping and natural landscapes.
Liaocheng Tieta

Liaocheng TietaNearby City

4.5/530 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
Tang Tower

Tang TowerNearby City

4.4/582 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
Tang Tower, also called Guanyin Futu, was originally Guanyin Tower. It is a pavilion-style tower, constructed with bricks and has eight sides with four doors. It originally had seven floors, but now has four. According to archaeological excavation, it was built in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. The tower is surrounded by greenery and water, and there are trees by the bank. Together, the reflection of the scene looks an ancient painting, extraordinarily beautiful. It is one of the top ten sights of ancient Yuncheng.

WanyuanNearby City

4.6/578 Reviews
9:00-16:00 (Local time)