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About Yangshuo

The county of Yangshuo is part of Guilin, and the best natural features of Guilin’s scenery are concentrated here. The Li and Yulong Rivers are part of this beautiful scenery and make for fine sightseeing, whether you do so on the water by boat or bamboo raft if you choose to ride through. West Street is the main thoroughfare of Yangshuo. Thanks to Yangshuo’s scenic environment, it has attracted countless tourists from abroad. There are many coffee shops and western-style restaurants on West Street, also known as Westerner Street. Yangshuo is also well-known as a spot for outdoor activities, especially rock climbing among karst land formations. The rock climbing business here is already considerably developed, with various challenges that can be undertaken. There are also activities like hiking and cave exploration for visitors to try out.

Popular Attractions in Yangshuo

Shiwai Taoyuan
6,093 Reviews
Folk Village
The Shangri-La Park is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Yangshuo, Guangxi. This folk landscape park was built according to the mood depicted in Tao Yuanming's “The Peach Blossom Spring”, and combined with the local pastoral scenery. Although it is a man-made scenic spot, the beautiful scenery here and the folk styles created make it very attractive.
Impression Sanjie Liu (Evening Showtime)
12,015 Reviews
"Impression: Sanjie Liu" is one of the large-scale live performances of the "Impression Series" jointly produced by famous directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. The performance venue is located at the intersection of Yangshuo River and Tianjiahe River. Opposite the river is the Shutong Mountain. The stage is the two-kilometer-long waters of the Lancang River. The background is the twelve peaks. It is very atmospheric and one of the very few large-scale landscape theaters. The performance is mainly based on the local customs and is absolutely exhilarating.
West Street
5,498 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
West Street in Yangshuo is an old street with a history of more than 1,400 years. The buildings along the street retain the styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties having a classical charm to it. The street is filled with bars, restaurants and hiptser cafes making it a hugely popular hangout hotspot among locals and foreigners. Due to the large number of foreigners, there are many western restaurants and English signboards along the street. The street is artsy in the day and wild at night.
Yulong River Rafting
3,123 Reviews
Taking a raft on Yulong River is a great way to visit Yangshuo. Take a slow ride on a bamboo raft and watch the rolling hills and stretches of green fields pass by on both sides. The trip will take you through the town and under several ancient bridges along the way. The river itself is just as beautiful, with water so clear you can clearly see the bottom. You can float along the Yulong River for either the entire length or just go half way. If you choose to travel halfway, you can treat yourself to a return trip.

Yangshuo Weather

Aug 4, 2020
25 °
Aug 5, 2020
Aug 6, 2020
Light Rain
Aug 7, 2020
Light Rain

Trip Moments

Yangshuo, a small town with green mountains and green waters, is especially suitable for taking children to walk and seeing the beauty of nature. A few times before, it is probably that the landscape here has endless charm, and it is always not greasy, so it has set off. The beauty of Yangshuo's landscape is endless, this time to talk about those unexpected surprises and food! Guangzhou is very convenient to Yangshuo, 2 hours high-speed rail direct. Yangshuo High-speed Railway Station is about 40 minutes' drive from the county. There is a special line car. The price is 20 yuan/person. It is also possible to carpool. This stay is chosen at the Sugar Resort Hotel next to Fu'an Pier, not far from West Street. The name is very interesting. The store, like its name, does bring a lot of surprises. Looking from the outside of the hotel, I had some expectations. When I entered the fresh and bright lobby, I did not let me down. The interior of the hotel is decorated with warm wood color as the main color. The design is simple and not simple. The designer's intention can be seen everywhere, making people feel warm and comfortable. There is also a tea room on the side of the lobby. Tea sets are all available and quite Zen. Its also a great pleasure to have a good time with other guests in the hotel during your leisure time. I thought I lived near West Street. It was difficult to see any beautiful scenery. I didnt expect to see the large floor-to-ceiling windows when I entered the room. Sitting on the 180° Lijiang River, it was awesome! Opposite the green hills, the rivers and rivers, a little fisherman, there is a feeling of living in the painting, although near the West Street, there is no noise. The room layout is also very clean and comfortable, I found it is also suitable for concave shape photography. The big shawl on the bed, the table and chairs at the bedside, and the tea set are all good props. With this invincible river view, it is a big piece of hahaha~
Posted: Sep 4, 2019
Guangzhou to Yangshuo is very convenient, 2 hours high-speed rail direct. Yangshuo High-speed Railway Station is about 40 minutes' drive from the county. There is a special line car. The price is 20 yuan/person. It is also possible to carpool. This stay is chosen at the Sugar Resort Hotel next to Fu'an Pier, not far from West Street. The name is very interesting. is also a large window with floor-to-ceiling glass, and the river view outside the window is unobstructed. Quietly watching the tea master skillfully put tea leaves, flushing water, tea sets flipped, smokey, full of tea. Drinking tea while watching the scenery, the heart unconsciously calm down. In addition to drinking tea, there is also a very interesting hand-made activity in the candy-making sachet. From cutting cloth, picking vanilla to sewing, its all by yourself. Its very meaningful to follow the masters needle. The process is not difficult, children can learn and exercise skills. In addition, the "sky of the sky" on the roof is another photo resort! In the middle of it, the blue sky and the green water, as if you are at your fingertips, you can shoot a big piece of no problem! The sun is sinking, and the river view of the river has changed a filter. It is beautiful. Blowing the mountain breeze and laying the tableware, a romantic riverview dinner begins. On the side of the charming river scene, you can eat the sweet and refreshing shrimp and the fat yellow bone fish, the fragrance is fluttering. Chatting with friends, toasting the beauty of the nature, and feeling very happy
Posted: Sep 8, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Longjing River Rafting, Xianggong Mountain, Shanshui Gardens, Yellow Cloth Reflection, Gold Water Cave.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Yangshuo: Xi Jie Wei Dao, Huang Ji Yu Mi Zhi (Die Cui Road), Shou Zi Guilin Rice Noodles, Xiao Ma De Tian Pub, RNG Café.
Here are the best places to visit in Yangshuo, including: Shili Gallery, Lijiang River Bamboo Raft Drifting - Yangdi Embankment Section, Xingping Ancient Town, Large banyan, Bamboo Rafting on the Li River in Xingping.