Yangxian Photos

About Yangxian: Yang County is under the jurisdiction of Hanzhong City in Shaanxi Province. The county is located in the southwest of Shaanxi, along the upper reaches of the Han River. Yang County has a long history and flourishing literary culture. It is in this county that famous scholars such as Du Fu, Bai Juyi, and Su Shi wrote popular poems and stories that have lasted through the ages. The county possesses good ecology and beautiful scenery. It is the only place in Hanzhong or even southern Shaanxi to have two national-level nature reserves for the red crested ibis and evergreen trees. Some of the main tourist attractions include the scripture building at Zhiguo Temple, the Tomb and Temple of Cai Lun, the Cai Lun Paper Culture Museum, and the Kaiyuan Stupa.
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