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Trip Moments

Buying morning tea at Fuchun Tea House has become a part of the itinerary. If you dont come, it seems that Yangzhous trip will leave regret. Come to Fuchun Tea House must be early, because many tour groups will come here, there is no guarantee of seats after 7:00.
Fuchun Tea House is located in an alley, and signs are seen at the entrance of the alley. The buns of Fuchun Tea House were also sold out, and the locals rushed to buy them. When we had finished the morning tea, it was already sold out.
Not at 7:00 in the morning, the table is full, most of them are tour groups. If you are an individual, you can eat in the lobby on the first floor. I made a few snacks first, and the production was very delicate.
However, before eating, you should drink a cup of local Quinlong beads, a cup of tea is enough to appetite. The
crab powder soup bag is the signature here. Each soup bag is held in a steamer, which is much larger than the average steamed buns. Full of soup, so excited. Be careful when eating crabmeat soup, because the temperature of the soup is very high, use a straw to slowly suck out the soup.
The soup is too much, and you can't eat too fast to avoid scalding the mouth. It is full of mouthfuls of crab powder. I thought that the soup was sucked up and chopped up with chopsticks. I bite down the soup and splashed it. The original soup was more than I thought.
A few kinds of cold dishes and hot dishes are just right, waiting for the protagonist to play.
hot silk is a convenient and delicious food, there are also roadside stalls, is a representative of Yangzhou snacks.
Slender West Lake
Slender West Lake, Yanzi Red Bridge painting
Slender West Lake is a symbol of Yangzhou's graceful and luxurious. It is also a must-see in Yangzhou. The beauty of Slender West Lake lies in twists and turns. It is like a slender and beautiful lady. It is characterized by skinny. The lake is wide and narrow, and the forests on both sides of the lake are sparse. The garden buildings are simple and colorful, and they stroll along the banks of the Slender West Lake. . From the heights, the pavilions and pavilions left by the ancients are rowd and sloppy, and the neat and sleek beauty is also the most shining aesthetic wisdom in Chinese classical architecture.
After the fireworks in March, there is no fascinating eye. At this time, the slim West Lake is full of pleasant green. In the morning, there was a heavy rain, and the slender West Lake, which was strolling in the rain, was covered with a mist of mist. The scenery of Jiangnan was born to be born of smoke and rain. "Yangzhou is good, the first is Hongqiao. Yangliu green is three feet of rain, cherry red is broken and Xiao is everywhere, and it is everywhere in Lancome." It has attracted many scholars and scholars to point out the mountains and poems. Hongqiao Green Willow, such a color contrast, is a rare bold color in Jiangnan garden design. The
lake heart of the Diaoyutai, originally used to play silk bamboo instruments, is now the postcard angle of Slender West Lake. The pavilions and trees in the distance between the high and the low, the surface of the Slender West Lake is broad and far-reaching, like a Chinese landscape painting with a freehand brushwork. Wuting Bridge is not only the symbol of Slender West Lake, but also a symbol of Yangzhou City. Wuting Bridge is also called the Lotus Bridge, because the entire bridge looks like a blooming lotus flower from the air. There are many angles on the east side of Wuting Bridge that are suitable for portraits and Wuting Bridge. Don't miss it.
[Practical information]
Slim West Lake fare during the off-season workday is only 30 yuan / person, compared to the previous three-digit fare
Shirley Zhu
Dongguan Street Historical District
Night travel in Yangzhou, singing and dancing in the old bamboo best place
world three minutes moonlight night, two points rogue is Yangzhou, Yangzhou City's night accounted for two-thirds of the world's night, and to say Yangzhou City is suitable for enjoying the night view The night view of Wenchang Pavilion is the leader in Yangzhou's night. Wenchang Pavilion was built in the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty. It is the Kuixing Building of Yangzhou Government, hence the name Wenchang Pavilion. On the night of the festival, the lanterns on the pavilion are a good place for downtown Yangzhou. Wenchang Pavilion is an octagonal three-level brick and wood structure, similar to the Hall of Prayer for the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. On the ground floor of the pavilion, there are arches on all sides, which are connected to the street. The second and third floors of the pavilion, surrounded by virtual windows, and four floors, are close to the street and have a panoramic view.
Dongguan Street is the most representative historical old street in Yangzhou City. It is east to the ancient canal and west to National Day Road, with a total length of 1,122 meters. The listings on the street are prosperous, the businesses are well-established, the business is booming, and there are many famous brands both at home and abroad. Dongguan Street is especially like the old street in Taizhou. It is also a shop in the old buildings, but the shops here are more modern and more suitable for young people. Compared to the content of this street, the night here is much better. An ancient street that runs from east to west is the Dongguan Gate, and the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is outside the city gate. Therefore, come to Dongguan Street and play with two attractions.
History is generous for Dongguan Street. The Ming and Qing Dynasties and the "fishbone" street system have not disappeared into the torrent of historical heritage, but have been preserved relatively well, so that they maintain and follow the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The traditional style of the period. The city gate is open to tourists, especially at night, overlooking this East Gate Street, the lights are dim, the light and shadow flow.
Shirley Zhu
YanyangYangjiang District Yanhu Village Homestay
There are only 27 most beautiful fishing villages in the country. There is one in the first city of China Canal Yangzhou! Beside the Grand Canal and the shore of the Shaohu Lake in the millennium, this century-old village along the lake was once published in the British "Guardian" in 2018 due to a photo of a fisherman's net, and became a small fishing village in Yangzhou.
Sakamoto is a fisherman on the boat lake, and has lived here for centuries. The unique fishing culture along the lake has gradually taken shape. In particular, the Floor House, a fishing boat theme house built two years ago, best reflects the fishermens life on the lake. For now, the design concept and style of the hotel are still very unique. Especially the cost-effective, it is even more amazing for tourists.
B&B is located in the fishermen's community along Yanhu Road, along the lake. There is a pool of black swan swimming in the water. The water landscape stack is also very popular among the people on the water. The property is built with the main body of the fishermen's resettlement house. In the independent small courtyard, there is a bamboo forest open-air rest area, which is slightly quiet in the quiet. Looking up at the wooden path of the gate, you can see the structural characteristics of the fishing boat, as if standing on the bow. Therefore, this home is called fishing reading, and the whole village along the lake village is called the home of the ship
The countryside is mostly a single-storey high-rise building. In order to make full use of the space, the designer uses the concept of the cabin to create The structure of the attic. On the left side of the first floor is a modern sofa reception area, simple and generous, the right side is a dressing and changing shoe area, the middle is a Chinese-style tea restaurant built in the middle of the boat, and the innermost is the guest washroom and kitchen.
A private house, three rooms, the price is less than 1000 per night, you can stay at 6-9 people at the same time, about 150 people per person, and the room is equipped with a tatami mattress, and you can stay in the summer without paying. High cost performance, very suitable for family group self-driving tour, summer parent-child summer camp, colleagues and class group tour group.
At the top of the Chinese tea restaurant, it is a loft tatami book bar, which can meet, taste, read, and gather, play and work.
B&B is dominated by gray walls and wood tones, complemented by green plants, and a large number of fishermen's fishing tools are used to make them feel simple and elegant. With large space, complete facilities and beautiful environment, it is a good place for weekend vacations around Yangzhou.
Non-weekend room rate is about 1000 yuan
B&B is not available, but there is parking in the village; there is free wifi, about 200 meters from the bank of Shaobo Lake;
is about 150 meters from the fishing house study, there are The Yujiale Restaurant is suitable for travel photography, and can also be used to book fishing culture related experience projects through the hotel service center.
Slender West Lake
"The green hills are faintly sloppy, and the grass in the autumn is not withered.
24th bridge moonlight night, where the jade people teach to brag."

Slim West Lake may also be the most famous attraction in Yangzhou. Called the city's spokesperson.

The so-called "Slim West Lake" is said to be from the Qing Dynasty Qiantang poet Wang Yushiyun: "Changyang constantly picks up the wreckage, Yanzi Hongqiao painting. It is also a pot of gold, so it should be called the Slender West Lake "Slim West Lake is much smaller than West Lake. The area of the tour area is about 100 hectares. It can be completed in 4 hours. The water surface is about 4 kilometers long and less than 100 meters wide. Although the area is small, it is better than building a garden. Yangzhou has always been famous for its garden success, and Slender West Lake is the essence.

The best way to take a boat trip to Slender West Lake is to take a wooden boat from the gate and walk slowly to the twenty-four bridge of Xichuntai. All the way to the "two embankments and flowers will be all water, all the way to the mountains" It is like a picture of a landscape. The cruise ships are shaken by the ship's mother, all the way to Yangzhou minor, extraordinarily melodious, even more add a little Jiangnan's elegance. When we arrived, it was winter, and the scenery on both sides of the strait was slightly bleak. If it was in the spring season, "the fireworks will go down in Yangzhou in March," the scenery on both sides should be more charming.

About the legend of Slender West Lake, the most famous of them is the Emperor Qianlongs descendants when he was in the south of the Yangtze River. In order to please the emperor, the legend of the White Tower in Beijings Beihai was created overnight. Even Qianlong himself was amazed. The local salt merchants in Yangzhou have strong financial resources.
It is a hotel and a garden. I sleep here overnight to read Yangzhou City

Yangzhou's aura is not only between the mountains and rivers, but also the seclusion hotel of Slim West Lake, like a park, also like a courtyard, which exists between the scenery. One side is quiet. The hotel has a hot spring, a restaurant, a restaurant, a tea house and a library, and you can see the scenery of Slender West Lake. Its existence adds a few books and elegance to the enjoyment of Yangzhou.

Features recommended, hot spring soup: Each room has a courtyard private soup, or square or round, or separated by bamboo fences. When you arrive outside from the room, you can enjoy the hot spring water without the shoulders. In addition to private soups, there are also public hot spring areas with a sense of design. It is also interesting to have three or five friends to meet. The hot springs are all blended with the courtyard, and people are in the scenery.

Slim West Lake with a small number of people: Secluded Slender West Lake is close to Slender West Lake, completely hydrophilic, and the huge courtyard can take a few steps to see Slender West Lake, no longer crowding people to reward Scenery, and tickets are free. Jinsong, Cuiliu, and lotus on the shore, the waters are in the sky, and the seasons are beautiful. The front desk of the hotel can rent a Hanfu photo, and you can shoot a large movie from the corner. It is also because there are few people in Jingmei.

Parental area, baby also likes: The hotel opens up a good place for the baby to release the outdoors. Swings, bunkers, seesaws, slides and rope ladders are also available.

The tea in the reading room is small. Sitting on the books in the library, there are some classic books. There are very few people, and the light is good. You can sit here and drink tea, mainly because there are not many people. Take some portraits.

Lake the lake to eat Yangzhou flavor: even if the seclusion, since ancient times, there is a lot of attention to eating. In the restaurant around the lake in the retreat, the food did not disappoint me. Especially the traditional Jiangnan dishes, dishes, oysters, plates, oysters... everything is exquisite, the entrance is full of aftertaste, completely self-contained scenery.

Detailed address: No.19, Changchun Road, Slender West Lake Scenic Area, Yangzhou

Practical tips:
1. With outdoor pool and hot spring, it is recommended to bring your own clothes
2 There are Hanfu's own, clean, and save money
3. Spring season needs to be booked in advance, otherwise there is no room

friends said that if you can stay here for a few days, then Called "invisible slim West Lake, read Yangzhou City." This is a heartfelt request, but it is really greedy!