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Trip Moments

Yangzhou Detective Shop | The ancient language has a cloud "Fireworks in March under Yangzhou", this brick is also cloud "follow the bricks to eat Yangzhou"
in order to go to Yangzhou to teach friends to make bread, especially a short temporary flash of Yangzhou. Unexpectedly harvested a large hidden shop in the city - hidden spring!
In more than one store in Yangzhou, you can feel the high level of mystery when you look at the curtain.
[Environment] The Japanese style is rich in wind, with a private box and a normal seating area. Because of the high popularity, we did not sit in the box. Just at the end of the meal, I took a box of my heart.
[Service] The clerk guides us very quickly and friendlyly, and the order speed and dining speed are excellent. Polite and attention to detail.
[Dish] There are many reasons to choose to eat Japanese food. Because the daily ingredients are usually fresh in ingredients, the cooking techniques are light, and for each small portion, we can eat a lot of categories for two people. Here I met all my needs
free pre-dinner dishes, delicious.
, is the taste of seaweed that I didn't dislike for the first time. In the past, whether I went to eat normal sushi or a high-end Japanese restaurant, I would reject seaweed. This is the first time I didn't dislike it. The fish seeds are sprinkled on top, and the seaweed is very refreshing and tastes very moderate.
Sashimi platter, relatively fresh.
Mustard octopus, the mustard taste is not very horrible, the octopus tastes crunchy.
Durian roll, is a must-have point, durian control is preferred.
Goose liver holding sushi, serious praise, the foie gras entrance is instant. But this stuff can't be eaten much.
(see travel notes)
Jianzhen Road
[Go to Yangzhou to see cherry blossoms, and photo Raiders]
See what cherry blossoms go to Japan? China's current cherry blossom avenue in Yangzhou still produces large movies

fireworks in March under Yangzhou. The most suitable season, Yangzhou's Jianzhen Avenue becomes a cherry blossom avenue, with flash dance performances, and more wear Hanfu. Girls in the Tang Dynasty costumes

If you want to wear a Hanfu photo, you can rent it at a small shop on the street. The price is 30 and a half hours. You can shoot it casually. There are many styles, both men and women. If only I want a photo, a set of 10 pieces of clothing
if it includes makeup, and photo service, 599. Personally think that it is best to buy clothes and wear them, and bring friends who will take pictures.

Many people, how can I shoot an empty mirror:
1, the best working day to go, people less
2, some angles have scattered people how to do, wait for
3, If only one or two people are in the camera, you can communicate and tell them to take a photo quickly
4. You can shoot the empty mirror
5 by looking for the angle. There are few passersby in the west of Jianzhen Avenue. Most people gather. In the vicinity of Jianzhen Library, there are many people
6. In the evening, about 4 o'clock, the light becomes softer, and the backlight is more beautiful
7. You can watch classical dance and take a few shots on the mobile phone. In, imitate the movement, try to stretch
Knight Rider