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I believe that everyone who has seen "China on the tip of the tongue" will be coveted by Huaiyang cuisine. It is one of the four major cuisines in China and has a history of 1600 years. Even for the taste of food, it is worth a visit to Yangzhou. The lion's head, the literary tofu, and the boiled dried silk are all must-eat dishes. The ingredients are fine, the knife is exquisite and the soup is clear and mellow, making the entrance unforgettable. Don't forget to come to a bowl of the most authentic Yangzhou fried rice, let me have a new understanding of rice.
Posted: Dec 20, 2018
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Ho Family Garden
To be honest, the alias of He Yuans Sentering Heights always reminds me of the famous novelist Emily Brontes famous Wuthering Heights. Although things are far apart, the two mountain villas are The host family of the great family's honor and disgrace. Why the park.

As the name suggests, it is "He's Manor", "Send the whistle" means the famous sentence in Tao Yuanming's "Returning to the Resignation". "The south window is to rely on the pride, Dengdong to Shuxiao" - - It means to express the feelings of the masters and the high spirits. Although it is a private garden, the area is not too big, but it is a hole in the sky, but it is no wonder that it is known as the "first garden in the late Qing Dynasty." He Yuan was built by He Wei of the Qing Dynasty. The He family was an official for generations, and the grades were not low. They were both bureaucrats and businesses (fields, ticket numbers). They were both official and business, and they had the financial resources to build such a chic private house in Yangzhou. garden.

He Garden is not big, but there is such a chic and exquisite water stage in the winding path. If you want to come to the water, you can sit on the water and listen to the music. It is a beautiful thing.

Heyuan has a return corridor, this two-story, wide, empty corridor is 1,500 meters long. It is everywhere in Heyuan and communicates with each other. It is also A landscape is said to be known as the prototype of the Chinese native overpass.
Yangzhou Ancient Canal
The relatively unpopular scenic spot of Yangzhou is the most famous ancient canal in China. There are very few tourists
Jinghang Grand Canal Yangzhou section is the oldest section of the whole canal, but although it has a long history, it is not like a garden, Heyuan, and thin. Like the famous scenic spots such as the West Lake, visitors are woven. Walking along the banks of the Grand Canal, but see Yangliu Yiyi, facing the breeze, and rarely see a few tourists on the way.
is actually better understood.
As the grandeur of water transportation, the first function of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the people's livelihood project. There is not much difference between the rivers such as Qiantang River, the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. The beautiful scenery is not without, but it is impossible. The paragraphs are all picturesque. The most shining part of this canal is its long history, and natural scenery is not the most important.
As one of Yangzhou's tourist areas, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is open-style, and visitors can visit for free. Only individual items will be charged separately. The
Yangzhou Grand Canal is the southern section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is known as the Jiangnan Canal. It starts from Zhenjiang and Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province, arrives in Suzhou around Taihu Lake, and finally arrives in Hangzhou, nourishing the cities along the route.
Yangzhou can become a place where Du Mu, Li Bai and other literati fascinated, and has a very direct relationship with the opening of the Grand Canal.
Exploring the Grand Canal, as if you can see the prosperity of Yangzhou City that year, this prosperity has continued until the end of the Qing Dynasty.
Slender West Lake
If you compare the Slender West Lake to a graceful girl, then Wuting Bridge is the gorgeous belt of the girl. Wuting Bridge is not only the symbol of Slender West Lake, but also a symbol of Yangzhou City. It has a history of more than 200 years. On the Wuting Bridge, there are five wind pavilions with rich southern features. The tall and beautiful wind pavilion is like five lotus blossoms. There is a treasure roof on the pavilion, a ceiling in the pavilion, and a wind chime outside the pavilion. On the full moon night, each of the fifteen bridge holes under the Wuting Bridge contains a moon. Sitting west to the east, facing the open lake, whenever the moon rises, it stands by the bar, and the two moons in the sky meet each other. Walking through the blue-and-white bridge, this is another famous scenic spot in the scenic spot. The verse from Du Mus "Twenty-four Bridges, the moonlight night, where the jade people teach to blow Xiao", which bridge refers to the bridge in the end So far, there have been many opinions. Slowly paced from the bridge, no time is still a bit stunned, as if in an instant to move the stars, the scenery in front of the changes, and instantly passed to the night of singing and dancing. It was once a must-see for the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty when he was in the south of the Yangtze River. Today, the architectural sights such as Dahong Bridge, Diaoyutai, Baita and Xichuntai have left an inseparable story from the Qianlong Emperor. For thousands of years, countless scholars and literati have been lingering in here, poetry and painting, leaving a lot of ink treasures and stories, but also built many landscape buildings according to local conditions.

Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty along the river, or walk into the pavilions and pavilions to taste the poetry and paintings of the literati of the past dynasties. You can also take a boat and feel the Qianlong Emperor tour the lake. Happy mood.
Adam Yue
Geyuan Garden
In addition to Suzhou, Yangzhou is also worth seeing. The garden culture of Yangzhou has a long history, especially in the Qing Dynasty. With the development of Yangzhou salt industry, a large number of salt merchants with rich wealth have been created, and private gardens have been created.
Currently, the gardens preserved in Yangzhou are the first to be promoted. Located in the center of Yangzhou, the Garden is a must-see for tourists to Yangzhou. The garden was founded in the 23rd year of Qing Jiaqing (AD 1818) by the two Huai salt industry merchants. Because Huang Zhizhen particularly liked bamboo, the one character of the garden came from bamboo.
A lot of bamboo is planted in the garden. According to Liu Fengqi's "The Garden", there is a record: "The pool in the park is quiet, the water is clear, and the bamboo is planted, so it is a garden."
This Qing Dynasty garden enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. It is also one of the four famous gardens in China. Its most famous landscape is the Four Seasons Rockery. It was praised by Mr. Zhou as a domestic orphan by the garden master Chen.
Four seasons rockery, refers to the landscape of the rockery can reflect the changes of the four seasons, there are stalagmites in the spring mountains, such as springing. The winter mountains are white with snow, creating a scene of heavy snow. The four seasons of the rockery are different in color and the mood is different. The architectural style of the
garden preserves the traditional Jiangnan garden construction pattern. The front house backyard, through the narrow alleys in the middle, divides the house into several parts and has a regular structure.