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The old man died in the Yellow Crane Tower, and the fireworks went down to Yangzhou in March.
Lonely sails far away from the blue sky, only see the Yangtze River skyline. - Li Bai
How many people like me, because of this poem and know this quaint city, this is a small city that feels comfortable.
In my opinion, Yangzhou is more feminine than Zhenjiang. It is more suitable for Nanjing and Suzhou than for Nanjing. Many people think that Yangzhou has nothing to play except for Slender West Lake. Actually, there are some must-see attractions. . So you can spend three to four days, or even more time to read the city.
Posted: Mar 9, 2019
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Buying morning tea at Fuchun Tea House has become a part of the itinerary. If you dont come, it seems that Yangzhous trip will leave regret. Come to Fuchun Tea House must be early, because many tour groups will come here, there is no guarantee of seats after 7:00.
Fuchun Tea House is located in an alley, and signs are seen at the entrance of the alley. The buns of Fuchun Tea House were also sold out, and the locals rushed to buy them. When we had finished the morning tea, it was already sold out.
Not at 7:00 in the morning, the table is full, most of them are tour groups. If you are an individual, you can eat in the lobby on the first floor. I made a few snacks first, and the production was very delicate.
However, before eating, you should drink a cup of local Quinlong beads, a cup of tea is enough to appetite. The
crab powder soup bag is the signature here. Each soup bag is held in a steamer, which is much larger than the average steamed buns. Full of soup, so excited. Be careful when eating crabmeat soup, because the temperature of the soup is very high, use a straw to slowly suck out the soup.
The soup is too much, and you can't eat too fast to avoid scalding the mouth. It is full of mouthfuls of crab powder. I thought that the soup was sucked up and chopped up with chopsticks. I bite down the soup and splashed it. The original soup was more than I thought.
A few kinds of cold dishes and hot dishes are just right, waiting for the protagonist to play.
hot silk is a convenient and delicious food, there are also roadside stalls, is a representative of Yangzhou snacks.
After eating the fun garden, I really came to Yangzhou! The fun garden really made the exquisite and fresh sweetness of Huaiyang cuisine a super high standard. After a gorgeous dinner, the fried rice soup shop that the tourists just came to Yangzhou to eat... really never again. The value is mentioned.

Fun garden word, Qianlong gift. With a long history of nearly 200 years, Fun Garden Tea House is the first Huaiyang cuisine tasting shop in Yangcheng. It mainly deals with Huaiyang special morning tea and mid-summer banquet. It is the most traditional Huaiyang cuisine, constantly discovering and reproducing the Huaiyang beauty in memory. Wensi Tofu is a traditional Jiangsu famous dish with a long history. It originated in Yangzhou and belongs to Huaiyang cuisine and Su cuisine. It is extremely strict in material selection, fine in knife work, soft and tender, and the entrance is instant. It was created by the Yangzhou monk Wensi monk during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The sound of cutting the tofu sounded like the sound of a wooden fish. Super delicious and drunken crabs, all the people who have eaten before are drunken crabs. After the crabs are cooked, they are marinated with wine, which is easy to mouth.

The first time I saw the dish, the eight-treasure duck in the eight-legged duck leg, the double-yellow egg, the perfect interpretation of the word "fresh": pearl fish circle Lamb chops soup.... A shop that makes people fall in love with Huaiyang cuisine.
I am Ann An
Jianzhen Road
[Go to Yangzhou to see cherry blossoms, and photo Raiders]
See what cherry blossoms go to Japan? China's current cherry blossom avenue in Yangzhou still produces large movies

fireworks in March under Yangzhou. The most suitable season, Yangzhou's Jianzhen Avenue becomes a cherry blossom avenue, with flash dance performances, and more wear Hanfu. Girls in the Tang Dynasty costumes

If you want to wear a Hanfu photo, you can rent it at a small shop on the street. The price is 30 and a half hours. You can shoot it casually. There are many styles, both men and women. If only I want a photo, a set of 10 pieces of clothing
if it includes makeup, and photo service, 599. Personally think that it is best to buy clothes and wear them, and bring friends who will take pictures.

Many people, how can I shoot an empty mirror:
1, the best working day to go, people less
2, some angles have scattered people how to do, wait for
3, If only one or two people are in the camera, you can communicate and tell them to take a photo quickly
4. You can shoot the empty mirror
5 by looking for the angle. There are few passersby in the west of Jianzhen Avenue. Most people gather. In the vicinity of Jianzhen Library, there are many people
6. In the evening, about 4 o'clock, the light becomes softer, and the backlight is more beautiful
7. You can watch classical dance and take a few shots on the mobile phone. In, imitate the movement, try to stretch
Knight Rider
Geyuan Garden
Pleasant garden
Adam Yue
Geyuan Garden