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Things To Do in Yanhe

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独行Sizhou Hot Spring is still not as mature as Shiqian, it is famous, and the area is not too big. Now this season, there are not many people playing. Perhaps the population along the river is limited, and the radiation capacity of the scenic spots is also limited.
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黄红延Due to the blockade of the Wujiang River by multiple hydropower stations and the development of roads and railways, there are no passenger ships going in from Fuling. There are only passenger ships from Pengshui Wanzu to Gongtan and Gongtan to Yanhe. The Wujiang Three Gorges is located in it, with green waters and green mountains and unlimited scenery.
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e01***22Although it is a little bit far away from city, it is a good time to enjoy the view and relax.
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唯愿岁月静好Located in the ancient town of Xiangtan, Chongqing, this is an ancient town with more than 1700 years history. The ancient town is not big. It feels that there are not many tourists near the green Wujiang River. We live in the riverside inn, in the morning on the balcony to see the mist in the mountains, at night to enjoy the lights, very interesting, very feeling. The stone road in the ancient town of Xiangtan is very special. The narrow street and alley are high hanging buildings. I saw that there were old grandpas and grandma, playing cards, that picture was super warm and super cured. The night of the ancient town is more charming than the day, more drunk, comfortable! But if you visit the ancient town at night, some sections must open the flashlight of the mobile phone to light up, too dark, the road is not very easy to walk.
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Nature Reserve
_We***30The Mayang River Nature Reserve has a beautiful environment and a pleasant rural atmosphere. The mountains are beautiful and the water is beautiful. The people are more beautiful. There is no copper and the taste is very harmonious. The ecological garden is well protected. This place is a bit poor to be developed, but the people are really nice and honest. Intrigue black langurs need to go to see in the morning, other times are difficult to meet. If you dislike the hotel in Mayang River is a bit expensive, you can drive to a nearby town (20 minutes by car from Huangtu Town) to stay and you can also set up your own tent. A good place to experience nature. Everyone has a different vision. We need a pair of eyes to discover beauty.
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_We***36just awesome. insane mountain, insane scenery. just awesome

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Mayanghe National Heiye Monkey Nature ReserveTongren,China

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The Three Gorges of WujiangTongren,China

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Sizhou Hot SpringTongren,China

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Revolutionary Committee of Eastern Guizhou Special RegionTongren,China

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