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Changyu Wine Culture Museum
China's longest trestle is not in Qingdao but in Yantai, 624 meters long free of charge

Shandong Yantai is also a beautiful coastal city, although not as big as Qingdao, but the pace of life is slow, more leisurely and comfortable. Everyone knows that Qingdao has a trestle. In fact, there is also a bridge in Yantai.
Yantai's trestle is located in the Yellow Sea Amusement City on the seashore of Laishan District. It is the same from the seaside along the trestle bridge. It is the spherical structure called the Yellow Sea Pearl. The Yantai Trestle Bridge is 624 meters long and 184 meters longer than the Qingdao Trestle Bridge. It is the longest trestle in the country.
Huanghai Amusement City used to be a popular attraction in Yantai. It opened to the public in 1993. Based on the beautiful scenery of the seashore, it has built more than 20 scenic spots, and it was a small fishing village earlier.
At the seaside next to the Pearl of the Yellow Sea, docked with a retired warship, not far from the sea is a high-rise building, this piece is Yantai's new city. The
Yantai Trestle Bridge consists of four parts: the approach bridge, the marina, the main body of the trestle and the Pearl of the Yellow Sea. The beach is 1,350 meters long, the beach is soft and the sea water is pure, and there are 9 sets of changing rooms, 6 shopping malls, rest building, standard presidential room, watchtower, fountain square and other supporting facilities.
The most attractive is the pearl of the Yellow Sea. The Yellow Sea Pearl is made of stainless steel grid structure, 30 meters high and 21.8 meters in diameter, which is unique in China. Especially at night, under the illumination of 1,180 red, yellow and green lights, the brilliance is transparent and the body is very beautiful.
This sea area is clear and clean, and the summer cool breeze blows from the sea, which is best for summer. It is surrounded by the Wang Mountain in the west, the Yushan Mountain in the north, and the Dongdong Island in the east. The south and Yangma Island are across the sea, and the environment is very beautiful.
There is also a high observation tower at the seaside. Now the Yellow Sea Amusement City has become a free and open coastal leisure tourist area, providing visitors with the opportunity to visit the sea.
Yantai Mountain Scenic Spot
Yantai in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula is a beautiful coastal city. Although the city is not as big as Qingdao, its opening is earlier than Qingdao. In the Yantaishan Park on the seashore of the city center, there are still many sites of consulates in the country, witnessing all this.
Yantai Mountain is a hill with an elevation of only 42.5 meters, just by the sea. In the 31st year of Ming Hongwu (1398), in order to prevent flooding, a wolf-burning pier was built on this mountain, also known as a beacon tower. So the people who built the beacon tower were called "Yantai Mountain", Yantai. The city is named after Yantai Mountain.
1861, according to the "Tianjin Treaty", Yantai was turned into a trading port, becoming one of the earliest cities in northern China and the earliest trading port in Shandong Province.
17 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, and Japan have established consulates, foreign banks and other offices in and around Yantai Mountain. These small buildings are scattered in the green trees, which is the former site of the consulate. .
Yantai Mountain Scenic Area is the largest modern consulate complex in Asia. The buildings are of different architectural styles, with rich atmosphere and well-preserved, which is a treasure house of modern architecture. Some consulates have been converted into museums to showcase the city's modern development. A white lighthouse on the top of the
is particularly eye-catching. In July 1905, the British built a lighthouse on the site of the Beacon Tower, which has been in use for more than 80 years.