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About Yingde

Yingde (英德) is commonly known as Old Lingnan (岭南古邑) and is also sometimes called Yingzhou (英州). A historical and cultural city in Guangdong Province, Yingde is an important tourist destination, home to Guangdong cement works, Guangdong's limestone caves, and Chinese Yingde stone. Yingde is also famous as the home of Chinese black and green teas, as well as Chinese sweet bamboo. Nature tourism is the main tourist attraction here, with eco-sightseeing, karst landform tours, water scenery tours, Yingde stone appreciation tours, and taking in the tea culture being the most popular tourist pursuits. The natural scenery in Yingde is truly captivating.

Popular Attractions in Yingde

Baojing Palace
1,825 Reviews
Located in the Yanziyan Mountain Range, Baojing Palace is composed of natural landscapes such as caves, lakes, and mountain peaks. Baojing Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The crystal clear water is like a mirror, reflecting the charming mountains. You can ride a boat on the lake; it is very pleasant to be so close to nature. Many interesting stalactites can be found in the caves. Some of them look like flowers, birds, insects, fish, and various other animals. Under the right lights, they look even more unique and magical. There are also many engravings on the cave walls that hold historical and cultural significance.
Baodun Lake Hushan Hot Spring Resort
254 Reviews
Hot Spring
Baodun Lake Hushan Hot Spring Resort is located in Yingde, Qingyuan, and is known as Venice of Guangdong. The resort is constructed to fit nicely into the natural landscape providing a beautiful sight for all tourists visiting the attraction. There are more than 200 Southeast Asian villas in the vicinity. Each villa has a private hot spring pool and the backyard leads to an infinity pool. The place provides ideal conditions to soak in hot springs during autumn and winter, and play in the water during summer.
Baojing Palace Swan Lake Hot Spring Hotel
174 Reviews
Hot Spring
Baojing Palace Swan Lake Hot Spring Hotel is located on the beautiful Swan Lake in Yingde. It is divided into Lingdan District, Yao Bath District, Huawu District, Zen Tea District, Spa District and many different hot spring pools. It also contains a multi-purpose bubble pool, a large spa lounge and a signature restaurant serving light meals. The hot springs are constructed using unique local stone and are separated by centuries-old and rare trees that create private, intimate spaces for guests’ comfort and relaxation.
Qidong Hot Spring Town
309 Reviews
Hot Spring
Qidong Hot Spring Resort is located in Liwu Village, Wangbu Town. Visitors here can enjoy the comfortable hot springs, experience thrilling and exciting water sports, get close to nature, and spend their time leisurely. Many of the hot spring pools are in natural limestone caves, which is a very special feature of this resort. The hot spring resort has nearly 100 special guest rooms. There are small western style villas, elegant courtyards and also mountain villas set in the forest. The houses are fully equipped and located in quiet and beautiful surroundings. It is a great place to go for vacation or leisure.

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Trip Moments

[The ultimate challenge Guangdong's first full lake view mountain bungee jumping]
bungee jumping is one of my life list, and finally chose the first step on the Lion Rock! A certificate can be obtained after the challenge is successful! For me who dared to stand and ride a roller coaster, the fear of bungee jumping is not from the sense of weightlessness, but standing in front of the platform, the infinite abyss under the eyes, the body is about to be released here.
Flying dragons under the pole is 1680 acres of Swan Lake, 68 meters high, the platform extends over the lake with a span of 99 meters, 720 degrees without a dead angle to enjoy the lake and mountains.
Prepare before jumping:
1, girls don't wear skirts, unless you want to be eye-catching, try to wear rigorous, or it is very embarrassing when hanging upside down, the laces must be fastened.
2, necklaces are easy to throw items to the staff to keep, there is a storage box next to the platform.
3, the gopro HD video and shooting will be bundled into your hand and will be passed back to you after the challenge. The uncomfortable thing is that no matter how beautiful you are, jumping off will be unrecognizable! When I looked back, I once wondered if I was a human being!
4. If you want to be beautiful, you can wear sunglasses (the coach always carries), but you need to have professional equipment such as anti-fixing rope, but do not guarantee 100%.
Challenge step:
1, first measure blood pressure, consult weight, myopia, fill in registration form, insurance beneficiary.
2, professional people equipped with safety equipment, there are two ways to jump, respectively, tied waist and tied feet, free to choose.
3, after jumping down, the sense of weight loss appeared 3 times. The first time was the moment when the weight began to fall. When the gravity acceleration reached the maximum, I felt that I was flying. After rebounding 2 times, I also felt weightless.
4, after the rebound stops, the person is in the upside down state, the staff will put down the professional tools, and buckle the hooks on the chest button, they will pull you up.
5, from jumping to being pulled up, the whole process is less than 5 minutes, and finally go to the front desk to get the certificate.

Room price 298/person, coach does not add
Qingyuan Yingdebao Jinggong International Tourism Resort Feilong Bungy
Posted: Oct 12, 2019
Tianmengou Scenic Spot is located in Babao Mountain (formerly known as Lushan Mountain) in Shijietang Town, Yingde City, Guangdong Province. It is an experimental area of the 355-square-kilometer Shimentai Nature Reserve, where the Xijing Ancient Road once passed. The Xijing Ancient Road is the only way to reach the capital in Lingnan during the Hanwu Emperor.
Tianmengou is divided into nine stations and one corridor. The nine stations refer to the nine observation platforms of Tianmengou. The first station is Xianyi Station at an altitude of 178 meters, and the highest ninth station Tianmen is at an altitude of 760 meters. Refers to the water stone promenade at an altitude of more than 700 meters and 1500 meters. The first four stations of Tianmengou are not far away, and the mountain is relatively flat. Most of the tourists' physical fitness can be competent. At the beginning of the fourth station, the climber's physical ability is required to have a certain endurance.
There are many small waterfalls along the way, or inject into Bitan, or inject into the stream. The small waterfall next to the fourth station cable bridge is one of the most charming attractions. The
fourth station is the middle boundary of the Tianmengou Scenic Area. It is difficult to climb upwards and requires a certain amount of physical energy. If visitors want to continue climbing, they need to leave contact information and reserve enough climbing time. When the weather is bad, more than four stations will be temporarily closed. However, from the fourth stop to the seventh stop, the scenery is fascinating and the camera shutter is murdered.
Transportation: There is a shuttle bus to the Tianmengou of Kyushu Station in Yingdecheng West Station.
Posted: Dec 19, 2018
Rachel Yu   
When traveling to Guangdong Yingde, you must go to Dengmeng Dengtiangou, one of the nine stations and one gallery.
Tianmengou is located in the western part of Lushan Mountain. It was included in the experimental area of Shimentai Nature Reserve in 2000. It is becoming the largest national nature reserve in Guangdong Province along with the surrounding mountains of more than 200 square kilometers.
Tianmengou is more than 6,000 meters in total. It is divided into nine stations and one corridor, namely one to nine stations and water stone promenade. The source is more than 1,000 meters high. It belongs to the V-shaped alpine grand canyon, the four major gaps of the whole ditch, and more than one hundred waterfalls. It is more than 5,000 meters long and has a 10,000-step ladder. The forest cover along the way reaches the top of the ditch, and you can breathe the full negative ion air everywhere you go.
The number of water and stone Qimei, the water is clear and transparent, sweet and moist water, stone is crystal or Danhong stone, water and stone blend, Qi Qishengsheng. Chi Meizhong also saw the waterfall from Tianmen, hence the name Tianmen Waterfall, the vertical single-level drop of 136 meters, the highest in the province.
Ten Gate is a 1,500-meter water stone promenade. It is like a fairyland. There are countless streams and streams in Jintan. According to legend, as long as the mortal crosses the Tianmen, he will cross the water stone promenade and wash away the dust to become a fairy.
Opening time: 08
Posted: Jan 25, 2019
Posted: Dec 21, 2018