Yingshang County is located in northwest Anhui Province and is administrated by Fuyang City, Anhui. The famous Balihe Scenic Area is located in Balihe Town in the south of Yingshang County. This scenic area faces the Huai River on the south and the Ying River on the east, and is one of China’s most famous landscapes. The Youjia Garden by Wuli Lake in the western part of the county seat was first built in the late Qing dynasty (1636-1912). The garden is filled with exquisite artistic features, and is known as the “Yu Garden (a famous garden in Suzhou) of Anhui” because of its classic Suzhou style.
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Things To Do in Yingshang

Bali River Scenic Area
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City Park
璀璨vs人生Balihe Scenic Area is a national AAAAA class tourist attraction, environmental protection "global 500 good", located in the southeast of Fuyang City, Anhui Province, the south of the Weishui River, the east of the Weihe River, 8 kilometers from the north of Weicheng, 60 kilometers to the west to Xiangyang, 170 kilometers from Hefei southeast. Its main park is "world scenery", "splendid China", "bibo tourist area", "bird language forest" covers an area of 3600 mu, enjoy "the world's first farmers park" the name.
Digou Scenic Area
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璀璨vs人生The whole scenic area of Digou Ecotourism Scenic Area consists of Zhuyin Temple, 500 Luohan Hall, Ecological Park, Town Construction Area, Cultural Square, Anhui Tourism Vocational College and the National Wetland Park of Digou under construction. Digou Town Honor National AAAA Class Scenic Area, National Garden Town, National Environment Beautiful Town, Digou National Wetland Park, National Development and Reform Pilot Town, First National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Point, Ten Tourism Leisure Bases of Anhui Province, Anhui province best tourist town and many national and provincial honorary titles.
Wuli Lake Ecological Wetland Park
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City Park
璀璨vs人生Wuli Lake Ecological Wetland Park is close to the west side of Yingshang County, the north end is 1 km from S12 Fuxin Expressway, the south end is to Balihe Scenic Area, divided into three major parts, the northern section of the urban forest, the middle section of the impression water town, the southern section of the wetland paradise, now the north and middle sections can be played, the south section is still under construction. The vegetation in the wetland park is lush, and the lotus flowers in summer are not so much a field as other wetland parks, but scattered around the river, and you need to find yourself, the golden wheat on the shore of autumn ripe, a beautiful countryside.
You's Family Garden
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璀璨vs人生Yaoshang Youjia Garden, also known as "Yaoshang Park", is located in the west of Wuli Lake, Yaoshang City, before liberation for a private garden, built in the end of the Qing Dynasty, covering 84 hectares. The garden is surrounded by water, famous for its strange flowers, different grasses, pine and strange stones, and the small bridges, rockery promenade, pavilions and terraces, strange flowers and strange grasses, pine strange stones and beautiful multi-faceted; It has the typical Su style garden style, known as "Yuyuan Garden of North Fujian". There are four scenic spots.
Bali River World
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Water Park
狸罂If you take the kids to play, the parking fee is 10 yuan, which is not expensive. Is the locker a bit expensive, 25. You are not allowed to bring food or drink, as they are all sold inside. A bowl of Liangpi 15 is not enough for a girl of mine. There were too many people in the afternoon, we went in the morning. By 3. There are too many people to play more projects, and the queue will take more than half an hour. It happened that it was not very hot. Although it was not hot, I still got sunburn on my shoulders. So try to be tighter. Fortunately, the tickets are not very expensive, but most of the items can be played from 90 kg to 180 kg. There are two or three projects that the little ones can play, and they are okay.
Jiangxinzhou Binhe Park
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City Park
天池公主Although it is a new scenic spot, the scenery is not worse than the old scenic spots such as West Lake. You can visit and take a boat trip. There is also an ancient building complex in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and they are all free. Recommend parent-child travel.

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Bali River Scenic Area
Bali River Scenic AreaFuyang,China

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Bali River World
Bali River WorldFuyang,China

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Kubei Children Amusement Park
Kubei Children Amusement ParkFuyang,China

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You's Family Garden
You's Family GardenFuyang,China

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Ying Shang Xian Nanzhaozhen Daihouying Memorial Hall
Ying Shang Xian Nanzhaozhen Daihouying Memorial HallFuyang,China

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Chuanzhongcheng Huanle Shui World
Chuanzhongcheng Huanle Shui WorldFuyang,China

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Yingshang Weather

Mar 4, 2021
8 ~ 19
Mar 5, 2021
Light rain
8 / 17
Mar 6, 2021
Light rain
4 / 9
Mar 7, 2021
3 / 11
Mar 8, 2021
Light rain
6 / 16
Mar 9, 2021
7 / 15
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yingshang
Mar 4, 2021 Yingshang Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:81%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:40/18:14
Yingshang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Yingshang, including: Bali River Scenic Area,Digou Scenic Area,Wuli Lake Ecological Wetland Park
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