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Quanshanshi Art Center (Southwest Gate)Nearby City

Quanshanshi Art Center (Southwest Gate)

4.6/534 Reviews
Open from 10:00am-8:00pm (Local time)
"Go to the Quanshan Stone Art Museum to see the exhibition of Nicolas Fechin's works To ✨When you see the texture and color of the oil painting immersively, you can hear the artist's voice. This feeling is incomparable in picture albums ✨ To 🏷Venue: Quanshan Stone Art Center To 🏛Art Gallery Introduction: The first art center in China that systematically displays original Western oil paintings. I believe those who have studied fine art in Hangzhou are familiar with the old art museum. Located in Zhijiang Resort, the fixed showroom mainly displays the representative works of the whole old age and the world's original oil paintings collected by the Art Center. The mobile showroom will hold various Chinese and foreign oil painting works and exhibitions. To 🗺Exhibition introduction: Traveling through half of the world, the Seattle Frye Art Museum from the other side of the ocean brought Nicolas Fitch's works to the Quanshanshi Art Center. In Repin's eyes, the most talented contemporary painter-Russian-American Nicolas Fitch, is good at portraits. His artistic achievements have an indelible place in the history of Russian art. Mr. Quan Shanshi came to the exhibition hall to guide the exhibition arrangement and lighting. Therefore, the lighting of the Fitch exhibition is also very good~🌅 The soft fibers scattered on the screen make the "Fitch-style" oil painting mottled, subtle color texture and free brushstrokes, and the dynamic expression of the characters can be highlighted and intriguing. To ⏰Fichin's work exhibition time: extended to April 19 due to the epidemic To 📍Address: No. 10, Jianghan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou To 🚗Traffic strategy: self-driving is recommended, parking is very convenient; public transportation is not recommended To 🕙Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30-17:00 (closed on Monday) To 🎫Tickets: The permanent exhibition is free~ You can register to visit with a valid certificate~ The fee for special exhibitions is generally 80 per person, half price for students holding student ID To 📌Practical tips: ☑️Everyone must bring a valid certificate to watch the exhibition, and the photo is also OK~ otherwise it is not allowed to enter ☑️When viewing the exhibition, you can use the guide module of the public account "Quanshanshi Art Center", with audio and text guides~"