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Trip Moments

Taihua Towns Qianyuan Tea Site is located in the hilly mountainous area at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. It is surrounded by mountains, with lush forests, fertile land, abundant sunshine and unique climate. It is the early mining of tea in Yinan mountainous area and the cultivation of asexual tea. One of the tea farms. When I was in Wuzhong last time, I didn't go to the tea garden. I didn't expect it to be realized here.

For the tea garden, I have a lingering complex. I remember going to Sri Lanka last year. I am thinking about the local tea garden. When I came to Yixing, I realized that there was such a beautiful tea garden in Jiangsu. I really dont lose abroad.

The whole tea factory has more than 600 acres of tea gardens. There are more than 200 acres of good seed gardens such as Golden Gui, Tie Guanyin, Benshan and Wuding. For many years, the tea farm insisted on quality. Reputation, development by brand, take the road of science and technology, vigorously transform old tea gardens, introduce new varieties, improve the quality of tea, and enlarge the brand.

Now this time is already clear, the most busy time for tea picking is before the Ming Dynasty, but in the tea garden I still found a special tea aunt, before the tea is more research, so with It is not difficult for aunt to learn tea.

The leaves of tea leaves are relatively large now. The tea before Ming Dynasty is the most tender two pieces, and it is also the most expensive price in tea. Now these are not as good as the tea before, but the quality is not bad.
It is undoubtedly lucky to arrive at the Chong'an Temple in Yixing Lake at dusk. The sunset makes this ancient temple dyed with a warm color, the yellow wall and the red pillar, quiet and solemn. In the distance, it is a gloomy mountain this scene may have been printed in the eyes of the Tang Dynastys Yunyou monks more than 1,000 years ago. It is said that he was taken by the scenery here. The foundation temple, this is the source of the Chong'an Temple. The following legends are even more meaningful. It is said that when the foundation of the Chong'an Temple was laid, it was unearthed as a jade, and its sound was like a pipa. Therefore, the original name of the temple was Yushan Temple.

In the years of the Chong'an Temple, the monks here have been quietly chanting Buddhas in the temples of this mountain. The time for the Chong'an Temple to shine is to wait until the early Qing Dynasty, hundreds of years after the temple was built. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi and Yongzheng, the Chong'an Temple was built and the Emperor Qianlong was given the title of "The First Ancestral Temple in the World" and rebuilt. Zen Temple - Legend has it that Qianlongs "born father" Chen Ge has lived here.

Compared with many temples that are already too embarrassing, the Yixing Lake Father Chong'an Temple, which does not sell tickets or sell incense sticks, is undoubtedly quiet and closer to the meaning of Zen. At the time of our arrival, there was only one visitor to us in the Chong En Temple surrounded by lush forests. There were one or two monks who walked slowly and looked calm. The warm shade of sunlight casts the shadow of the red wooden pillar obliquely on the yellow wall, except for the occasional bird songs. In this temple with traditional Chinese architecture, it is all silence.
Yixing Yunhai is famous for its hot springs, and the restaurant's special local dishes are also quite good. When I took a hot spring, I went to dinner time. When I had a few big dishes, I had a long-lost intimacy.

Because it is close to my hometown, Yixing's diet is very similar to my hometown. The dishes are similar and delicious. This fish head soup is the signature dish of the restaurant. We also have fish head soup in our hometown. After a few years of long-term stay, I rarely go home. I haven't eaten such an authentic fish soup for a long time. The soup is delicious and the aftertaste is endless.

With the development of the times, people are paying more and more attention to the dishes, and more and more attention to health, in the scientific mix of the chefs, carefully prepared, the dishes are colorful, showing unlimited possibilities.

turtle, wild bamboo chicken, this dinner is not only high in value, but also rich in nutritional value. It pays attention to diet and health, and pays attention to the relationship between man and nature. It is an atmosphere of life and a kind of poetry.

Umi rice is a feature of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. It is a custom to cook black rice with black rice leaves. The eighth day of the lunar calendar, the eighth day of the lunar calendar, is the traditional Chinese food festival. The folklore is because the disciples of Sakyamuni are connected, for the mother to eat rice, to find a way to dye rice with the South candle leaves, boiled into a black rice, and the hungry ghosts dare not eat the black rice, the mother can Full of stomach. Later, the common people ate the Wujiu every year to commemorate the filial son.

Yixing has many bamboos and many natural bamboo shoots, so bamboo shoots are also a home-cooked dish on the table.
In the midday sun, the town is quiet, the sky is very clear, the ear is echoing the singer, and an old shoemaker puts the stall on the corner, even under our "disturbed" lens It is still busy with the work on hand. Walking on the old street, you can see the broad beans that are drying in the outside and the horse head wall with some Huizhou style. The girl with a flower umbrella looked back and smiled, and then intoxicated the whole quiet summer.

Yihu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu Province, the old name, that is, the place where the horses and horses are squatting down the mountain goods, from the name you can imagine the scene of the prosperous trading goods of the year, and now the town is playing its own name. The way of the number is the words livable, deep oxygen and tourism the number of PM2.5 is often counted, and the lush bamboo sea and the bank of Yangshuo Lake have a good air and good scenery as a publicity point. In the villa area, the name of Deep Oxygen Lake Father is obviously not a name for the waves the old mine pit has become a landscape lake in the community, and the Yangshuo Lake is a well-equipped fitness park. The town has even completely abandoned the small chemical, mining, cement and other industries.

For those who lived here for a long time, the terms "deep oxygen" and "green" are not the first temptation for tourists, but clean and smooth country roads and old people Their welfare is real. Every year when the tourist season is over, the local products such as dried bamboo shoots, lilies and chestnuts are sold, and visitors who have experienced the farm life for a few days will have a taste of life.
Yixing Zhuhai
Yixing Zhuhai Scenic Area stretches over three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. It is known as the first bamboo sea in East China and is a representative scenic spot of Chinese bamboo scenery, bamboo style and bamboo culture. I have not only come here once in this place, but I came to the second time less than half a year ago.

You can see five lovely mascots when you walk into the gate of the scenic spot. The weather is fine, tourists are weaving, here is the kingdom of bamboo, the world of bamboo, Su Dongpo said: no bamboo, no bamboo Vulgarity proves that bamboo has been a symbol of elegance since ancient times.

In the bamboo sea, between the two mountains, the mountain water and natural rainwater have become "mirror lake", with a lake area of 30,000 square meters and a depth of 10 meters. The lake is clear all year round, the bamboo is long in the water, the water flows between the bamboos, and the mirror lake is in harmony with the stretch of bamboo sea. The scenery is beautiful.

Everyone took the tram to the source of Taihu Lake from Jinghu Lake, because the Lake of Hugong in Zhuhai is the closest to Taihu Lake, and the watershed is the most obvious. Therefore, the stream flowing down from Zhuhai Mountain has the first source of Taihu Lake. "The name." The bamboo springs are flowing, and the water quality of the mountain springs is extremely pure and can be directly consumed.

Along the side of the stone steps, there are mountains and waters, bamboos, pavilions, temples, water to clear, bamboo everywhere, mountains, dense bamboo leaves cover the sun The fragmented light penetrates through the gap between the leaves and the leaves, and the spots on the stone steps are printed.

Take the cable car to the peak of the first peak of Sunan, at the highest point on the top of the mountain, looking at the top of the mountain, the mountains are deep and beautiful, the breeze is coming, the three provinces are unobstructed, and there is a strong momentum.