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Things To Do in Yizhang

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M47***74Mangshan Scenic Area is divided into two east and west gates, which are under the management of different company bosses. When you go to the west gate, you must know which scenic spot to go to. It is the old scenic spot to go to the west gate, the transportation is convenient, the development is early, it is said that it is more mature. The east gate is developed by the new boss and has already taken shape. Special reminder, the traffic in the scenic area is some inconvenience, the car in and out of a section of nearly 10 kilometers of Panshan Road, the highest altitude of 636 meters, dozens of turns, but the road is OK, not too narrow, the old driver can deal with. There are cable cars, escalators and elevators in the scenic area, which is a good news for people with mobility problems. Tickets are free for people over 65 years old in the scenic area, and half tickets for the cable car elevator (there are not many places with half tickets for traffic in the scenic area). The scenery of the scenic spot can be compared to Sanqingshan, not too weak, count each has a thousand autumn, but the physical consumption is greatly reduced! It is recommended that the elderly like me, who are nearly 70 years old, can come here to see, kill time, and contribute to the expansion of domestic demand in the off-season of tourism!
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Hot Springs Resort
你阔爱哒LPInfinity hot spring is not big rectangular on the fourth floor of the roof, in the evening to the top of the mountain must take the elevator up, take the stairs that place is too dark, blind lights are so scary, I am afraid to meet snakes or rats, the hot poolside waiters are not warm enough to receive careless. The hotel is very old, I look forward to his redecorating again. The bird's nest and other net red shooting locations are really beautiful, unfortunately, I didn't go to the Monkey King Village. It's good to live for a few days, just go in with the group and can't play for a few more days, because free travel is very expensive. I'm going to go with the group.
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潇潇雨鞋520Loved the staircases on the side of the mountain, from one mountain to another, it was raining on the day, a little slippery and not easy to walk, foggy and scary.
Nearby City
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芳芳330Yangtian Lake Prairie is not far from the city of Luzhou, about an hour by car. The grassland is located on the mountain of 1350 meters, Panshan Road up and down, easy carsick babies need to be prevented in advance. The mountain is very cool, the scenic area is still in construction, all the construction will be more attractive. The view of the grassland is very good, you can take many big films with your hands.
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洞庭春秋The Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area in Yizhang, Chenzhou is located in the mountains in the southern part of the county seat. The local tea, bitter bamboo shoots, and ferns are favored by people. It is known as the "Second Xishuangbanna" and the "Natural Arboretum of South China". Mangshan Yao Autonomous Township is located in the territory, where the Yao people live in a concentrated area. The mild climate, abundant rainfall and superior natural conditions make the forest vegetation here with a wide variety of beautiful and picturesque scenery.
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洞庭春秋In Yizhang, Chenzhou, Monkey King Village is backed by primitive forests, cliffs, ancient trees obscuring the sky, and spectacular waterfalls. Legend has it that after the Monkey King became a Buddha, Sun Wukong came to this place to make friends with races and passed on his unique skills, so it was called Monkey King Village. Although this area of Zhai Valley is adjacent to the staff living area, visitors can see it right away. Since ancient times, it has been inaccessible and is a mysterious world. Now that it is launched, it is magnificent and majestic, with magnificent and charming scenery, and the charm of the big forest. It has both here, and it is much worse than it is.

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Mang Mountain DriftingChenzhou,China

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Houwang VillageChenzhou,China

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Pearl River Source RaftingChenzhou,China

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South Of Hunan Uprising Memorial HallChenzhou,China

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Kaqile Children Amusement ParkChenzhou,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Yizhang, including: Mangshan Forest Hot Springs,Mangshan National Forest Park,Mangshan· Wuzhifeng Sceneic Area
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