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About Yongjia

Yongjia is a county in the southeast of Zhejiang province close the city of Wenzhou, on the northern banks of the Ou River. The area has a rich history and stunning natural scenery, including the Nanxi River Scenic Area, famous for its picturesque river landscapes, unusual rock formations, waterfalls, ancient villages and lush forest.

Popular Attractions in Yongjia

Longwantan National Forest Park
702 Reviews
Longwantan National Forest Park is located in the Shizhiyan Scenic Area of ​​Nanxi River in Wenzhou. The parkpresentss a beautiful landscape due to waterfalls formed by a stream of water in the mountains. If possible, please walk along the plank road to the high-altitude glass viewing platform on the mountain top. This U-shaped observation deck is suspended out of the cliff. Walk on the glass if you dare.
Yongjia College
863 Reviews
The Yongjia Academy was first built in the late Northern Song Dynasty and fell with the Yongjia School of Thought at the end of the Ming Dynasty The present Yongjia Academy is a scenic area, located on the Nanxi River in Yongjia, Wenzhou. It features both the style of the Southern Song and beautiful natural scenery. Other attractions in the area include playgrounds for children, cultural performances, circuses, water parks, and rural tourism.
Nanxi River Scenic Area
400 Reviews
The Nanxi River zigzags through the entirety of Yongjia from the north to the south. It is a fascinating landscape in southern Zhejiang. You can sit on a bamboo raft and enjoy the fascinating scenery of the Nanxi River and Shiweiyan, marvel at the waterfalls of the Jiuyi Shimentai, and explore the mysterious ancient village. Among the ancient village, there are old academic halls and ancestral temples, which are all worth seeing. The view of streams and the countryside are especially mesmerizing at the turn of spring and summer.
Shiwei Rock
970 Reviews
Geological Sites
Shiwei Rock is located in Hesheng Town, northeast of Yantou, and is one of the attractions not to be missed in Nanxi River. The volcanic activity of 100 million years ago left a 306-meter-high lone peak, the shape of the ship's raft, proudly overlooking the surrounding peaks, and the reddish rocks changed into different shapes at different angles. You can take a boat view, or you can walk up the boardwalk between the mountains and the mountains.

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Trip Moments

Luochuan Village, Hesheng Town, Yongjia County, there is a pastoral ancient village that has retained more than 400 years of history called Ling Shangren. The village is backed by a mountain stream, surrounded by mountains and green, fresh air, known as the "natural oxygen bar." These villages have a thousand-year history and attract tourists with their unique ancient residential style and long-standing culture. There are several ways to go and go to every corner of the village. The sign at the entrance of the village clearly indicates where the store you are going is. Since the entire village is basically operating roast whole sheep, although the village is not large, there are not many households, but the brand is full of nails. Speaking of people on the ridge, the most coveted is the roast whole lamb, which is crispy and tender, oily and not greasy. On weekends, the village farmhouse is almost full. [Address]: Lingshang Village, Heshang Township, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City [Tickets]: Free [Traffic]: Public Transportation: At the North Railway Terminal, take a ride to Hesheng or Ling The bus in the head direction went to Hesheng to get off. Then take a bus from Hesheng to the people on the ridge. Automobile: 1, Yubei to Shangtang-Jiuzhang Bridge (right turn)-Nanxijiang-Yutou-Xiajiatun Bridge (right turn)-Dongyu-Hesheng-Hehewan-White Horse Temple (right turn) - Shiyanyan scenic spot - Lingshang people. 2, Yongtaiwen high-speed - Yandang Mountain exit - Furong Town - Yanhu direction along the Baiyan line - Shiyanyan scenic spot - Lingshang people. 3, Jinliwen Expressway - Yongjia Export - Going to Shangtang direction - Nine
Posted: Feb 7, 2019
It seems that there is no impression on Cangpo Ancient Village. When you enter the ancient village, you know that there is no cave. It is a very unique ancient village. It is a surprise. He is located in the west of Yongxian Road, north of Yantou Town, Nanxi River in the south of Zhejiang. Cangdun, the land where Li surnamed lived, has a history of more than 800 years. Although the vicissitudes of the past tens of thousands of years, but the old Yan has not changed, still retain the walls of the Song Dynasty buildings, roads, houses, pavilions, temples, pools and cypresses, etc., showing a strong ancient meaning everywhere. The gate of the ancient village was built in the style of a building. It was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. It was built entirely of wood. It was built with big buckets, small buckets, joists and provocations. The six-story arch did not use a nail, and the roof was a heavy-duty mountain. The structure is dignified and simple. Hanging on the door, you can write four characters: Cangpoxi Gate. Cangpo Village Village is in the shape of a gossip. It is centered on the square-shaped drum-drum lane. It opens eight roads to the southeast and northwest. It passes through the villages eight-door door to the village. The village is based on the four treasures of the study. Make the layout. Into the wooden structure of the village gate, a straight stone road runs through the village, is a pen, called "Pen Street"; the middle of the stone road passes a bridge, made up of five well-sized stone strips, ink; the whole seat The largest part of the village is the lotus pond on both sides of the stone road, which is a raft; the rectangular village is paper. This layout of the four treasures of the study is a good interpretation of the farming culture. The main attractions in the ancient village are Zhaimen, Renji Temple, and Li's Ancestral Hall.
Posted: Dec 27, 2018