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It seems that there is no impression on Cangpo Ancient Village. When you enter the ancient village, you know that there is no cave. It is a very unique ancient village. It is a surprise. He is located in the west of Yongxian Road, north of Yantou Town, Nanxi River in the south of Zhejiang. Cangdun, the land where Li surnamed lived, has a history of more than 800 years. Although the vicissitudes of the past tens of thousands of years, but the old Yan has not changed, still retain the walls of the Song Dynasty buildings, roads, houses, pavilions, temples, pools and cypresses, etc., showing a strong ancient meaning everywhere. The gate of the ancient village was built in the style of a building. It was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. It was built entirely of wood. It was built with big buckets, small buckets, joists and provocations. The six-story arch did not use a nail, and the roof was a heavy-duty mountain. The structure is dignified and simple. Hanging on the door, you can write four characters: Cangpoxi Gate. Cangpo Village Village is in the shape of a gossip. It is centered on the square-shaped drum-drum lane. It opens eight roads to the southeast and northwest. It passes through the villages eight-door door to the village. The village is based on the four treasures of the study. Make the layout. Into the wooden structure of the village gate, a straight stone road runs through the village, is a pen, called "Pen Street"; the middle of the stone road passes a bridge, made up of five well-sized stone strips, ink; the whole seat The largest part of the village is the lotus pond on both sides of the stone road, which is a raft; the rectangular village is paper. This layout of the four treasures of the study is a good interpretation of the farming culture. The main attractions in the ancient village are Zhaimen, Renji Temple, and Li's Ancestral Hall.
Nanxijiang Bamboo Raft Drifting
I have read a poem and like it very much. Mr. Wu Zhihua's "You Nanxi River Inscription": "The green mountains and rivers are heavy mountains, and the sunset is sloping on the pebble beach. The evening breeze is drunk, and the spring is attacking the heart. The clouds are in the jungle, and the play is only here. Want to stay at the bank of the Nanxi River, the Jiu Jiu Temple Tianwaixian, the poem truly portrays the beauty of the Nanxi River, depicting the beautiful scenery surrounded by green hills, green water, misty clouds, smoke and rain. We often visit a certain attraction before we learn about the poems related to it, and I learned that Nanxi River started with poetry. Nanxi River is known as the "cradle of Chinese landscape poetry". Throughout the ages, countless scholars and literati have left a poem here, praising this quiet place. Xie Lingyun, the famous poet who created the landscape poetry school, used the "Qingdan to be secluded and put the boat over the suburbs" to admire the beauty of the Nanxi River. Take the bamboo raft and go to the clear water to wash people's hearts. When the impetuous people come here, they can't help but calm down. The plants, trees and landscapes on both sides of the strait quietly exude a seductive light. Slowly flowing streams seem to sing, the stones at the bottom of the water seem to be painted, and the green plants on both sides of the river seem to be poems. This is the poetic Nanxi River. The time of drifting is very fast, and soon we have to go ashore. If you are not willing to leave, you may wish to take a short stay on the shore and enjoy the beauty of the place for a while. Ticket price: 55 yuan duration: 30 to 40 minutes
Rachel Yu
Nanxi Jiangdianyuan Zhufa Drifting
Nanxi River drifts, Nanxi River is on the edge of Yandang Mountain, and the Nanxi River in summer is so quiet, I am very happy. In the remote area of Yongjia in southern Zhejiang, Nanxi River is "deep and shameful", but this tourist season is also a lonely tourist. This is what I want, happy Nanxi River, exile between the mountains and rivers. The Xijiang scenic spot is very large, and its center is Yantou Town. In recent years, the reputation of the ancient village of Nanxi River has gradually risen, becoming a tourist spot, but the traditional Daruoyan, Shiyanyan, drifting and other scenic spots have been forgotten by tourists. Peer friends, we set off, Nanxi River drifting: the whole bamboo raft sits 5 people, more than 100 yuan a bamboo pole. Starting from the second bridge of Nanxi River and ending at Lion Rock, the whole course is 40 minutes. It is the most beautiful part of Nanxi River rafting. Nanxi River Bamboo Pagoda is not thrilling, but there are several shoals in the middle, hard and smooth cobbles frequently Exposed to the surface of the water, the sound of the rubbing of the bamboo raft and the pebbles will be heard several times, causing the bamboo rafts to be bumpy and swaying from side to side. The slightly tilted hoe will also be lifted by the water waves. During the drifting process, the colleague's small partner drone hit the wire and crashed here. This is the second drone drone in 3 days and 2 nights. The drone is at risk and needs to be cautious. The end of the place is the Lion Rock. There are a large number of beaches for tourists in the water. There are also chairs under the trees for visitors to take a rest. Of course, they are charged separately. [Travel Tips]: Nanxi River rafting starts from the second bridge of Nanxi River and ends at Lion Rock. It floats for 40 minutes. All the way to the stream always makes people can not help but leave the chair to play on the bamboo raft.