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About Yongtai

Yongtai County is located in the center of Fujian Province. It enjoys the reputation of being “Fuzhou's Back Garden.” Yongtai has many rich tourism resources. Qingyun Mountain has been selected as one of Fuzhou's Top Ten Representative Spots. The Qingyun Mountain Scenic Area is comprised of five major scenic spots including the Yuntian Stone Gallery and the Jiutian Waterfall. The Yuntian Stone Gallery is located near the top of the mountain at Qingyun Peak. Because of the uneven weathering of the soft and hard rock layers, a long ribbon-shaped passage has been formed. For this reason, it is also called the "Staring at the Sky Gallery." The scenic area also has hot spring hotels where visitors can enjoy a variety of open-air hot springs.

Popular Attractions in Yongtai

Fuzhou Yunding
1,806 Reviews
Yunding Scenic Area is located at the top of Qingyun Mountain in Yongtai County, Fujian Province. It is only 90 kilometers away from Fuzhou, covering an area of ​​36 square kilometers. There are 7 peaks which are more than 1000 meters above sea level. At 1,130 meters above sea level, it is known as "Shangri-La in Fujian". The scenic area consists of 5 tourist areas, including Huahai Terraced Fields, Tianchi Grassland, Emerald Valley, Honghe Valley, and Colorful Waterfall Valley. Strolling through the colorful flower-sea terraces, visitors can enjoy the sights of spring all year round, walk in the grassy alpine meadows, and reach out to touch the clouds.
Oulebao Sea World
173 Reviews
Qingyun Mountain
228 Reviews
Qingyun Mountain contains the charm of the spirit of the clock. According to legend, during the Southern Song Dynasty, the local people Xiao Guoliang studied hard at the foothills of the mountain, and he took the exam at the age of 21, winning the championship in one fell swoop. In order to commemorate Xiao Guoliang, the local villagers named the mountain Qingyun Mountain. Qingyun Mountain Scenic Area includes Yuntian Stone Gallery, Jiutian Waterfall, Qinglong Waterfall, Yushen Valley and Baima Canyon. Cross the thrilling stone gallery and watch the various waterfalls and enjoy the ideal summer resort.
Baijigou Scenic Spot
107 Reviews
The Baijigou Scenic Spot is like a piece of jade, set in the southwest of Yongtai County, and has become a new highlight of Yongtai Tourism. There are five characteristics of Baijigou Scenic Spot: Gushen, Mountain, Water, Vine, and Stone. The scenic spot belongs to the subtropical rainforest climate, and the colorful waterfalls are characteristic waterfalls in Yongtai. The gaps are large, the water is abundant, and the shapes are different.

Yongtai Tours & Tickets

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Yongtai Weather

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Trip Moments

This summer, Fuzhou citizens have a new place to be watery and playful. Fuzhou Yongtai Oralbao Water Park is a large-scale water amusement park featuring Southeast Asian Thai style, combining parenting, adventure, fantasy and excitement. The Orleans Waterpark is divided into ten theme areas, suitable for different groups of people to play. There is also a hot beach style dance, the bursting DJ model water star music party brings a passion, unrestrained, romantic to the hot summer! Recommended items: Hurricane Bay, Flying Blue Fox, Magic UFO, Spiral Sprint, Green Lantern, Time and Space Shuttle Tickets: 190 yuan Location Traffic: Geling Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City @ 13
Posted: Jul 13, 2019
Old Lake Walker   
Visiting Chunguang Village and Hankow Village in Yongtai County, Fuzhou, and eating a delicious Fujian country cuisine in the village's vegetable basket. Wine boiled white oysters, lard sweet eight-treasure rice, white-cut goat meat, sour bamboo shoots, wine-brewed pork ribs, deep-fried river prawn, Agaricus blazei chicken soup, steamed squid and pit snail duck soup. The ingredients are naturally non-polluting, and the taste is light and delicious. I dont think the dishes made in the village are really good, but the food baskets need to be booked in advance.
Posted: Jul 22, 2019
Old Lake Walker   
The cultural and creative products in the village are unique. It is not unusual to see Wenchuang products in many large tourist attractions. However, in an ancient temple in Bancheng Village, Chunguang Village, Yongtai County, Fuzhou, Fujian, I saw the cultural products of the village, which was very grounded and also got the design. Awards, rural tourism can not be underestimated.
Posted: Jul 30, 2019
Old Lake Walker   
Participated in the 2019 China's first rural tourism development (Yongtai) Summit Forum and stayed at the Guanjing Hot Spring Hotel in Yongtai County, Fujian Province. The hotel is built according to the five-star hotel. It likes its swimming pool. The indoor standard swimming pool can be exercised in the morning and evening. The biggest feature of this hotel is that it has a five-star hot spring and changes water every day. The hotel is only five minutes walk. Yongtai Railway Station, as well as the bus to Fuzhou Airport, has convenient transportation.
Posted: Jul 21, 2019