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Popular Attractions in York

York Cathedral
333 Reviews
York Cathedral is a famous Gothic church in England. The church has a single, inlaid medieval stained-glass window and a world-renowned side gallery. In the east of the church there is a whole piece of stained-glass, almost the size of a tennis court, displaying extraordinary technology in glass dyeing, cutting, and assembling. There are also collections of cherubs, feudal shields, and faucets, in the church.
The Shambles
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Featured Neighborhood
York City Walls
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Historical Site
National Railway Museum
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Step into medieval times with winding roads and beautiful cathedrals. The minute you enter York, this is what you'll see - lots of greenery, quaint neighborhoods, and serene settings that capture your hearts. There are many things to do in York, in fact, so many that sometimes you might get a little overwhelmed. Perhaps you fancy a drink at one of the various pubs or simply want to take a walk to immerse yourself in the winding pathways.
TripBlog   Nov 12, 2019

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Trip Moments

When you travel to the UK, how can you not go to York! York, a classical and romantic town in the northeast of England, is a famous historic city in the UK. The prototype of Diagonal Lane in Harry Potter is in York, where the wedding party is also here! Come to York, you must not miss York Minster! York Minster was built in 1220 and completed in 1470. It is the old medieval cathedral in Europe and one of the world's most exquisite churches in design and architecture. York Cathedral is mainly built with stone. It is magnificent and exquisite in craftsmanship. It has remained solid and straightforward for hundreds of years! The spire at the top of the church is like a sharp thorn in the sky, giving people a deep and solemn history, especially those carvings are amazing! The appearance of the church is magnificent, and the interior is exquisite and gorgeous! A large piece of stained glass on the east side of the church, the size of which is almost the size of a tennis court. It is the medieval stained glass window of the world, composed of more than 100 patterns, it is amazing! In addition, the location of the Hogwarts Hall in the Harry Potter movies is in the York Church Hall! Attractions Name: York Minster York Minster Attractions Address: York Minster
Posted: Sep 9, 2019
Lemon Zhao   
The cultural background may be different, but the sense of history is always the same. In the ancient city of York, I saw the shadow of Chang'an, which seems to make me feel the breath of China. In this city, I have a long-lost familiarity. Everything I live here makes me feel like I am in my home country. There are not many strangers. The people here are the same and amiable to me. I am here. Britain is most like a hometown.
Posted: Dec 6, 2018
Sophie's UK Travel | York Howard Castle 2015 Jay Chou chose Howard Castle as a banquet for the wedding reception in Kunling. The location is just an hour away from the outskirts of York city centre. In fact, it is not a military defense castle, but a private estate of the British noble Howard family. Because the traffic is not too convenient, there are not many tourists. Monday to Saturday can be reached by public bus 181. There are five shuttle buses per day. The interval is very long. There are 3 buses on Sundays 180 and 181. You must be optimistic about the round-trip transportation time in advance to avoid missed. The private party on the evening of the dinner did not have a public photo of the wedding party. The Jay fans should of course come and see. Tickets are divided into garden and garden plus main building. Tickets for the garden plus main building are 18.9. It is recommended to buy this. The entrance is a large rose garden. In May, only a few large roses were seen. The entrance to the castle building was at a small gate at the end of the rose garden, and I walked away without paying attention. Through a large meadow and lake, the legendary castle appears in front of you, and there are many activities on Sundays, just encountering the traditional celebrations of Peter Rabbit and British Aunt, seeing their British traditional square dance feel Very interesting, and the host will invite visitors to join the orchestra. This asymmetrical main building castle, built on the lawn, was built more than 300 years ago and has been owned by the Howard family. Entering the main building, the rich aristocratic atmosphere comes from all over the place. All the furnishings, furniture and layout are the best aristocratic model houses.
Posted: Nov 30, 2018
York Minster is the largest surviving medieval church in Europe and one of the world's finest churches of design and architecture. The church was built in 627 AD, when it was an all-wood structure that was destroyed by war in the civil war. In 1066, the Normans captured York and built the first Norman-style church in 1080. The cornerstone and basement of the church can still be seen today. When you come to York, you must not miss York Minster, the largest Gothic church in the UK and the largest of the entire European Alps. It was built in 1220 and completed in the 1470s. In 1984, part of the building of York Minster was destroyed by fire and was seriously damaged. It has been repaired.
Posted: Jan 7, 2019
Sophie's British travel notes If this trip is not heard in person, I have always misunderstood that this is the church where Jay Chou married. If this trip is not a personal visit, I always thought that York Cathedral and the number An unclear English church is as ordinary. Fortunately, I am here. It is a 10-minute walk from the York City Centre train station. I came over at 2 pm on Sunday at my friend's suggestion. It was perfect and perfect. The largest Gothic church in the Middle Ages in northern Europe, with the world's largest stained-glass window, the 15 ticket package includes a church, a tower, and a basement. The advantage of coming over on Sunday afternoon is that you can visit the basement in batches at 2 o'clock, then come up to see the inside of the church. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the church will be closed on time and the evening prayer will begin. At this time, the choir teenagers will start. Their sounds of nature, this part is more impressive than visiting the church.
Posted: Dec 10, 2018