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Yosemite National Park

4.6/5230 Reviews
HikingCampgroundNational Park


California, USA
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About Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is in the middle of California about a five-hour drive from San Francisco. It’s a sweeping vista of high mountains, rivers, waterfalls, uniquely shaped pines and steep cliffs. In addition, the park has several hundred miles of popular hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts. The picturesque landscape is ideal for inspiring photographers. Ansel Adams produced many of his masterpieces here, giving Yosemite National Park worldwide prestige.

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  • 秀峰翠谷

    Chinese translation is not to say, not only pronunciation is closer, words are beautiful, but also can highlight the meaning of words. You Shengmei is a great master. When you hear this place name, you have a kind of inexplicable yearning. Yosemite National Park was visited in February this year. Due to winter climate, the park only opens Valley areas. Highway 120 is closed, and the Sequoia forest will not open until May this year. It's the bottom of the valley. It's actually a large valley area, enough for a whole day's play. There are not only waterfalls and primitive forests, but also towering mountains, gurgling streams, meadows and lakes. Everything is covered with a thick white quilt, which is magnificent, lovely, quiet and beautiful. Although the valley floor is open to tourists in winter, it does not mean that self-driving is unimpeded. Some roads will be closed or diverted, and the surrounding roads to the tourist center will be closed. You can park your car in the valley bottom parking lot and then go hiking. We parked near the scenic spot and then drove to another parking lot. Because many parking lots were closed, we played where we could walk. In fact, if you have time, you can take public buses to play. Bus can be used in many scenic spots. Then some paths will freeze, we need to pay attention to safety. Let's talk about the accommodation. If located in the scenic area or in a nearby town such as Mariposa (where we live this time), it is strongly recommended to confirm the order with the hotel before traveling, otherwise there is basically no cell phone signal and can not contact the outside world. This time, we ordered three rooms and two websites. As a result, the order of one website was out of order and could not be checked in. The mobile phone has no signal (no coverage), and the Internet can't be accessed. It's urgent. The result is to open a room first, access the wireless network of the room, and then communicate through the network telephone. Fortunately, the result is better. We immediately re-sent the order and checked in directly. It took an hour and a half to get to bed late. Fortunately, it's only an hour or so away from the park, and the next day you can start a little bit. With a few pictures.

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    Reviewed on 1488708300000
  • 善了哉的

    Yosemite, the Chinese people can translate beautifully. It's really powerful and appropriate. Yosemite National Park is an early national park established in the United States, and national parks, as a natural and primitive form of ecosystem protection, are increasingly showing their own advantages. This park is located in Western California, USA. It's a few hours'drive from San Francisco. It's quite convenient, but the area of the park is too large. The beautiful scenery is everywhere, and I think Yosemite Falls is really charming. It is said that the total height of the waterfall can reach more than 700 meters. Looking up at the waterfall falling from the sky, the water curtain floats away with the wind, which is called "bride's veil" gracefully. The rocks, forests, lakes, animals and plants in the park are all their own points of view. Unfortunately, I can't come together one by one.

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    Reviewed on 1496299701000
  • momo1979

    Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the western United States. It is as famous as Yellowstone Park and Grand Canyon. In order not to go back, I drove through Death Valley from Peggy. On the first day, I drove 10 hours to Mono Lake. I lived near Mono Lake. The next morning, I drove into Yosemite National Park, where I could stay and play easily. There are free public buses in the scenic area. The buses have three routes, which are distinguished by color: orange, green and purple. They go to three different sightseeing areas. Of course, some stations in the middle of the way can transfer to different colored lines, just like subway stations. Each route contains more than a dozen to twenty stops. Each stop is a scenic spot. Tourists can choose their favorite stop to get off and play according to their own wishes. After the end of the tour, they can wait for the next bus to go on. It is very convenient.

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    Reviewed on 1498446687000
  • miaojiejie

    We drove six hours from Los Angeles to the famous Yosemite National Forest Park. Fortunately, the snow-blocked roads reopened the day we arrived the other day. From the South Gate to the West Gate, we appreciated the beauty of glacial lakes in forest canyons. I just hate not having enough time for us to stop and enjoy. Looking forward to the next time!

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    Reviewed on 1449622784000
  • 路中寒梅

    Yosemite is a national park in California, USA. It has picturesque scenery all year round. There are a lot of tourists every year. The United States usually chooses to drive by itself. Driving from California to the past is more crooked and requires careful driving. It's best to stay for two to three days and have enough time for hiking. It's very cool in summer. You can rent bicycles in the park. The park is very big.

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    Reviewed on 1518074780000
  • purelifeme

    In winter, many scenic spots will be closed, but in winter, there is another flavor, and the snow-covered beauty is colder and brighter. There's a place to see giant sequoias, because it's all snowy roads. It took us 45 minutes to walk a mile, but the experience was unprecedented and worthwhile.

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    Reviewed on 1456738109000
  • 生而活之

    We drove by ourselves, stayed in Fresno for the night, set off all the way north in the morning, and entered Yosemite from the South Gate. The ticket was $30 a car, accompanied by a map description, which can be swiped. The park is very large in scope, there are many camping sites, can be hiked and so on. All kinds of scenery can be seen along the way. We went there in October, the water volume is very small, and the snow mountain can hardly be seen. It took about four hours to stay inside, from the West Gate to Hayward near San Francisco. The next day we can cross the bridge to visit San Francisco.

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    Reviewed on 1483862916000
  • 正义的力量

    From 30,000 years ago, Yosemite ice and snow melted to the present... The geological environment of mountains and rocks... The fertile soil under it creates towering ancient trees... This beautiful landscape photograph... records a new milestone of Yosemite from one side... Don't forget the first heart... ___________ Respect nature, protect nature.

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    Reviewed on 1511835656000
  • 自由飞翔的老鹰

    Yosemite National Park, known for its valleys, waterfalls, lakes, icebergs and moraines, is located in the Western foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California, USA. It is a few hours'drive from San Francisco. Yosemite's wildlife is diverse, and some endangered species such as falcons, golden eagles and big horned sheep can be found.

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    Reviewed on 1522489621000
  • 照夜白vs白夜行

    Yosemite National Park. The Yosemite Valley in the center of the park was originally a huge granite, which was divided into two parts by the Merced River. The valley was covered with grass and tall pine trees. The cool water of the lake reflected huge granite peaks. The giant chieftain rock has climbers all day and night. In the second picture, Half Dome, a semi-dome, shows the traces of the glacier cutting granite. It is the soul of Yosemite (The North Face trademark prototype). Toyota's red shirt, Sequoia, is a prototype of the giant redwood trees on the 30th floor of the Red Shirt National Park.

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    Reviewed on 1438416643000
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