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Youxi County, Sanming City, Fujian Province, is known as the Pearl of the Pearl. In this case, it refers to the geographical location. Located in the geographical center of Fujian Province, Youxi has a lagoon 50 kilometers southwest from Youxi County. There is a symbol of the geographical center of Fujian Province at the lakeside, which is the heart of the park. Wuhu is actually a artificially built reservoir. It was originally intended to generate electricity. There is still a hydropower station next to the reservoir. For ordinary citizens, this is a weekend leisure place. Surrounded by mountains and surrounded by mountains, the scenery is clear and the water is clear. Wuhu is located in Wuhu Village, Yubian Town, Youxi County. The water surface area is 36.7 square kilometers. The maximum width of the reservoir is 2.5 kilometers, which is the highest in the province. Looking at the distant hills and undulating views on the viewing platform, the lake is wide and calm, and many fish are raised in the water. is similar to Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou. There are also many small islands in Wuhu, but they have not been commercialized, and they still retain the original ecological appearance. The island is covered with green trees. One day, a boat trip to the island will become a tourist experience in Wuhu. The vegetation coverage at the lakeside is extremely high. The air is full of negative oxygen ions. On the weekend, Wuhu opens a lung-washing trip. In fact, Youxi County is a large park. The county's forest coverage rate is 73.6%. It is a small city that can breathe deeply.
Small travel destinations | no need to go abroad, there is also a bergamot bridge in China said that the super-fire several foreign small photo points are bergamot series. Today, the group will share these photos in detail. and one of them is actually in Fujian Province of China! You don't have to go abroad, you can also shoot the same INS style movie. 1Fujian Youxi: This version of Xianshou Bridge in China is located in Guxi Xinghe Holiday Resort in Youxi County, Fujian Province, here Although it is a bit like a buddha bridge in Vietnam, but it is still convenient in China. The Xianshou Bridge, with a total length of 99 meters, is suspended by a 19-meter-high "White Jade Fairy Hand". There are two ways to board the Xianqiao. One is to bend down the cement road (or take the shuttle bus) to the top of the mountain and then descend to the bridge deck. Another option is to climb along the ancient road. Ticket price: 90 yuan Address: No. 3, Guxi, Xibin Village, Tangchuan Township, Youxi County, Sanming City, Fujian Province. 2 Cebu, Philippines: Photographed in the Philippines Cebu Super Fire: Sirao Flower Garden. It is about an hour's drive from Cebu City. It used to be a flower farm. It was later transformed into a sky garden. There are many scenes that are very suitable for taking pictures. Especially this bergamot is the most famous, except for the bergamot. There are many fresh gardens to take pictures, such as sunflower flowers, lavender flowers and so on. It is recommended to charter a car and the price is around 1200 pesos. Ticket price: 60 pesos Address: Busay
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