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Trip Moments

Small travel destinations | no need to go abroad, there is also a bergamot bridge in China

said that the super-fire several foreign small photo points are bergamot series.

Today, the group will share these photos in detail.

and one of them is actually in Fujian Province of China!

You don't have to go abroad, you can also shoot the same INS style movie.

1Fujian Youxi:

This version of Xianshou Bridge in China is located in Guxi Xinghe Holiday Resort in Youxi County, Fujian Province, here Although it is a bit like a buddha bridge in Vietnam, but it is still convenient in China. The Xianshou Bridge, with a total length of 99 meters, is suspended by a 19-meter-high "White Jade Fairy Hand". There are two ways to board the Xianqiao. One is to bend down the cement road (or take the shuttle bus) to the top of the mountain and then descend to the bridge deck. Another option is to climb along the ancient road.

Ticket price: 90 yuan

Address: No. 3, Guxi, Xibin Village, Tangchuan Township, Youxi County, Sanming City, Fujian Province.

2 Cebu, Philippines:

Photographed in the Philippines Cebu Super Fire: Sirao Flower Garden.

It is about an hour's drive from Cebu City. It used to be a flower farm. It was later transformed into a sky garden. There are many scenes that are very suitable for taking pictures. Especially this bergamot is the most famous, except for the bergamot. There are many fresh gardens to take pictures, such as sunflower flowers, lavender flowers and so on. It is recommended to charter a car and the price is around 1200 pesos.

Ticket price: 60 pesos

Address: Busay
Xiatianxia Scenic Area
Xiatianxia Scenic Area

Wearing the martial arts clothes, walking in the canyon scenic area, crossing the myth of returning to the millennium, the red dust and the stranger, nothing more than a feast, one day, the end of the song, the lights are dark, the people are scattered, the dust is returned to the earth.

The desert is solitary with the wind, the stone bricks bridge the bridge, the dream is uneasy when waking up, only to smell the rivers and lakes. The sorrow of Qingyuan is a distant and inaccessible sorrow. For example, the micro-clouds alone can only look at the distance of the end of the day.

around 11:30, there will be a performance of the martial arts conference below the Yingzui Waterfall, now away from the performance There are still about 40 minutes to start, you can eat a meal first, so you can stagger with the group visitors, quiet and quiet to enjoy a meal. The restaurant is next to the Yingzui Waterfall, called the Wulin Banquet. The speed of serving is called a fast.

11:30, the martial arts conference officially began, the warriors at the martial arts conference were wearing costumes for wonderful martial arts performances, and the martial arts conference was held several times a day. Performing, the major martial arts perform wonderful martial arts performances, the martial arts gangs of Shaolin School, Gangbang, Fuwei Escort, Dragon Tiger Gate, Eagle Village, etc. are all here to show the mysterious school of their gangs.

Each gang shows his own school, selects the martial arts lord of the day, and conducts the martial arts lord's ceremonial ceremony.

Finally, visitors will be invited to the stage to play Songkran Festival together. Visitors sitting in the front row must be careful, maybe the next wet body is is you.
Xiatianxia Scenic Area
Xia Tianxia Scenic Spot is located in Youxi County, Fujian Province, at the junction of Minqing and Youxi. It is surrounded by thousands of rivers and lakes, Bailixia Valley and Wanmu Green Forest. It is the world's first realistic version of the landscape martial arts world and the Xia culture landscape experience area. The perfect blend of Xia culture and Gaoxia Lake creates a realistic version of the Knight Space
Eagle Village Waterfall named after the eagle's mouth at the top of the waterfall. Zhu Xi, when you visit this canyon, you can see the fish jumping in the stream. Moreover, I saw that the old man was free to fly. These animals gave the young Zhu Xi a sense of self-willedness, and thus wrote the famous sentence of "flying and diving".
There is a glass bridge between the canyons. This is the first glass bridge in East China. It is also the first suspended glass bridge in Fujian. The glass bridge spans 300 meters and is a deep gorge on the 70th floor. It is like a dangling abyss.
Under the feet is the cliff, the abyss, although knowing that it is safe through the glass, but the psychological is still a little scared, especially when the wind blows between the canyons, the glass bridge swaying.
The night bonfire party is full of passion, rich program performances, you can dance together and start the night of the Ranger.
Tickets 98 yuan (excluding Jingjiao & Glass Flyover); set of tickets 226 yuan (including Jingjiao & Glass Flyover)
scenic area is about 2 hours drive from Fuzhou, Fuzhou West Bus Station daily shuttle bus twice The world; Youxi County and the high-speed rail station also have a shuttle bus.