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Yu County

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About Yu County

Yu County is situated in northwestern Hebei province close to the city of Zhangjiakou, west of Beijing. The region's history dates back over 1000 years. Visitors can take a stroll through the ancient streets of the county town and climb the town walls for a spectacular view over the old town and Xiao Wutai Mountain. In addition to the rich history, there are also a number of scenic destinations including Jinhekou Scenic Area and the Nanni River Grasslands (南泥河空中草原).

Popular Attractions in Yu County

Nuanquan Ancient Town
573 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Originally built during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), Nuanquan Ancient Town holds many ancient-style structures that are perfect for photographing. Compared to certain other ancient towns that have become popular via the Internet, Nuanquan appears simpler and more tranquil, and many locals reside within the town. The town is not particularly large but has an ancient west wall (an ancient gate tower) and several large courtyard complexes open to visitors. The “Make Treeflower Fungus” show is a famous event here. The show is a unique traditional festival light show with over 300 years of history. It involves villagers heating iron to 1500˚°C to become molten iron and then splashing it against the city wall to create a majestic scene of “fire trees and silver flowers” that is truly stunning.
Feihu Valley · Grassland in the Sky
373 Reviews
The Feihu Valley · Grassland in the Sky is a natural scenic spot filled with canyons and alpine meadows. The scenic spot is divided into three areas. Let's begin with Feihu Valley, a canyon leading to the Grassland in the Sky. Tourists can admire scenery when driving along the highway and many photographers take fantastic photos here. After driving through Feihu Valley, people will come to Matiliang, the second part of the scenic area, offering a very broad view. A dozen kilometers farther on, tourists will arrive at the open and flat Grassland in the Sky, the third part of the scenic area, where people can enjoy stunning scenery, take photos and ride. You will feel pleasant when cool breezes blow over cool hills.
Weizhou Ancient City
118 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The ancient city of Weizhou lies on a terrace on the south bank of the Huliu River. The Weizhou ancient city is characterized by upright, dignified, clear and symmetrical planning and construction. The main lines of the city are the east, west, south and north streets, forming a symmetrical structure between the Wenchang Pavilion and the South Gate; the north-south street is the central thoroughfare. The appearance of the ancient city remained almost intact. In addition, there are many ancient towns, temples, pavilions and houses from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Yuhuang Pavilion
64 Reviews
Historical Architecture
At the foot of the southeast mountain of Songjiazhuang Town, Yu County, Zhangjiakou City

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Yu County Weather

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Trip Moments

Warm Spring Town to Yu County is more than 10 kilometers away. In addition to taking the bus, if you can choose to take a taxi, the journey takes 20 minutes. The cost is about 50 yuan. In addition, you can return to Yuxian from the warm spring. If you can't catch the bus, you can consider leaving the driver. The phone, then contact the driver to pick up. I liked it from the moment I stepped into the West Castle. This kind of love originated from the unique local culture, architecture and folk customs. What is more important is a sigh, so that precious things have gone through hundreds of years. But it is also difficult to save for a hundred years and is about to die. Walking the West Fortress, although I don't know anything about architectural art, I was amazed at the age of his existence and his strong life. Hot Spring Town tickets for 80 yuan per person, including Warm Spring College, West Castle, Agricultural Culture Exhibition Hall and Historical and Cultural Center. However, it is possible that the winter season is a low season for travel, and visitors are basically not seen, so there is no one who meets the tickets we want. In fact, the first time after arriving in Warm Spring Town is to find a hotel inn. Basically, there is no choice. There are only a few hotels in the whole town, and most of them are closed because there are no tourists in winter. The only hotel condition that opened. Its hard to accept that I cant even pick my accommodation. In the old castle, you can see the signs of the inn for a few days, but it is basically closed. It is best to stay in a farmhouse in a fort. Sleeping our sleeping bed is very warm, including one morning and one night. The meal plus accommodation for two people is 60 yuan.
Posted: Dec 31, 2018