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Things To Do in Yuechi

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滇国剑客This place is called the Silver City Flower Sea is reasonable, various scenery in different time period displays the characteristic, beautiful drunk to visit various tourists, become the beautiful scenery left in the heart.
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滇国剑客The lake color of the lake is like the name, the scenery has a green color, and the landscape has a red meaning, which makes the place more prominent among the tourists.
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Famous Residences
首席监理Deng Xiaoping's hometown tourism district is located in Xiexing Town, the suburb of Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, and is a national 5A level tourist attraction. In the scenic area, there are memorial facilities such as Deng Xiaoping bronze statue square, Deng Xiaoping Memorial Hall, and the Hanlin courtyard, the silkworm house courtyard, and the kitayama elementary school hall, and there are almost 20 important places for Deng Xiaoping's youth activities, and the style of the "natural memorial hall" is formed. Deng Xiaoping's hometown has become an important base for people to reflect on his footprints, to remember his great achievements and to carry out socialist education with Chinese characteristics, patriotism education and revolutionary tradition education.
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Historical Site
瓶中精灵252Overall is still good! There is a taste of the Millennium Best City, which is that the culture of the country is less, a lot of commercialization and modern supporting facilities, there are light clubs, and temples, the overall feeling is worth the family to walk around, unfortunately, the creation of this cultural city. And the food style street is almost hot pot, strings, barbecue, children do not have the right meals, if you are like us, there is a kindergarten children on family trip, lunch is best to bring your own.
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滇国剑客Huaying Mountain is not very famous in China's geographical landscape, although its popularity is not so famous compared with the famous mountains and rivers, but the scenery is very beautiful, which is why so many people are looking forward to it.
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草堂镇Pure natural scenery. No artificial traces, which are suitable for children to play with water. The elderly may be more strenuous in walking. When you are in summer, you must go early, it is quite hot at noon.

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Silver City Flower SeaGuang'an,China

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Yuechi Green LakeGuang'an,China

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Changtansi RiverGuang'an,China

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Huayuanzhen Happy Farmhouse AssociationGuang'an,China

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Jinguo Ecological ParkGuang'an,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Yuechi, including: Silver City Flower Sea,Yuechi Green Lake,Yuechi Library Digital Reading Room
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