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About Yueqing

Located in the small coastal plains in the hilly areas of Southern Zhejiang, Yueqing is under the jurisdiction of Wenzhou City. Yandang Mountain is one of China's top ten famous mountains. As part of the "Ring of Fire" volcanic belt on the edge of the Pacific Rim, it is a characteristic and complete volcano. Central Yandang Mountain was formerly known as Baishi Mountain, and is located in Yueqing City's Baishi Town. The Central Yandang Mountain Scenic Area is divided into seven major areas and features picturesque mountains, lakes and waterfalls.

Popular Attractions in Yueqing

Yandang Mountain
2,491 Reviews
The Yandang Mountain is spread along the East China Sea in southeastern Zhejiang. The frequent volcanic movements have left the mountain with sharp peaks, stalwart stone pillars, magnificent stone walls and mesmerizing colors. The so-called "Yandang Mountain Scenic Area" refers only to the North Yandang. The three supreme sights of North Dalongyu are the Great Dragon Waterfall, the night scene of Lingfeng and the Ling Rock In addition, there are the Upper Cave and the Three-fold Waterfall. However, in order to truly experience the charm of Yandang Mountain, in addition to the above essential scenic spots, you should also visit Xiansheng Gate and Xian Bridge in the far north, the Yangjiao Cave in the east and Yan Lake in the southwest. They all have excellent views and not as many visitors.
Dalongqiu Scenic Area
876 Reviews
In the Yandang Mountain Scenic Area is a famous location called the Dalongyu Scenic Spot. More commonly it is referred to as "Yandang Sanjue" with Lingfeng and Lingyan. There are majestic scissor peaks in the scenic spot as well as the towering Dalongyu Waterfall, and generally there's a spectacular waterfall landscape in Dalongyu. In the north of the Dalongyu Scenic Spot, there are landscapes such as the Dragon's Back and the Qianfoyan Rock. In addition, an aerial bicycling acrobatics program will soon be staged throughout the entire area. The actor will perform various difficult movements between the two peaks on an air rope.
Lingyan Mountain Scenic Area
544 Reviews
Lingyan is known as the "Ming Ting" of Yandang Mountain. In the Yandang Sanjie (Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongyu), Lingyan Scenic Spot is just one of them. The scenic spot is centered on Lingyan Temple, followed by Pingxia Temple, and the left and right are Tianzhu and Zhanqi two cliffs. Lingyan Temple was first built in the four years of the Song Taiping Xingguo (979) and is one of the ancient temples of Yandang. There are also many fantastic spots such as Fangdong, Zhuobifeng, Duxiu Peak, Cliff Cave Rao Amusement Park, Yufu Peak and Shuangzhu Waterfall.
Lingfeng Scenic Area
517 Reviews
If scenic views are more your style, you may enjoy a visit to the Yandang Mountains. Here you will get to see the beautiful Lingfeng which is the east gate of the Yandang range. This beautiful and scenic spot is dominated by many peaks and holes. There is a cloud cave, sky hole, pearl hole and much more. Take your time on the winding road and pack a lunch to enjoy the trip alone or with family. You won't be sorry your took the drive on the winding roads through the Lingfeng. There is also a stunning cave to view called the Taoist. It is a must see.

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Yueqing Weather

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Trip Moments

With two days and one night, I will decrypt the guide to eating and living in Wenzhou's fairyland playing in Wenzhou sovereign's "The List", the first episode of Mei Changsu, riding a boat at the lakeside Surrounded by landscapes like landscape paintings! The framing of this picture is in Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Walking through the glass path, there is a lake pond, the dripping water Guanyin Bodhisattva in Longkou Lake, and the mountain shadow is reflected in the lake. ,, is called Yandang Sanju, here is the rock formation, the ancient wood towering, the waterfall falls, the Bitan is clear, and the head is the continuous group of Phosphorus At the foot of the mountain, there is a staggered stone road. The feeling of "there is no age in the mountains, the world has been a millennium" is just like this. References sick bow, live tomb exit, final Nanshan summit, Lingyan Feidu Eat in Wenzhou Have eaten a lot of food, choose more and more, but only the specialty store will keep me in my heart. .. Baiyun people's roast whole lamb is crispy and tender, but the oil is not greasy. Mei Lingqiong, the boss said that girls drink beauty and beauty boys to drink strong kidney, the entrance is sweet and gentle, but it is the most intense wine I have ever drunk. Location: Shiyanyan branch line per capita: 90rmb Sometimes the combination and re-creation of things is so invincible, sweet and sour Mix and match, only bold ideas and full heart, can create just the right food for the stomach, the master of the drunk fairy floor did the most memorable is drunk fairy
Posted: Oct 18, 2019
Wenzhou Yueqing Yandang Mountain is famous all over the world, but that refers to the North Yandang Mountain. There is also a middle Yandang Mountain in Yueqing City, and the scenery is beautiful, and there are far fewer tourists. Zhongyandang Mountain is one of the top ten summer resorts in Zhejiang Province. The average temperature in the summer is 26 degrees, and the waterscape here is more beautiful. Zhongyandang Mountain was originally named Baishi Mountain. It has jurisdiction over seven scenic spots including Yuxi, Xiqiao, Sanhu, Dongpu, Fenghuangshan, Yangbadong and Liugonggu. More than 300 scenic spots, the waterscape of Xiqiao is the most famous. Enter Xiqiao Scenic Area and follow the direction of the stream. The air in the mountain is quiet and quiet. Only the water collides with the sound of the stone, and the summer brings its own cool mode. Southern Xie Lingyun poetry cloud: "Thousands of leaning to the long embankment, Wan Li Xie Changting", Song Dynasty Wang Shipeng also wrote: "Ten Lihu Mountain Cui Wei Heng, two streams cold jade fight." These are all praises for the Middle Yandang Mountain. West Festival is a cadenza of Zhongyan. Many scenic spots dominated by Qifeng Rocks are along the raft, and the things are as long as five miles, which is called a natural screen. Walk in the canyon, the peaks on both sides are beautiful, the rocks are abrupt, the stream is clear and cold, driving away the summer heat. Walk in the mountains, you can see the waterfall water pool everywhere, like the Taoyuan secret hidden in the mountains, it is a good place to cultivate and cultivate.
Posted: Dec 22, 2018
Earlier, I heard about Yandang Mountain, but I dont know that there is a middle Yandang Mountain in Yueqing. As another part of Yandang Mountain, Zhongyan Dang has little knowledge in the deep, but it does not lose its gentle and charming. The weather is gloomy. The bus has been driving slowly on the winding road. The distant peaks are covered by the clouds, leaving only the looming outline. I don't know how long it took, when the car turned to a high point, through the window, I saw an old village, black tile white wall, surrounded by mountains, clouds in the mountains, like a dream, like The paradise of Tao Yuanming's pen is so illusory that it is not easy to be touched. This is an ancient village with a history of more than 800 years. It was built in the Baoqing period of the Song Dynasty. There is a yellow sandalwood forest on the hillside. There is a cave at the cliff above the yellow sandalwood forest, hence the name " Dalbergia ". Just after a light rain, the ground is wet, Yueqing at the end of October is still as warm as the early summer, a box of thick clothes I brought out of nowhere, the local old people are also a thin coat. Going to the village, I saw two clear streams running through the village. The stone bridge on the creek lie down, connecting the village and the countryside succinctly. The village is surrounded by mountains, the trees are green, the bridges are flowing, the bamboo forests are winding, the whole village is like a dusty history, lying quietly in this Yandang Mountain. I have been away for so many years, I have been to ancient villages in many places, but for the first time I have seen such a simple place that is not in the world.
Posted: Jan 3, 2019