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Attractions in Yueqing

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Yandang Mountain

4.5/52,102 Reviews
8:00-17:30 (Lingfeng Night Scene 18:40-21:00) (Local time)

The Yandang Mountain is spread along the East China Sea in southeastern Zhejiang. The frequent volcanic movements have left the mountain with sharp peaks, stalwart stone pillars, magnificent stone walls and mesmerizing colors. The so-called "Yandang Mountain Scenic Area" refers only to the North Yandang. The three supreme sights of North Dalongyu are the Great Dragon Waterfall, the night scene of Lingfeng and the Ling Rock In addition, there are the Upper Cave and the Three-fold Waterfall. However, in order to truly experience the charm of Yandang Mountain, in addition to the above essential scenic spots, you should also visit Xiansheng Gate and Xian Bridge in the far north, the Yangjiao Cave in the east and Yan Lake in the southwest. They all have excellent views and not as many visitors.

Dalongqiu Scenic Area

4.3/5804 Reviews
8:00-17:30 (Local time)

In the Yandang Mountain Scenic Area is a famous location called the Dalongyu Scenic Spot. More commonly it is referred to as "Yandang Sanjue" with Lingfeng and Lingyan. There are majestic scissor peaks in the scenic spot as well as the towering Dalongyu Waterfall, and generally there's a spectacular waterfall landscape in Dalongyu. In the north of the Dalongyu Scenic Spot, there are landscapes such as the Dragon's Back and the Qianfoyan Rock. In addition, an aerial bicycling acrobatics program will soon be staged throughout the entire area. The actor will perform various difficult movements between the two peaks on an air rope.

Lingfeng Scenic Area

4.2/5445 Reviews
8:00-17:30 (Lingfeng Night Scene 18:40-21:00) (Local time)

If scenic views are more your style, you may enjoy a visit to the Yandang Mountains. Here you will get to see the beautiful Lingfeng which is the east gate of the Yandang range. This beautiful and scenic spot is dominated by many peaks and holes. There is a cloud cave, sky hole, pearl hole and much more. Take your time on the winding road and pack a lunch to enjoy the trip alone or with family. You won't be sorry your took the drive on the winding roads through the Lingfeng. There is also a stunning cave to view called the Taoist. It is a must see.

Lingyan Mountain Scenic Area

4.4/5469 Reviews
8:00-17:30 (slightly adjusted with the season) (Local time)

Lingyan is known as the "Ming Ting" of Yandang Mountain. In the Yandang Sanjie (Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongyu), Lingyan Scenic Spot is just one of them. The scenic spot is centered on Lingyan Temple, followed by Pingxia Temple, and the left and right are Tianzhu and Zhanqi two cliffs. Lingyan Temple was first built in the four years of the Song Taiping Xingguo (979) and is one of the ancient temples of Yandang. There are also many fantastic spots such as Fangdong, Zhuobifeng, Duxiu Peak, Cliff Cave Rao Amusement Park, Yufu Peak and Shuangzhu Waterfall.


4.3/5258 Reviews
8:00-17:30 (Local time)

Fangdong is found in the west of Lingyan Scenic Area. There are three drip springs in the cave and the water here can be drunk. There are more than a hundred meters of hole in the holes along the cliff path, there is a hole in the path along the cliff that was carved out of natural rock, hence the name Fangdong plank road. In the path along the cliff path, there are a variety of landscapes such as knife holes, Yuntian Bridge, Fuxing Admiralty, Meihua Cave, and Juxian Pavilion. The path along the cliff path of Fangdong Road is steep and many people dare not try climb it. In recent years, it has been fortified with railings to ensure a sense of security. If it is a rainy day, you can see the wonderful scenery of the misty rain.

Huangtandong Village

4.6/577 Reviews
Ancient Settlement

Huangtandong Village is located in a beautiful scenic area to the north of Lingshan in Yuecheng township, Yueqing. It has hundreds of scenic spots and could be summed up with a few simple words: ancient village, lush forest, clear water, enigmatic caves, astonishing rock. Local homes are built with rough stone and the village has the architectural characteristics of the Ming and Qing dynasties, in the style of Wenzhou.

Mid Yandang Mountain

4.3/586 Reviews
Geological Sites

Tri-Fold Waterfall Scenic Area

4.2/5120 Reviews

The Tri-Fold Waterfall Scenic Area is located in Xianglingtou Village near Yandangshan Town in Wenzhou's Yueqing City, connecting Lingfeng in the east and Lingyan in the west. There are attractions such as Jingming Temple, Martyrs Cemetery, and Tiechengzhang. The waterfall passes through three cliffs which make the upper, middle and lower waterfalls. Of these three the middle waterfall is the most interesting. It is said that the middle fall is inside a cooled volcanic crater. Water and fire are both at war and in harmony.


4.3/5163 Reviews

Found in the Lingyan scenic area and also called the "little waterfall", Xiaolongqiu is one of the major sightseeing spots at Lingyan. Here one has ample opportunities to have fun either in or with water, feel the cool mists from the waterfalls, or take a lift to Wolong valley for a splendid view. Ancient gingko trees adorn the area, which also has flying car shows on offer. This is also the filming spot of the domestic version of the beloved TV series, The Return of the Condor Heroes. Together with the "valley of forlorn heart" (a place name in the TV series), the whole of Xiaolongqiu forms a picturesque destination which cannot be missed by tourists to Lingyan.

The Jingming Valley Scenic Area of Yandang Mountains

4.2/5127 Reviews

The Jingming Valley Scenic Area of Yandang Mountains is located in Yueqing City. Famous for its natural scenery, the scenic area is especially known for its strange-looking rocks, waterfalls, and ancient caves with stone chambers. The forest vegetation in the area consists of sub-tropical evergreen broad-leaved species of the southern Asia zone, with many varieties of woody plants and herbaceous plants. Among the woody plants there are rare and endangered species that are protected on the national level with second and third degrees of importance, such as Ginkgo biloba, Liriodendron, and Magnolia officinalis. With its fresh air and beautiful environment, the park is a wonderful place for sightseeing.

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