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Things To Do in Yulin

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Geological Sites
等土的小草Following the photography group to play the third day of the northwest, the scenic area is currently maintained well, preventing sand slippage. It takes four hours to get down the whole trip. Because the road was delayed by an accident in front of the road for an hour, it is a running walk. Use the photography behind the group. Chibi Danxia beautiful scenery northwest style!
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小芒实Qingming Festival with the baby went to a trip, just in time for the kite festival, a glimpse of the spectacular kite, and also with the children in the East Coast beach to participate in the parent-child competition, jointly won a widow baby, very worth it! Remember that day we bought a package ticket, in addition to flying kites, can also paint with the baby, appreciate the stunt kites flying, so many beautiful kites floating under the sky, it is spectacular, I heard this activity has been a month, if you have the opportunity, take the baby again on the weekend!
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2018213075Baiyun Mountain EL+806, ancient name Shuanglong Ridge, Guling Ridge. The mountain is called Baiyun Mountain because of the winding of the year round. The temple is called Baiyunguan because the mountain door is closed without lock. The Taoist Group at the top of the mountain is partly built in the Ming Dynasty. But 4A the scenic area has wasted 20 minutes to go in.
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王旭东KevinWanli Great Wall First Scenic Spot |Hongshixia Hongshi Gorge is also known as Xiongshi Gorge, located 3 kilometers north of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, Hongshi Gorge Red Rock confrontation, Yangliu Chengyin, the Great Wall through the Gorge, Tunxi River Pentium, is called the first scenic spot of Wanli Great Wall. Redstone Canyon is about 350 meters long, east and west stand, magnificent, the gorge in the Fengxi River is rapid, the trees are green, the peanuts are colorful, the scenery is beautiful, the east cliff is Xiongshan Temple, the west cliff is calligraphy stone carving, there are 25 grottoes of different sizes on the east and west cliffs, the calligraphy stone carving on the west bank wall is very famous, In the old days, the side will, literati to Fenglin, more than in Xiongshan Temple to drink and sing, leaving more than 160 valuable calligraphy works, the word big about 6 meters, small inch Xu, Feng, Confucian, Feng, Xiang, grass complete, pen strength strong, strong. The ancient writers and even the military commanders who guarded the yulin gorge like to carve the red stone gorge to express the heroic ambition of the frontier fortress, so the red stone gorge is also a treasure house of the great wall calligraphy art, and can also see the position of the "nine side town" in the ancient yulin, in addition, You can also enjoy the art of caves in Song and Yuan Dynasties. If you are lucky, you can stay in the evening to catch a sunny day and see the scenery of the red mountain sunset. This is the beautiful scenery of the red stone gorge under the sunset like the sunset. It is one of the famous eight scenery of the yulin.
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Historical Site
E30***23check it out when you visit Yulin... its a beauty. words alone cannot express it all.
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Historical Site
博士小美女Tongwancheng was the last summer capital of the Xiongnu Tenno Dadan Yuhelian built by the late 16-country period of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and the only ruin of the Xiongnu in the long history of human history. It is located in the white castle village of hongyujie Town, Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, 50km away from Jingbian County, north of the Maowusu desert, south of the Loess Plateau, is located in the nomadic culture and agricultural culture intersection, and is also the military important town of ancient China in northern China.

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Baiyun MountainYulin,China

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Tomb of Fusu-Tomb of MengtianYulin,China

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Jiangshi ManorYulin,China

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Xinming HouseYulin,China

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Longyan MountainYulin,China

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Shacheng Yinxiang Yuanyanghu Wenquan Shui WorldYulin,China

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About Yulin

Yulin situated in the far north of Shaanxi province, China on the edge of the Loess Plateau and Mu Us Desert. The area contains a large number of historical sites, including an ancient city wall and temples. There are also several Neolithic remains from the Yangshao and Longshan eras. Yulin is home to Lake Hongjiannao, China's largest desert freshwater lake. The city has many examples of Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, including government offices, temples, mansions and shops.

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Here are the best places to visit in Yulin, including: Hongjiannao Wetland,Baiyun Mountain,The Wave Valley
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