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Trip has booked Baisha Slow Stay B&B, Lijiang Slow Stay and has flowers to listen to snow | ins windy hotel, super suitable for taking pictures, you can see snow mountains when the weather is good. The design of the yard is very unique, with a lot of plants, pomegranates hanging on the trees, succulent walls, cactus, and my favorite hydrangea. In the afternoon, you can drink tea in the yard, and unconsciously leave the leaves on your head. When it rains, you can hide under the roof and listen to the rain. It is really enjoyable. The girl who loves to take pictures should come here more, and the white balcony on the third floor is too suitable for taking pictures.
Danxia Qianjkun Mountain Scenic Zone
The biggest highlight of staying at the Dawn Tent Hotel is the counting of stars to sleep, accompanied by the morning of the birds. A 3-minute drive from the hotel, you will find the entrance to the ropeway of Qiangui Mountain in the core area of Dawn. The scenic spot is steep and the rock wall is upright. It takes 1.5 hours to climb. The most time-saving and physical way is to take the cableway, you can climb to the top of the mountain in 20 minutes, and you need to transfer once in the middle. The cableway is the walking in the clouds wood plank road. This trail is named after the clouds. Along the way, you can see attractions such as the Rhododendron Valley, the ceremonial tree, and the boring tree. There are many red rocks on the mountain. Each cliff has redstone and each shape is different. The majestic peaks of Danxia Qifeng are amazing. The plank road extends along the edge of the cliff, and goes down along Danxia Cliff, which is like a knife and axe. It is a cave path, and you can see Guanyin, Sandiequan, Chaotianmen and Tianshu along the way. Features such as the wall. Thousands of turtles iconic attractions: Lover column lover column is the iconic attraction of Thousands of Turtles, in the valley, there is a natural black and red stone pillars to set up, high about The 80-meter stone pillar and rock wall are divided into two parts by a gap in the middle of the stone pillar; Valentine's Column Qianguishan landmark attraction under the action of water erosion, the rock mass collapses to form a residual stone pillar. Like a pair of lovers, the shorter one on the left is a woman, and the one on the right is a man. The man holds the woman tightly, cuddling with each other and watching the millennium. The Valley of Lovers here is more interesting. The valley is densely covered with grass and water, especially in the beautiful dawn valley. The trees are towering, the mountains are everywhere, and a pure mountain spring is coming out of the jungle.
The Lijiang Love Song under the Snow Mountain is a live performance in the outdoor. It tells the story of the Tibetan boy Abu Dhabi and the Naxi girl, Jimmy, a beautiful and touching love story. I have seen Lijiang love songs in Songcheng, Hangzhou. It is very touching and unforgettable. The beginning of the story is always beautiful, because the beautiful song of Jimmy is heard by the Tibetan guys and loves her. At the Torch Festival, the moving dance of Jimmy is to let Abu Da love at first sight, and fell in love with Jimmy. The good days are not long, and soon the Naxi elders discovered that the Naxi people could not interact with the foreigners, and they ruthlessly forced them apart. Suddenly there was a loud noise and a heat wave. Come, the volcano erupted, and the top of the mountain spewed a majestic fire. Tibetan guys in order to save the inhabitants of the Naxi people, struggled alone in the volcano, exhausted all the strength to cut through the boulder, let the water flow down to extinguish the mountain fire, save the Western people and the fire, but the brave Tibetan boy Abu Dha But it fell forever, only the Naxi girl, Jimmy, was crying alone in the valley. Too touching love story, Lijiang at that time, men and women at that time, the landslides at that time, volcanic bursts, mountains and rivers, beautiful love, although far away, but the mood can not be calmed down for a long time, why the world There are always so many regrets?