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Things To Do in Yuncheng

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Historical Architecture
呆力Liangshan 100 single eight, 72 will go out of the city. As the key tourist attractions built in the city, the water is good Seoul is based on the classic story of the water, built a copy of Ming and Qing Dynasty buildings. The buildings such as Yuecheng County, Yuanjiazhuang are very quaint, and there are some experience links such as archery and horseback riding. Snacks are also characterized, and highly recommended for tasting the strong and magnificent man.
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Ancient Pagoda
M27***37The existing Tang Pagoda is an eight-sided four-door pavilion-style brick eaves, with coupon-topped Qiankun doors on the east, west, south, and north sides, and the other four sides are carved with brick windows. The top of the tower's ventricle and the top of the Buddhist altar are made up of layers of brick arch rings. The dougong is well-manufactured, layered inwardly, and the structure is rigorous, scattered and well-crafted. Even the top of the corridor in the tower is also made of brick arches. Although it has gone through wind and rain, it has been severely eroded, but its majestic and simple, it is still a scenic spot. The tower is surrounded by clear water. In the summer morning and dusk, thousands of clouds and swallows flew around the tower. The shadows of green trees and swallows and the towering ancient tower reflect each other in the clear water. And these legends cast a strong mystery over the Guanyin Temple tower. The Pagoda of Guanyin Temple in Yuncheng, Heze, Shandong is located in the pond inside the gate of Yuncheng County Cultural Relics Management Office. The pagoda was also called Tang pagoda because it was built in Guanyin Temple with 7 floors and was built in the second year of Tang Changxing. There are many beautiful legends and strange phenomena in the Tang Pagoda. Legend has it that a kind of magical swallow lives on the tower. Its swallow has only front claws but no hind toes, so it does not fly far. It does not move out, does not fall, does not fall, and glides out of the cave, which is very spectacular. Legend has it that because of his love for his homeland, Sun Bin turned into a cloud swallow after his death, flew back to his hometown and lingered around the ancient pagoda. Therefore, the wild tower cloud swallows do not move south in the severe winter. If they have enough, they will fall to the ground, but they will sag and die. At the turn of spring and summer, countless insects fly to the top of the tower. The objects Yan Pecks eat are beautiful, clean, and enthusiastic. They all come here to play.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
冯斯托洛夫斯基Can only say Liangshan, not water Liangshan, there is no water. After reaching the top of the mountain, you can really feel the feeling of being the master of the mountain. Liangshan is not very high, and climbing is not very tired. Combined with the novel and the good guys, there is still some meaning [scenery] [interesting]
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洞庭春秋Yuncheng County, as the hometown of the Water Margin, has been famous for its martial arts and bold chivalry since ancient times. There are 108 generals in Liangshan and 72 names out of Yuncheng. Shuibao Village is located in the west of Yuncheng. It is the resident of Shuibao Township Government and lies on the north. The settlement has a rectangular shape. There are many historical sites and legends in this village. It is one of the famous tourist attractions of the Water Margin, and it is also a place for tourist check-in in Yuncheng.
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Botanical Garden
_We***33Many flowers, very fragrant, pleasant scenery, super big inside, did not finish shopping for two hours, the attractions inside are very good, the color is very full, the goods inside are slightly more expensive than the outside, it is best to buy some food and drink outside to bring in, relatively cost-effective, in addition, the outside wreath is about 5 yuan a, It is double expensive inside. It is recommended to bring a sunglasse or other sunshade. If you go recently, remember to bring a mask. There are many Liu Qi. If you forget to bring it, you can scan the code to collect it at the door. It is very humane. It is recommended to play. If you go to play in Heze, pay attention to limit the travel.
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Film Studio
杜秋辰Feel the waterlogging culture, the performances are a lot, good! The ticket price is more reasonable, suitable for the whole family! The siege show, sound and photoelectric, explosion special effects, is wonderful, the children like it.

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About Yuncheng

Yuncheng County is located in the southwest of Shandong Province. The county is under the administration of Shandong Province’s Heze City. Yuncheng County is the where the plot of the famous novel The Water Margin takes place. It is the home county of the novel’s main character, Song Jiang. The novel is the source of the quote “The 108 stars of destiny line the water’s margin but the 72 earthly friends are in Yuncheng.” Shuihu Hero City is an integrated cultural landscape. The attraction features ancient architecture, martial arts classes based on Song Jiang’s martial arts school, and performances based on content from The Water Margin.

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Here are the best places to visit in Yuncheng, including: Water Margin Haohan City,Tang Tower,Song Jiang's Hometown - Water Fortress
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