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About Yuncheng

Yuncheng is located at the southernmost tip of Shanxi Province. It's ancient name "Hedong" meaning "East of the Yellow River" comes from the fact that it is bordered by the Yellow River to the west. The city exists because of salt. It is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese People. Wangguan Island and Wulao Peak within the area are like two green emeralds within the dry environment of Shanxi. Pujiu Temple, where the story "West Chamber" took place; the Yellow River Iron Oxen Crossing the Waters in Yongji, Yongle Palace in Ruicheng and Guangdi Temple in Xiezhou are some of Yuncheng's attractive places.

Popular Attractions in Yuncheng

Xiechi Lake
881 Reviews
Located in the south of Shanxi Province, Xiechi Lake is often called China's "Dead Sea." Visitors can go for a mud massage, swim in the lake (the high salt content makes it very easy to float), and bathe in the natural mineral springs.
Haizhou Guandi Temple
1,124 Reviews
The Jiezhou Guandi Temple is located at the West Pass in Yuncheng's Jiezhou Town. The current buildings are reconstructions of buildings that would have stood here during the Qing Dynasty. The Jiezhou Guandi Temple is divided into two parts: the main temple and the Jieyi Garden. Upon entering the scenic site, visitors will first come to the Jieyi Garden. In the garden are structures such as the Jieyi Building and the Junzi Pavilion. In the main temple, the primary hall is Chongning Hall. This is where the statue of Guandi can be found. Every year, around National Day, a grand "Guandi Cultural Festival" is held featuring historical ceremonies and folk worship activities.
Shentan Canyon
730 Reviews
The Shentan Canyon is a large rift formed by the movement of the earth's crust during the Cambrian period 570 million years ago. It was originally known as the Water Valley and has thousands of years of history. It is located on the northern slope of Zhongtiao Mountain, in the southeast of Shanxi Province’s Yongji City. Its area includes the entire Shuiyukou Village and the deep mountains, canyons and forests behind the village. Strange rock formations, waterfalls, unique geological features, streams, forests and natural folk villages constitute the unique attraction of the scenic Shentan Canyon.
Li Family Courtyard
549 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Li Family Courtyard in Yuncheng is the private residence of Li Ziyong, a wealthy merchant in southwest of Shanxi, and it was built in the late Qing Dynasty and early period of the Warlord Era. Li Family Courtyard is a typical building reflecting the style of residential houses in the southern Shanxi province. The whole building is arranged around a quadrangle courtyard and also boasts Hui style architecture. It combines the features of two major architectural forms in south and north of China, and in terms of the art of decoration, the national culture infiltrates every corner of the building.

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Yuncheng Weather

Aug 15, 2020
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Light Rain
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Trip Moments

Shanxi Guan Yu's hometown spent 200 million yuan to build the Guandi icon. Guan Gong is 80 meters high but no tourists Shanxi is Guan Yu's home. Accurately speaking, Guan Yu is a resident of Changping Village in Shanxi Yuncheng. There is a Guandi Temple in Yuncheng District of Shanxi Province, which is the ancestral temple of Guandi Temple in the world. Changping Village is only 10 kilometers away from Yuncheng District, but almost no one knows. In Guanping's hometown, Changping Village, there is a Guandi iconatic scenic spot. Naturally, there are no tourists here, almost empty. Guan Gong's iconic scenic spot, also known as Guan Gong Film and Television City, is an antique village built on the background of Guan Gong culture. In 2000, in order to film the TV series "Wu Sheng Guan Gong", this film and television city was built. It consists of the scenes of Seoul, Guandi, Qinglongtan and Shijigou. It also photographed "Wushan Guangong". TV dramas such as "Guan Gong was born", but there has been no fire. The buildings in the scenic area have been somewhat run-down, even growing grass and no commercial facilities. However, there is a Guan Gong icon in the scenic spot that is still very attractive. Walk along the film and television city, the Guan Gong icon is on the mountain, and it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the top of the mountain along the steps. The mountain overlooks the entire film and television city. This statue is 80 meters high, consisting of a 61-meter bronze statue and a 19-meter base. The 61-meter symbolizes Guan Yus 61-year-old, and the 19-meter symbolizes Guan Yus 19-year-old family, which is currently the tallest in the world. Guan Gongxiang. The construction of this Guan Gong, using 500 tons of copper and 2,000 tons of iron, and this scenic spot cost 200 million yuan to build the Guan Gong culture. 2016, the event to commemorate the 1856 anniversary of the birth of Guan Gong was also held in the film city. There is also a Guandi Temple in Changping Village. Although it is not the same size as the Yuncheng District, it is also a historic cultural relic.
Posted: Jul 13, 2019