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Things To Do in Yunhe

4,615 Reviews
Terraced Field
_We***73Fantastic place with adorable view. It's definetely worth to visit this amazing place .
160 Reviews
M15***77It is really beautiful here, and there are very few people, and the punching photo is completely unaffected by passers-by. You can appreciate the lake scenery, and the ticket price is only 45, including the cruise ship, and also watched the performances inside the scenic spot. Really highly recommend. I also bought their pear paste sugar for their daughter, very suitable for the use of chopsticks when they are not good.
Nearby City
4,263 Reviews
ang***69Before Lishui came, I just wanted to book a good scenery homestay. I was left to free myself and was completely moved by the scenery in front of me. The water and the sky are the same as the ancient town. The Gucci big maple trees are not noisy. No commercialization like other ancient town scenic spots is a very worthwhile place to visit. Fang, afraid of the heat, I chose to take a cruise at 9 am to Gucci. The stern position is breezed slowly. It is particularly comfortable. After boarding, I walked a tree-lined path to Tongji and the big maple trees. Sigh the great thanks of the ancients to the people here for protecting these trees so well. Thunder has been thundering several times. The Millennium Gucci (Shree Tree) can't stand up. I won't say more in a few places. Let you see the comments and come and taste it. This road is beautiful, the wind is blowing, the stop and stop under the shade. I don't know how much happiness I am. Dagangtou Town, Lishui Liandu District Minfeng Gupu is a famous scenic spot. One bottle of Coke is only 3 yuan. Two people who order four dishes will say that they can order more than enough to eat. Next time I am going to bring my parents to come over for a few days [scene] [price/performance]
41 Reviews
暗夜惊蛰Bai Yin Valley is a quiet village, the villagers are simple, kind. The village of an "old tea shop", not the long-term existence of tea shop, but the people here like to drink tea made by old tea. A winding stream runs through the village, forming several small waterfalls to view, green on both sides, and wandering, forgetting me. Picking up the steps from this village, you can reach another attraction, "Seven Stars". Those with poor physical strength should not try.
22 Reviews
118***78The last stop on Lishui's Spring Festival holiday was to find a place for children to dig sand. Changting Beach is an artificial beach in the valley, the water is clear, the air is fresh, many children gathered here, play is not very happy.
Nearby City
86 Reviews
_We***73This is really fantastic place full of different emotions. The view is stunning ,fabulous. The glass bridge is incredible .Definitely it's worth to visit. We enjoyed our time in this wonderful place. The place is out of the blue👍 We really like it and I highly recommend others to go to see the magic beauty of Nature👍👍

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Baiyingu Sceneic AreaLishui,China

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Toy ZhihuiyuanLishui,China

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Yunhe Lake Xiangong Scenic AreaLishui,China

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Shi Shan Fojiao Yuanlin Sceneic AreaLishui,China

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Yunhe Rice TerracesLishui,China

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Changting BeachLishui,China

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About Yunhe

Yunhe is a county in the southwest of Zhejiang province close to the city of Lishui. It is most famous for the Yunhe Rice Terraces, China's largest rice terraces. Other attractions include Pingyanggan Village, home to the She ethnic minority. Located 8.5 km southwest of the county town, the village is an excellent place to experience traditional She culture – the people who live here have their own unique dialect and customs.

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Here are the best places to visit in Yunhe, including: Yunhe Rice Terraces,Yunhe Lake Xiangong Scenic Area,Baiyingu Sceneic Area
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