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About Yunxiao

Yunxiao County is located on the coast in southern Fujian Province. The indigenous Hoklo and Hakka people are among its residents. The Zhangjiangkou (“Mouth of Zhang River”) Mangrove National Nature Reserve sits at the mouth of the Zhang River in Yunxiao County and is an important national wetland ecosystem nature reserve. The reserve specializes in preserving the mangrove wetland ecosystem, endangered plants and animals, the resources of a quality southeast coastline, and the genetic diversity of aquatic products. Here you can also visit the Dongshan (“East Mountain”) Fengdongshi (“Wind-Moved Rocks”) Scenic Area and Jiangjun (“Military General”) Mountain Park (将军山公园).

Popular Attractions in Yunxiao

JIntangwan Hot Spring Resort
384 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Jintangwan Hot Spring Resort is located next to Dongshan Island. This park was built in the ancient Roman style. Come to this elegant locale to enjoy a holiday with family and friends. The resort is fully equipped with a variety of facilities: spas, saunas, etc. The classic Minnan building also has a distinctive appearance. Stay in the luxurious hotel, and take a dip in the hot springs. Indulge yourself with gourmet meals. It's all part of the vacation experience!
Zhangzhou Yunxiao Wushan Scenic Area
28 Reviews
The Zhangzhou Yunxiao Wushan Scenic Area is located between Zhaoan county and Yunxiao county in Fujian province. It is also the seat of the Minnan land committee of the communist party of China. There are radio stations, secret passages in the armory and more than a dozen revolutionary landmarks for people to visit. Wushan beautiful scenery, many scenic spots, worth a visit.
Zhuta Mangrove Nature Reserve
18 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Zhangzhou Yunding Hot Spring SPA Theme Park
139 Reviews
Hot Spring
Yunzhou Yunding Hot Spring Spa Theme Park is a indoor and outdoor hot spring water theme park located in Yunyi County's elegant General Army Park. The spa is equipped with attractions such as a children's paddling pool, Vichy bubble baths, rain showers, and indoor and outdoor hot springs. Each spring has its own theme, and provides different benefits to the patrons of the spa. Also you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor pools that provide you with the beautiful scenery of the General Army Park. Relax and unwind in Yunzhou Yunding Hot Spring Spa, with your partner or family. It is the perfect place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the nature around you.

Yunxiao Tours & Tickets

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Yunxiao Weather

Aug 11, 2020
27 °
Moderate Rain
Aug 12, 2020
Heavy Rain
Aug 13, 2020
Moderate Rain
Aug 14, 2020
Light Rain

Trip Moments

Staying at the Yunding Hotel Hot Spring in Zhangzhou, the first international five-star hotel in Zhangzhou, the unique architectural design of Fujian Tulou, plus modern decoration, each floor of the corridor is filled with sweet-scented osmanthus, and noble red lanterns, the world's first modern Earth building. The guest stayed in the deluxe double bed room, it is indeed bigger than expected, so it is not too capricious, Yunxiao County General Mountain Park is nearby, the hotel can be described as mountain and water. Taking a self-portrait is not to show you the author's face. The world's first earth-floor hot spring hotel, the round earth building, stood on the first floor and looked up, all of which surprised you. It is said that the Yunding Hot Spring Hotel in Zhangzhou was built in 160 days, which is a miracle in the history of architecture. Since it is a hot spring hotel, of course, you can go to the hot springs when you pack your luggage. The Yunding Hot Spring SPA Theme Park introduces the beauty soup spring, the water bubble massage bed, the floating bath, the seat bubble massage bath, the swimming pool, the children's water park, the dry steam room, Wet steam room... Have time to experience it one by one. Genting Restaurant, Yunding Hot Spring Hotel has a variety of Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants. The Chinese restaurant has 14 VIP rooms with beautiful views; mountain and water views. Hot springs, food, and accommodation can't be missed. [Travel Tips]: Hot springs should not be soaked in the same pool for too long. Friends who stay here can go to the nearby General Mountain Park and pass the road. [Price]: Yun Dinglou Deluxe Double Room, starting from 500 yuan. Address: Yunxiao Chen Zheng Road, No. 382, right side of the gate of Jiangjunshan Park, near Park Road.
Posted: Jun 25, 2019
In the revolutionary base area, Wuzhou Wushan Scenic Area is located at the border of the three counties of Yunxiao, Chun'an and Pinghe in the southern part of Fujian Province. It is 1117 meters above sea level, and the pulse runs through the two provinces of Guangdong and Guangdong. At present, Wushan has not yet been developed into a tourist attraction, so it is necessary to walk up the mountain, first through a large and small hole, as if exploring the unknown mystery. Wushan has a unique natural landscape and profound cultural heritage. As a national forest park, it is also a national red tourism classic scenic spot. At the end of the Song Dynasty, Chen Chens eye was against the Yuan for several decades, and he occupied the area of the nine cities and cities that belonged to the Guangdong and Guangdong provinces. He became a king. He was organized here by the famous Tiandi Association in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties and became the birthplace of the Heaven and Earth Society. one. If there are too many desires, it will become cumbersome. What better way to enrich and satisfy yourself than to have an indifferent mind? Choose indifferent, then prepare to take a mountain road. After more than an hour, I finally climbed to the top of the mountain and looked out into the distance. On one side was a cliff and on the other side was a deep pit. The peak here was wonderful, with the majesty of Taiyue, the steepness of Huashan, and the cloud of Hengyue. There are more than 300 square kilometers in the territory of Chun'an, and there are almost no villages in the core area. It is like a white paper to draw the most beautiful pictures. Standing at the top, I feel that people are being blown up and enjoy the blessings of nature. It is a revolutionary base in the south of China with a red flag. I began to slowly go up, accidentally being held in the detention center, sinful, and then come out after ten years, haha. [Travel Tips]: Wushan Wushan is located at the junction of the three counties of Chun'an, Yunxiao and Pinghe. For a long time, the relevant counties (districts) have disputed the ownership of Wushan, and Wushan Development has been put on hold for many years. So far, it has not been developed into a tourist attraction. Now it has not been destroyed. If you have time, let's go. [Address]: Hongxing Township, Yunxiao County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province [ticket]: Free
Posted: Jun 25, 2019