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Things To Do in Yuping

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julie_w_cenVery good value for money. Few people, more projects. Also climbing the mountain and human landscape. Watching the situation of the surrounding attractions full during the May Day, I chose the town of Zhusha, which was unexpectedly fun. The play "that age" entered, all the way to the cosplay 60s, very "fanghua" feeling, then entered the age-old waste mining area, and finally there are beautiful mountain views, not much walking. Very interesting ~
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_We***36just awesome. insane mountain, insane scenery. just awesome
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夏吹夏夜风[Laugh] Town, the ancient town of Zhenyuan County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is located on the banks of the Wuyang River and surrounded by mountains and rivers. It passes through the city in the form of "S". No tickets are required for the ancient town of Zhenyuan. But the small attractions inside need to buy additional tickets. For example: Wuyang River, Shiping Mountain, Tiexi Ancient City. [Joyful] Maybe someone asks if buying tickets are worth it? I personally think it is worth it to come to the ancient town of the town, not to understand the history here, not to enter her arms, not to take a boat boating to see the shadow of the town far, how can you understand the ancient city, so it is still worth it.
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Historical Site
123-travellerQinglong Cave is located next to the Zhusheng Bridge. A group of buildings built according to the mountain comprises several different temples and Taoist temples. It is necessary to enter the scenic spot, but Guizhou needs an old man. More than 60 years old, he will directly brush his ID card to enter. The oldest building, it is said to have been for more than 600 years.
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小白杨1983Not a big attraction, located near Fanjing Mountain, from the Jiangkou County Bus Station by bus can be reached. Enter into the scenic spot, along a stream along the way, the water clear bottom see. The valley is deep, the water is steamy, the grass is lush, vines are winding. The mountain range is located in the geological fault zone, the mountains seeping from the stone seams, the stone walls are very wet, full of moss. Recommended Longdong section, flowing water in the riverbed washed out a curved strange track. The top of the 699 steps, a steep, need to use some physical strength. After climbing up, you can take a tour bus down the mountain and experience the original "roller". Tip: 1. Traffic: Take bus from Tongren Station to Jiangkou Station, then take bus to Yamugou, which can also go to Fanjing Mountain. 2. The 699 steps of the top of the mountain are difficult to climb, the physical strength is not good, it is best not to try, you can return in the same way. 3. After climbing to the top of the mountain, the other road can only take the shuttle bus, the tourists are not good to walk, there are no attractions, it is a mountain road.
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轻轻的一个蚊Guizhou Daming Border Town. The place where history started in Guizhou, a place where stories can be told. It is located on the bank of the Jinjiang River in Tongren City. It is also a rebuilt tourist attraction, a national 4A scenic spot, but when we got there, it seemed that the scenic spot was opened exclusively for us and could not be found The feeling of being lively and prosperous in the border town.​​

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