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About Yuyao

Yuyao is located in the southern corner of the beautiful Yangtze River Delta. It is world-famous for its neolithic Hemudu site. It is an extremely historical and cultural city with a long and storied past. Since the Han Dynasty, Yuyao has produced many famous people, including Yu Qiuyu, a famous contemporary scholar and writer. He is the pride of modern Yuyao. What's more, Yuyao has 7,000 years of experience in cultivating rice. It was one of the places from which rice cultivation spread throughout the world. The Hemudu site bears witness to the fact that the area was inhabited at least 7,000 years ago. Unique natural scenery creates the rich land and the rich land creates Yuyao. It has many nicknames such as "Home of the Chinese Bayberry" and "Land of Pickled Mustard".

Popular Attractions in Yuyao

Yang Ming Hot Spring
455 Reviews
Hot Spring
Yang Ming Hot Spring is located in the interior of Hua'an Mountain. It is a “Ming” culture themed hot spring hotel, representing the ideas of Wang Yangming, the founder of Yangmingism in the Ming Dynasty. The overall architecture reflects Ming and Qing style. It's elegant in design and luxurious in nature. The Ming hot spring water is taken from 2500 meters deep. Some rooms are equipped with a 24-hour natural hot spring pool, so you can soak in natural hot springs without leaving your room.
Zhedong Xiaojiuzhai
1,394 Reviews
Zhedong Xiaojiuzhai is located in Yuyao, Dayin Town, Zhilin Village. In this park, the mountains seem to stretch forever, and the bamboo groves and trees fill the landscape. The Baiyan creek stretches for 6 km through the forest. The ancient trees in the scenic area are towering, the air is fresh, and the negative ion content is extremely high. It is called a “natural oxygen bar”. Walking through the ancient roads, you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes: mountains, bamboo, lakes, rivers and stones.
Siming Lake
131 Reviews
Siming Lake is located in Liangnong Town, Yuyao City, north of Siming Mountain. The fishery resources in the lake are very rich, attracting a large number of birds. The Yulong Island in the heart of Siming Lake is the larger island in the lake. Its shape is like a jade rabbit, especially the moon night. It looks like a jade rabbit from the lake. It is especially ornamental. Siming Lake has become a hot spot for leisure vacations in eastern Zhejiang.
Longshan Park (South Gate)
92 Reviews
City Park
N Binjiang Rd, Yuyao Shi, Ningbo Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China

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Trip Moments

Posted: Apr 2, 2017
There are abundant forest resources and excellent ecological environment. The mountains, green waters, valleys, rocks and waterfalls are located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain. The altitude is between 600 and 900 meters, forming a unique mountain. Climate, the average summer temperature is lower than 6 °C - 8 °C in the plain area. It is a cool world in the hot summer. It has the reputation of "natural oxygen bar" and "summer resort". The natural ecological landscape covers the whole area.
The park can be seen in the morning, the evening glow, the clouds look at the clouds and the smog in the winter. The smog appears in various scenic spots in the park, and is a rare astrological landscape in East China. Every winter, the mist rises and condenses into shiny silver swarf, which is piled up on the pine trees and other trees on the top of the mountain, or embroidered a variety of icy flowers, or formed into stalactites. Ice hung.
About tickets: The market price is 50 yuan, and the online booking is 40 yuan. The air quality of the
Forest Park is particularly good. The scenic area also offers a variety of activities such as outdoor barbecues for a small family to travel.
The observation deck of Simingshan Geological Park is one of the top ten viewing platforms in Ningbo. Looking down from the viewing platform, you can see the whole scenery of Siming Mountain. Just take a random shot of the mobile phone. Visual sense. I personally recommend everyone to come to the Geopark to personally feel it.
Because these scenic spots in Yuyao are in the mountains, they are relatively remote. It is recommended that several people walk together. Prepare some snacks, cash, emergency medicine, etc. before departure, and carefully plan the Raiders.
About transportation: If it is self-driving, remember that the mountain road is difficult to open, and the car is not very skilled friends, do not force the car. There are fewer buses going to Simingshan Forest Park and Geological Park. If you are not driving by car, you must carefully inquire about the bus schedule of the season, pay attention to controlling the time of play, and do not affect the up and down the mountain.
1. Go to the Ningbo Yuyao exit and take the Liangzhou Line and the Tunxi Line. Go through the towns of Liangnong and Datun in Yuyao and drive to Simingshan in Simingshan Town. Forest Park Scenic Area, about an hour and a half drive.
2. From the exit of Fenghua Xikou to the Simingshan Town of Yuyao to the Forest Park (with signs along the way), about 1 hour journey.
Posted: Nov 26, 2018
Coco Wang   
Danshan Chishui Scenic Area is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain. The climate is pleasant. It is based on the canyon landscape. It is characterized by Taoist culture and the ancient mountain village of Zhedong. It is characterized by cliffs, strange rocks, ancient bridges, flowing streams and waterfalls. The scenic spot, the Taoist statue is the ninth hole. The scenic spot consists of Danshan Eight Views represented by Danshan Chishui, Yingyan Dongtian, Shiwangwangdao, Ping Waterfall Feishui, Bagua Sendai, Xianrenzhilu, Qiushui Longtan and Siming Taoist Temple, and more than 30 other scenic spots. The peaks and bouts in the area, the ancient trees towering in the sky, the bamboo trees covering the sun, and the rivers and streams are excellent ecological tourism places where people enjoy the natural scenery, bathe the history and culture, taste the mountain town customs, and enjoy leisure and entertainment.
The persimmon village where the scenic spot is located is surrounded by mountains, full of bamboo trees, flowing springs, birds and flowers, not only beautiful scenery, but also primitive and primitive, the original appearance of the mountain remains intact. According to the genealogy, the ancestor of Shens ancestor was the tenth son of Zhou Wenwang. He was sealed in Shendi, and the land was sealed as his surname. His descendants came here to live in seclusion. There is also an ancient well in the village. The well water is clear and pure, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is the drinking water source for the whole village. Therefore, there is a saying that "one village, one surname, one family, one ancient well, one village".
Posted: Nov 23, 2018