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Things To Do in Zaozhuang

Taierzhuang Ancient City
12,106 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
ZZTOPBeijingerWe visited the ancient city of Taierzhuang south of Shandong province in early March. It is a very worthwhile place to visit. Recommend staying here for a night to see different views and activities during the day and at night. Taierzhuang is located at the junction of Jiangsu and Shandong, south of Zaozhuang and 30 kilometers east of Xuzhou. The longest and oldest canal in the world runs through the whole territory, and is also the hub of North-South water transport. Unfortunately, the road is not very convenient at the end of the high speed (whether from the north to the new Tai Expressway, or from the provincial road Xingtai, or from the south to Xuzhou, all over a 30-kilometer detour, and heavy trucks, high risk of traffic accidents). From Beijing all the way to the high speed not many vehicles, very smooth, but after the Zaozhuang, the speed limit greatly reduced, although along the Grand Canal, beautiful all the way, but the speed limit traps a lot, drive must be careful observation. This is the Grand Canal transportation hub, since ancient times has an important strategic role, is the battleground of the soldiers. Ancient has a heavy military garrison, Emperor Qianlong several times down the Jiangnan also stop here, so it is an ancient city. And the war against Japan famous Taierzhuang Great Victory is also completed here. It is said that the great victory, also the national army used several times the cost of the Japanese army casualties. Arrive at noon or 2pm (I mean the early March season) so you can spend more than 5 hours before the night viewing, including dinner. In particular, take the time to visit the site of the bloodbath in Taierzhuang, close your eyes and imagine the battlefield filled with smoke; worship the tens of thousands of martyrs who have given their lives here. We leave Beijing at 6:00 a.m. (just the day of my limited number) and arrive at the hotel in the ancient city at 14:00 (stay at the Lake Light Moon Inn, near the East Gate, on the lake, it is very convenient to enter and exit the East Gate, I would like to recommend it). The car can't drive into the ancient city. There is a large parking lot outside the East Gate. You can find a location near the East Gate early. Otherwise, it is really more troublesome to pull your suitcase into the ancient city. It is also necessary to find a hotel near the East Gate. Check-in can be stopped and stopped for sightseeing along the way. There is an ancient city map at the gate, and you can slowly play from east to west according to the map. Because the Spring Festival is just after, this is the off-season, there are not many people in the ancient city (it is said that it will start to increase again at the end of April). Remember that in the east of Fuxing Square, this is the center of the cruise ship's downing, and the place where the evening "steel flowers" (low-height fireworks) and the Canglong balls are performed. Opposite the square is the Fuxing Building with the words "Tai Er Zhuang". At night, the building lights up and reflects on the river that separates Fuxing Square from Fuxing Building. At the west gate, you can take a cruise ship back to Fuxing Square. The cruise ship is hung with red lanterns, the boat lady in red clothes, while rowing and explaining. Walking through several arch bridges, it's a different taste to take pictures.
Weishan Wetland Park
1,226 Reviews
林蘤著雨When I went, I didn't encounter a good time. The large lotus flowers were almost thanked. I can only see the yellow lotus leaf lotus in the lake when I make the ferry. It is a pity. In the past years, it is said that there will be a Red River Festival. The lotus flower is very beautiful when it is thriving. I have the opportunity to go again.
Baodugu National Forest Park
305 Reviews
zixunshi99The mountains are not really high, but he is quite unique, it is a small area of our country, some mixed woods, there are lakes, so this area is very good, you have to go around and feel good.
New Yingtai Ecological Hot Spring Resort
320 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
cat***lyThe service was first-rate. I searched for it twice and found the ID card. I was moved to tears when I was on frequent business trips. Thank you for the girl on duty on the afternoon of 5.6, thank you! I'm here for the wedding, the room is big
The Railway Guerilla Band TV and Film Studio
305 Reviews
Film Studio
M24***59A song of the west sun is going to fall, from the song of the railway guerrillas that grew up with me. So must see! The scenic area is not big, there is no special attention! It is the scene used in the movie!
Xiong'er Mountain National Geological Park
223 Reviews
Geological Sites
_We***68Very good, the scenery is much better than when I went before, there are more people, the overall feeling is OK, the mountain is not particularly high, the climb up feels just good, the Great Rift Valley is very good, other attractions are general, the slide down the mountain is good, very exciting, overall very satisfied!

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Guanshiliu Park
Guanshiliu ParkZaozhuang,China

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MC Escape Room
MC Escape RoomZaozhuang,China

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Guangming Square
Guangming SquareZaozhuang,China

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Hejingzhi Wenxueguan
Hejingzhi WenxueguanZaozhuang,China

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Tai'erzhuang Shidi Shuishang Bingxue Amusement Park
Tai'erzhuang Shidi Shuishang Bingxue Amusement ParkZaozhuang,China

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Shuangli Association
Shuangli AssociationZaozhuang,China

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Zaozhuang Travel Tips

About Zaozhuang

Zaozhuang is a vibrant and unique city, an “excellent Chinese tourism city.” As early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, villages were formed in the area. It was named “Zaozhuang” after the many jujube trees here. Zaozhuang is rich in tourism resources and offers many scenic spots. There is the Xiong'er Mountain National Geological Park, the Tai'erzhuang War Memorial, the ancient city of Taierzhuang in which the Grand Canal flows through, along with the Weishan Lake Wetland Park. These sites attract visitors in their own special ways.

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Zaozhuang Weather

May 6, 2021
18 ~ 27
May 7, 2021
15 / 23
May 8, 2021
15 / 30
May 9, 2021
16 / 26
May 10, 2021
17 / 30
May 11, 2021
15 / 24
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zaozhuang
May 6, 2021 Zaozhuang Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:52%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:16/18:59
Zaozhuang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Zaozhuang, including: Taierzhuang Ancient City,Weishan Wetland Park,The Railway Guerilla Band TV and Film Studio
You could try Taierzhuang Ancient City,Baodugu National Forest Park,The Railway Guerilla Band TV and Film Studio,Hulutao Sceneic Area,Yingyun Stone Tribe in Zaozhuang
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