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Things To Do in Zhangbei

Bashang Grasslands
640 Reviews
hyx舔奶盖的小仙女With the success of the bid, more and more Beijingers are choosing to visit Zhangbei to see the grasslands and experience a "China Route 66". The grassland scenery is really beautiful, the vegetation on the ground is colorful, and the windmills dotted the grassland, the sky of the large white clouds like cotton hanging in the sky, green grass and blue sky. Look out, the road as if into the clouds, spectacular! We went to the company group in early September of 16 years. From Beijing, we arrived at Zhangbei Grassland Tianlu all the way. The scenery is really very good. The car is not fast. I just enjoy the scenery and I don't know. I arrived at Zhangbei Zhongdu original Grassland scenic spot. I chose to stay and eat 20 kilometers away from Tianlu. Near the North Zhongdu Grassland, where there is a relatively historic scenic spot, selected a sister named Zhangbei Grassland farmyard, very good, the boss is a big sister, the service attitude is super good and enthusiastic, also very real, providing the props, clothing, game equipment is very intimate. After the dinner roasted all the sheep, the evening bonfire party, I really recommend this farmyard, building, yurt matching, is also very clean, it is booked from the Internet, friends can also book, directly hit the name of the farmyard. The next day, I am here to ride horses, shoot arrows, etc., very good, the big sister also bought a discount package, and saved us a lot of money. The next day, I will go back to the day road, while playing, there is no traffic jam according to the big sister's suggestion, the friends who want to go can consult, really good. Say less nonsense and see the picture,
Wild Fox Ridge Fort Tourist Area
463 Reviews
Military Site
赢在德A place with revolutionary historical educational significance, it is very suitable to take children to see. Let the child know the cruelty of war since childhood, and let him cherish the people and things of the moment. The fortress is very close to the Grassland Road and the Central Capital Grassland. Everyone can choose to stay in Zhongdu Grassland and watch the iron flower show at the large bonfire party at night. I recommend the Zhongdu Grassland Juhanxuan Farm to everyone. All yurts are constructed, clean and tidy, and the courtyard is spacious, which can accommodate 200 people for dining and 100 people for accommodation at the same time. It is an ideal choice for company group building, business trip and family outing.
Zhangbei Zhongdu Grasslands
355 Reviews
M26***36Zhangbei Zhongdu Grassland is the nearest steppe from Beijing. The average temperature in summer is only 24.5 degrees, and the hottest summer is 27.8 degrees. So this is a summer paradise. We go to Zhangbei Grassland several times a year. Now the Grassland Tianlu is developed. Every year, we bring children and old people to play at the weekend. It takes more than three hours to drive from Beijing. We go straight to Zhongdu Grassland. Every time we live in a sister farmyard 5,600 meters away from Zhongdu. The boss's sister is particularly good. When we arrive at her home, we arrange everything according to food, accommodation and play. We don't have to worry. In the afternoon, Swan Lake played horse skating, and roasted all the sheep at night. The antelope that was raised in their own home was half roasted and half delicious. After eating the near-entry Zhongdu grassland to see the fireworks and flowers, the entertainment package ticket was all the big sister's discount price, Zhongdu grassland is a bonfire night. Will play tree flowers, horse show worth seeing, play the words of the suggestion outside play, the next day take the grassland sky roadside play while returning.
Zhongdu Original Grasslands Resort (Southeast Gate)
140 Reviews
M25***34Taking advantage of the May 1st holiday, I took my dog to the Bashang Grassland to play around. Starting from Beijing at 8 o'clock, we first went to Zhangbei Grassland Tian Road, known as China’s Route 66, and Zhangbei Grassland Tian Road. Zhangshi Expressway Yehuling is divided into east and west for the dividing line. The west route is about 30 kilometers, with many bends, east to Yehuling, west to Bailong Cave. Along the way, there are scenic spots such as Jiguan Mountain, Bailong Cave, and Big Knot Stone Pillars. The east line is about 100 kilometers, with many steep slopes, from Huapi Ridge to Yehuling, Yanpian Mountain, wind power generation, Saibei terraces and so on. There will be parking lots every 10 kilometers on Caoyuantian Road to meet the parking needs. You can choose farmyards for accommodation. We live in Zhangbei Shijia Courtyard, about 20 kilometers away from Yehuling. Precautions when coming to the dam, 1 must prepare long-sleeved jackets and trousers, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, pay attention to keep warm. 2 Sunshine time is long, so you must do good sun protection. Except for the observation deck on the 3rd day, there is no parking belt on the side of the road. When you stop and take pictures on Tianlu, please stay close to the roadside as much as possible. Don't park in the middle of the road, which is easy to traffic jam. 4 The signal of the whole section is not very good, if the team is driving, it can be equipped with walkie-talkies. 5 Carry garbage bags with the car, and the environment is maintained by everyone consciously. June, July and August are the peak tourist seasons. Please leave early to avoid traffic jams.
Birch Ridge
124 Reviews
温妮还是维尼Be sure to drive to the highest point of Huapi Ridge. Be sure to drive to the highest point of Huapi Ridge. Must drive to the highest point of Huapi Ridge. It’s important to say three times that there will be a section of gravel road. It is worth watching the stars at night and watching the sunrise in the early morning...
Yuanzhongdu Museum
67 Reviews
M40***46I was accompanied. My father is interested in these. I don’t like it very much. I don’t think many people born in the 90s like to visit museums. Although I felt reluctant when I went there, I still found it interesting to enter, especially It is very touching to hear the stories of them lending us money one by one.

Popular Hotels in Zhangbei

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Huatian Caohai Holiday Hostel
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Zhongdu Jixiang Sanbao Yingpan Hotel
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Hanting Hotel(Zhangbei Store)

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Yuanzhongdou Ruins
Yuanzhongdou RuinsZhangjiakou,China

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Zhong Dou Caoyuan Feixing Meng Amusement Park
Zhong Dou Caoyuan Feixing Meng Amusement ParkZhangjiakou,China

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Mufeng Manor Farm Tour
Mufeng Manor Farm TourZhangjiakou,China

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Zhangbei Zhong Dou Caoyuan Resort Amusement Park
Zhangbei Zhong Dou Caoyuan Resort Amusement ParkZhangjiakou,China

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Daobuyuanren Theme Park
Daobuyuanren Theme ParkZhangjiakou,China

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Zuimei Farm Tour
Zuimei Farm TourZhangjiakou,China

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Zhangbei Travel Tips

About Zhangbei

Zhangbei County is situated in northwestern Hebei province close to the Xilingol grasslands in Inner Mongolia. It is one of the most accessible areas of virgin grassland from Beijing. The county has a number of resorts and scenic areas. Visitors can also explore the ruins of the Yuan dynasty capital Zhongdu and experience traditional local culture. Summer is the most popular time to visit.

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Zhangbei Weather

Apr 19, 2021
8 ~ 20
Apr 20, 2021
5 / 19
Apr 21, 2021
5 / 16
Apr 22, 2021
Light rain
3 / 12
Apr 23, 2021
3 / 14
Apr 24, 2021
6 / 16
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhangbei
Apr 19, 2021 Zhangbei Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:8%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:37/19:05
Zhangbei Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhangbei, including: Wild Fox Ridge Fort Tourist Area,Bashang Grasslands,Zhangbei Zhongdu Grasslands
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