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Trip Moments

Shuangshan Island Tourist Resort
On the water side of the Dabundun Wetland
For many years, Shuangshan Island has always been the no development island of Zhangjiagang. So far, no industrial enterprises have settled in, and it is one of the most intact islands in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In late autumn, the Dabundun Wetland has the most common golden reeds on the island. Looking at the original ecology, you can even see the chickens and ducks that wander around. Walking along the path of the wetland into the depths of the reeds, the view in front of you is not difficult to remind people of the scrolls depicted in the Book of Songs, a scene of sorrow and sorrow. Through the reeds, the distant ports and terminals are looming, sometimes real and sometimes distant. The quiet and beautiful reeds and the hard industrial lines on the beach are really a wonderful combination.
Shuangshan Island makes it easy for me to think of Chongming Island, our magic city, which is also in the modern city, but it is hidden in the city. Everything here is incompatible with urban life. The wooden plank road, like the Yangtze River to the east, turns around the heavens and the earth and draws a beautiful curve. It is full of grace and fullness, and it fits the autumn poetry of exclusive Jiangnan.
Fish Xiang shallow bottom, bird dance blue sky, into Shuangshan Island, a quiet and indulgent ink, Danqing, green shade, water bay. The good one is full of vitality, and people and nature live in harmony. The Yangtze River in the distance makes the pattern of the wetland suddenly broaden. It reminds me of Fan Zhongyan's famous sayings: Guanyuan Mountain, swallowing the Yangtze River, Haohao Tangtang, and no boundaries; Zhaohui Xiyin, meteorological.
walking on the island of Jiang, between the rivers and the sky. Take a deep breath and breathe the aura between heaven and earth.
Shirley Zhu
Fragrant Hills Park
When it comes to Xiangshan, everyone should first think of Xiangshan in Beijing, and look at the representative spots of autumn leaves. However, the vast China can have more than one Xiangshan. Located in the Nansha Town of Xijiao City, Zhangjiagang City, there is also a Xiangshan Mountain. The Xiangshan Mountain in Hong Kong City also has beautiful red leaves.
Although the name of Xiangshan in Zhangjiagang is not as big as that in Beijing, don't underestimate it. It is the fifth Chinese mountain to join the World Famous Mountain Association after China's Lushan, Taishan, Huangshan and Emeishan.
Xiangshan is famous for its fragrant scent. The famous writer Su Dongpo came to Xiangshan's Meihuatang several times in his later years. The traveler Xu Xiake invited friends to visit Xiangshan. In the Xiangshan Scenic Area, there are Caixiang Trail, Meihuatang, Taohuayu, Xiangshan Lake, Mei Garden, and Sakura Garden, which are especially popular among tourists. Here is a picture of lakes and mountains.
Blue sky, green mountains, red trees and turquoise lakes, the color level is very clear, picturesque and poetic.
We came to the shore of Xiangshan Lake and just tasted the history and culture. Now we have to enjoy the natural scenery. The lake is light and the mountains are covered with greenery. It is the scenery in front of you.
During the golden autumn season, Xiangshan presents a beautiful landscape full of red mountains, colorful and layered forests. At this time, I came to Xiangshan in the port city, which is the most suitable time.
Rachel Yu
Guanyue Mountain Villa is a star hotel in Xiangshan Scenic Area. The name is also a poetic painting of Jiangnan. The restaurant has two floors, the lobby on the first floor receives some free-flowing individual guests, and we have many people who choose to dine in a more private and quiet box. The interior is understated and elegant, and the dining environment is great.
Shrimp with small abalone, there is also an artistic carving of fruits and vegetables in the middle, so imposing, one end up to attract the attention of everyone. I didn't expect the salad dressing to be the god of the dish, giving the original shrimp a special little fresh taste. Also boast about the ingredients in this store, very fresh, shrimp and small abalone are cool teeth, accompanied by delicious juice.
Steamed scalloped fish, although I didnt eat what fish, but I think the scalloped fish means that the dish is on the plate, and the shape radiating from the center looks really gorgeous.
Double-flavored health fish, a kind of fish, which are both fried and braised. The swaying of Guanyue Mountain Villa really surprises us, and the roads have a new height.
Dutch cashew denim, crispy denim and crispy cashews make up a wonderful contrasting taste, and it's also ingeniously placed in a carefully carved pepper container.
The thick sauce of the red sauce is the most common cooking method in the Su Gang dishes and the local dishes. Because of the color and flavor, it has become a hard dish that is indispensable in the New Year. Even if you don't like too sweet dishes, you can't help but come to Suzhou. After all, this is the essence of Su-style dishes!
Shirley Zhu