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Popular Attractions in Zhangping

Jiupeng Creek
103 Reviews
Jiupeng Creek is located in Wuxi Village, Nanyang Township, Zhangping. It is one of the core scenic districts of the Tiantai National Forest Park. The iconic landscape here is a floating bridge across the water. Around the bridge there are many fishing enthusiasts. Here all visitors can have a great time by either strolling along the boardwalk by the creek, or taking a boat trip on water.
Yongfu Cherry Blossom Garden
104 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Yongfu's cherry trees bloom in spring, when the town holds its annual cherry blossom festival. The festival attracts large numbers of visitors from all over China. The garden is a one-hour drive along a mountain road from Longyan in Fujian Province. It is home to red, white, and pink cherry trees that bloom in three phases.
Longxiao Cliff Drifting
2 Reviews
Longkong Cave
301 Reviews
Geological Sites
Longkong Cave in Longkang Village, Yanshi Town, Xinluo District, Longyan City, is a karst cave in the Wuyi Mountains. The larger cave is Guanyin Cave, which can hold 1000 people. A stalactite statue of Guanyin stands on the stone wall, with Laozi on the right, and the alchemy furnace and water curtain cave at the back. Two stone oxen lie in the water in the middle of the main cave. The stone terraces form a picturesque pastoral scene.

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Aug 13, 2020
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Trip Moments

Only 2 hours drive from Xiamen | Direct access to the small secret Kyoto in Kyoto, sweet cherry blossoms to the crispy cherry blossoms often see cherry blossoms in Japanese movies, the hero walks on the streets of cherry blossoms, or powder or white The petals are floating in the air, probably the impression of many people on the original cherry blossoms. : There is a self-driving 2h to sneak into the small Kyoto of Fujian in the city of Sakura. There is a cherry blossom sacred place that is not known to the locals in the urban area of Xiamen for 2 hours. There is a "three at the doorstep" at home. You will find that you dont have to travel far, the most beautiful spring is by your side. The only prefecture-level city in China, Longyan, named after the word "Dragon", has a large collection of pink cherry blossoms that rival the Japanese. Before the real scene, only the cherry blossoms have been seen in the photos, and the beautiful people are very excited. There are even some doubts about the authenticity of the photo. Environment: The whole mountain is full of cherry blossoms. From afar, the flower clusters are like the morning glow of the sky. The pink spots are a little bit, the clouds are foggy, and the distance between the distance and the denseness is instantaneous, and there is a kind of crossing. The illusion of cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. I can't see the cherry blossoms of the whole mountain in one day, but I can walk the whole color step during the walk. The pink cherry blossoms and the tea fields are like a natural pair. The picture in front of the eyes is only five months in the heart. The quiet air is filled with fresh tea, and it is so leisurely to stroll here. Watching the tea farmers pick tea, the tea farmers pick a fresh leaf of tea, one leaf and one bud, chewing again and again, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the thirst is sweet. Day tour experience: has not started to enter Sakura Sakura, summer and summer have been satisfied with the fluttering, from the end of the road to the end of the road, feeling the road After the opening, I have not yet reached the end of the sea of flowers. The mountaineering route that was originally completed in 2 hours, in the nostalgia of one step and three times, it is hard to take the sun to the mountain and start to go down. Occasionally, I will see the young couple holding hands and jumping, and I will see the old silver-haired old people who help each other. The avenue of cherry blossoms is like a martyrdom that shuttles through time and space. View time: January Mid-Autumn, the best viewing time is from mid-February to early March. From the end of the month of /hh to the beginning of March, the second wave of bloom, mainly pink Yunnan sakura and white dyed Yoshino cherry. After 3 months, the third wave will bloom, it will be pink Tickets: 0 yuan coordinates: Longyan Yongfu Palace
Posted: Aug 28, 2019
When I was young, my homesickness was a small stamp. I was here and my mother was there. When I grow up, the homesickness is a narrow stamp. I am here, the bride is there. Whenever I read the nostalgia in Yu Guangzhong, I always think of my hometown Nanyang. Why do you cross the ocean and see Nanyang in front of you? Small and small, I have been away from home, and I have been studying in the city since I was a high school. Now I have been away from home for more than 10 years. Every time I spend the holidays, I will miss my hometown even more. I am a full-time travel blogger, walking in more than 20 countries, have seen many landscapes, and have traveled many roads. What I miss most is the scenery of my hometown and my hometown. Today I will talk about my hometown Nanyang, the one who gave birth to me to raise my hometown. Nanyang Town is located in the lower reaches of Jiupeng River in the northwest of Zhangping City, Fujian Province. The town government resident Nanyang Village. The total area of the town is 96 square kilometers. It is adjacent to Xinqiao Town in the east, Longyan City in the west, Xiyuan Township in the south and Shuangyang Town in the north. The township governs 9 village committees, and speaks about the southern dialects. The villages of Beibei, Tunxi and Honglin also pass through the dialects. [Tips] Since the opening of the Nansanlong Railway, it is more convenient to come to Nanyang. You can take the high-speed rail or train directly to the Fuping West Station, then take the urban and rural bus to Nanyang Town.
Posted: Feb 8, 2019