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About Zhangpu

Zhangpu is located on the southern coast of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. Like other coastal cities in Fujian, the fishing industry is developed and the people are hardworking. However, there is more to Zhangpu than this. The unusual landscape, the business park for Taiwanese farmers, and the unique tea culture all show how Zhangpu is different. It is both a tourist attraction and a treasure trove of culture.

Popular Attractions in Zhangpu

Volcanic Island Tourist and Leisure Resort
920 Reviews
The volcanic island tourism and leisure resort is famous for its unique volcanic formations, coastal scenery, and original ecological garden landscape. A natural volcanic geological museum, the resort is filled with attractions such as Xiangshan Mountain, Linjin Islet and the stone pillar waterfalls on Nanding Island. It truly is a must for travelers and photographers alike. With its long coastline and endless beaches, it is perfect for sightseeing and holiday breaks.
Zhangzhou Southeast Flower City
310 Reviews
Exhibition Hall
Zhangzhou Southeast Flower City is a national 4A class scenic spot with many characteristic views such as flower halls, modern agricultural exhibition halls, etc. It is the venue for "Cross-Strait Modern Agricultural Expo and Cross-Strait Flower Expo". There are many tourists who come here to enjoy the flowers. During the annual Flower Expo in November, not only all the venues and commercial streets will open to welcome guests, but also many exhibitors will bring their own unique exhibits.
Emerald Bay Resort
201 Reviews
Emerald Bay is a magnificent beach in China with scenic views, best for relaxing alone or as a group. It is also acknowledged as China's Florida coast due to their similarities and popularity. People visit this 'Paradise Emerald Bay' to enjoy the cool Liuhai seashore. One can have a great time at Sand Sculpture Garden, where classics, characters and cartoons are depicted in sand. The experience is mesmerizing with the colorful and realistic carvings. It's a great place for weekends, short holidays with friends and family to unwind. The panoramic views and spectacular sand sculptures have a calming effect on the visitors' minds and bodies.
Tenfu Tea Museum Scenic Area
103 Reviews
Zhangpu, Zhangzhou, China

Zhangpu Tours & Tickets

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Zhangpu Weather

Apr 6, 2020
13 °
Moderate Rain
Apr 7, 2020
Light Rain
Apr 8, 2020
Apr 9, 2020

Trip Moments

Fujian's most beautiful paragliding base, a handful of practical guides from the blue ocean

people and umbrellas and white clouds and driving, the moment you fly in the blue sea and blue sky, you can feel the most nature With a strong favor, you can feel the unforgettable visual impact of life, and the sea overlooking the entire volcanic island extends to the horizon. The

paraglider flying tribe is located in the scenic area of the volcanic island of Zhangzhou. It takes 5 to 10 minutes from takeoff to landing, taking off and landing in the same position.

Flight type
wind gliding: sunny weather situation (weight 90 kg-)
power paragliding: sunny windless situation (weight 90 kg+)
tribe only one Flight coach, if the situation is too big or small, the waiting time will be too long

pre-flight preparation
payment signed [flight agreement], including name, ID number, used to purchase insurance;
[Weather changes], sudden windy fog is a common occurrence. It is recommended to watch the weather and the tide time at the seaside 2~3 days in advance;
in advance [reservation time] contact the paragliding staff (reservation mode can be private);

fore-flight instructions
high Blood pressure, heart disease, excessive drinking can not be experienced;
girls wear trousers, can not bring a mobile phone, listen to the coaching command.

Queue time
Tribe take-off position is limited to one paraglider take-off. When waiting for the queue, the coach will arrange the flight order according to the wind of the day, and the wind will let the child fly first.

The first two trips here were sudden foggy weather, but the third time I finally dreamed! If you ask me if this extreme sports is safe? Everything in the world has a risk of one in ten thousand, and one in ten thousand is not yours and I can control it. I will unload this high and thick wall in my heart. You will know how the world is in front of you. wide!

Tickets: 880rmb
Recommended time: half day
Self-driving coordinates: Volcano Island Resort in Qianting Town, Zhangzhou City
Xiamen Self-driving: Departure on the island The whole journey is 1 hour (through Haitang Bridge, Xiamen Bridge)
Traffic: 20 minutes walk in the scenic area, 7 minutes of scenic traffic, 20rmb (tell the master to get off at the paragliding base)
Posted: Oct 10, 2019