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Binhe Jiuliangye Cultural District is the production base of Binhe Group, a famous liquor manufacturer in Gansu Province. It is a new type of tourism scenic spot where industrial tourism and leisure agriculture, liquor history and culture, business tourism, research and tourism, etc. are closely linked and integrated. In 18 years, it was rated as a national 4A level tourist attraction. Binhe Jiuliangye Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot is designed and designed by Shanghai Tongji University Design Institute. It is located in Minle County Ecological Industrial Park with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The wine jars on both sides of the park are particularly conspicuous. I want to give it a lid and look at the "open-air wine". Joint space for space experiments, these wines are on the sky! The Shenzhou-8 spacecraft was opened, and various kinds of loads including Jiuliangye koji strains were simultaneously released from the cabin, and deep scientific research experiments were started. The Jiuliang liquid separation strains were launched twice with the "Shenjiu" spacecraft and returned satisfactorily. . koji workshop. Most of the brewed white wines are made of starch-containing materials, such as sorghum, corn, barley, wheat, rice, and beans. The first step is to break down the starch into sugars with Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus niger, and Aspergillus flavus, called the saccharification process. . The second step is to ferment glucose by yeast to produce alcohol. The specific brewing process is not known here. million wine cellar. Put the prepared wine in the wine storage for a certain period of time. Premium wines generally need to be stored for three or four years, or even longer, and the quality of the liquor will become warm and mellow after a long period of storage. Generally speaking, the new wine is irritating and the smell is not pure, often with a scent and a new wine. After a certain period of storage, the wine becomes soft and fragrant, and the newer wine is mellow and soft. The authentic people who know the wine call it the old-fashioned phenomenon of liquor. Covered with a "small red cloth" row of rows of wine tanks in front of the eyes, the entire wine storage warehouse overflows. If you come to an alcoholic, your eyes will definitely be in the light.
The Kangle Grassland is located in the Sunan Yugu Autonomous County and belongs to the alpine grassland. After watching the scenery of Danxia in Zhangye Junxiu, many people will choose to go to the recreational grassland to experience the scenery of the grassland. Walk on the grassland, watch the sheep leisurely eating grass, or run with the lamb in the sun, feel the vitality and vitality of nature. The plank paved sidewalk twists and turns, spreading deeper through the green grass. In this place, the European pastoral atmosphere is blowing. The holy lake is crystal clear and extraordinarily quiet. You can even see the snow in the Qilian Mountains, the green grassland under the blue sky and white clouds, and every frame here can be used as a screensaver. The total area of the recreational grassland has reached 2.68 million mu. From afar, the mountains overlap, and the rolling and undulating, a piece of criss-crossing, is a strategy. The land of horses galloping. By the beginning of September, the grass began to yellow, and the bird's eye view from the sky. Look at the nine roads and gullies, and watch the mountains stretch. Marvel at the depth and tranquility of the holy lake. The flock explore to the unknown with the arrow formation. The sun shines brightly and beautifully. "Landscape" is worthy of the name. Look for a small hill to sit and watch the red sunset, and enjoy the time. Color ink-like scenery brings shock to the mind. Birds and flowers, fresh air, and refreshing, the traffic is convenient, it is very suitable for self-driving tour from Zhangye City to as long as more than an hour, is a holiday weekend and relax with friends and family. Feel the good place of nature. Tour Tips: [Address]: Zhangmuzhuang Village, Kangle Township, Sunan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province [Opening Hours]: Daily 07
Gansu Zhangye National Desert Park, 2019 Car Rally Championship. Awesome! There is a drift performance area on the east side, which is currently the most characteristic, most classic, most advanced and most challenging car rally championship venue in China; the 26km long desert track is covered by red sandstone, according to the original terrain of the desert. It is built, with an oasis on the west and north sides, a Gobi on the east and south, and a snow-capped mountain on the south.
Mati Temple
The Horseshoe Temple, also known as the "Puguang Temple", was built in the Northern Liang Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,500 years. Because of the obvious horseshoe imprint on the bluestone plate of the horseshoe temple of the temple, it is said that it is King Saars mount was left behind, so he got his name. The original scale of the Horseshoe Temple includes the Jinta Temple, the Thousand Buddha Cave, the North and South Horseshoe Temple, the Upper and Lower Guanyin Caves and other grottoes and monasteries. There are more than 70 grottoes. It is another group of grottoes in Gansu, which is second only to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Tianshui Maiji Mountain and Yongjing Bingling Temple. The temple feels very peaceful because it is located in the suburbs. This is a "temple" that subverts the image of a traditional temple in your heart. It does not have a strict temple, no ancient trees, no monks. Although it was destroyed, it can be seen through the residual statues and murals that it is a place of fragrant pilgrimage.