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Trip Moments

Baixiang Yuanshan Hot Spring
The reason why I came to Ganzhou again, or stayed at the Xiangxiang Yuanshan Hotel, was because I really loved the hot springs of their home. Quzhou's geothermal resources are uniquely endowed with a long history of hot spring development.
And to say that the most hot place in Shuozhou bathing, non- is none other than. First, it is close to the urban area. It is on the edge of the Zhangzhou War Preparation Bridge. The bridge is the ancient city and the traffic is convenient. Secondly, it is also constantly introducing diversified services, making the hot spring trip not limited to bathing.
28 soup pools, from 10:30 in the morning, if you want, you can stay inside for one day and finish at 23 o'clock in the evening. One pool, hidden between flowers and plants, hot springs are also the theme of flowers, there are osmanthus spring, magnolia spring, Jinhuahuaquan, Camellia spring, etc., in the hot springs, experience the warmth of spring water, can smell It is very comfortable to the bursts of flowers.
In addition to the hot spring pool, there are salt baths, volcanic stone baths, and loess ball baths. Different health techniques can be used to alternate hot springs. There is also an indoor five-row wellness pool and a multi-purpose spa area, so no matter whether it is windy or rainy, you can come and want to run.
One grass and one wood, one spring and one scene, one flower and one world. More than 200 kinds of aromatic flowers are designed and planted throughout the hot spring park. Different seasons vary from season to season. There are flowers at four o'clock, and the four seasons are fragrant. They are subtly separated by flowers and green forests. They are private and quiet, with soft water and green on their ears. In the field of vision.
More seasons, different flower seasons change, there are flowers at four o'clock, and the four seasons are fragrant. In this time, the ancient sea water springs, listening to the sound of flowers, feel the slow life temperament of a small city.
Luzhou Yuxiang Yuanshan Hotel, this is the executive suite, located on the 20th floor, the price conscience, the off-season double morning hot springs are only 650, service and environment are invincible. At 10 o'clock, the car arrived at the hotel at about 11 o'clock. The Executive Suite is located on the 20th floor of the hotel and the elevator requires a room card to go upstairs. The environment and space of the Executive Suite will be better than the regular customer service. There is a separate living room room, there are double guards, in fact, if the elderly are staying, it is recommended to book a better room type, the house price in the off-season can also be accepted. It is worth mentioning that the hotel also has a parent-child room, if you take the children can consider the parent-child room.

The living room has a large coffee table and a dining table. The feeling of entering the door is very comfortable. The

mini bar also has a coffee machine, and you can use 2 coffee capsules per day for free. Mineral water is also free to use.

From day to night, the scenery is infinitely good. And the balcony is big enough, you can even chat on the balcony, and it is convenient to dry clothes.

The big bed should be 2 meters, very comfortable to sleep, the blue sheets give a soothing feeling of relaxation. The bedside radio is very retro and very sensational.

There are some introductions of Zhangzhou on the desk, as well as hand-painted maps. It is very convenient. If you are coming for the first time, you can get an overview of the situation in Ganzhou.

The bathroom and bathroom are also oversized, with a bathtub. The more humane is the bathtub and the TV. You can take a bath in the bathtub and watch TV. It is really refreshing.

Staying for two nights, there is a small night and night, or a patch of sugar cane juice, or lotus seeds, very intimate.