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Techeng Island is a very old island. Poets have left poetry for it during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The special island is a small island that the gods deliberately present to the world. It is a tourist resort in Zhanjiang. It is a place that you don't want to go when you go. Once the special island was simple and unpretentious, after solving the problem of drinking water, selling fish, difficult roads, and fishing boats avoiding the wind, the daily visitors of Techeng Island continued to flow, and people came to the upstream boat. It is only 20 minutes away from the pier on the island of Techeng, listening to the sea, star-gazing, moon-watching and gourmet food. A holiday home was built on the island. Called Zhongte Chengyu Island Resort, the thatched cottage is full of everything, everything. The white quilt, the soft and comfortable bed, the cool air conditioner, and the wall-mounted TV that broadcasts the World Cup ------ the house is simple but warm, although there is no luxury of the five-star hotel, but with the simplicity of comfort, let When people approach, they will feel the feeling of returning home. The small courtyard is also equipped with hot springs and leisure loungers. People want to stop, sit down and lie down. The fake village is surrounded by flowers and trees, like a grand garden, family-style travel, friends gathering, or alone, you can find a suitable matching room in the resort, the most anticipated is the sea view room. The coconut tree sways outside the window, the sea breeze Buddha enters the window, and can lie on the bed to see the seascape, watching the tides rise and fall, the sunrise sun, watching the distant fishing boats in the blue sky, white clouds, blue sea is dimmed into a golden color.
Techeng Island
Take the high-speed train to Zhanjiang. In addition to this famous Jinsha Bay, Zhanjiang City has a place to visit - Techeng Island, which is a small island in the middle of Zhanjiang Bay. This is a small island hidden in the city. The island is rich in plant species, and the dense mangroves are the most obvious plant landscape on the island. From Zhanjiang Fisherman's Wharf, you can take a special ferry for 10 minutes. On the way of the boat, the air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. From time to time, the fishermen who catch the sea will catch the net. Entering the island, you can see an old fishing boat parked on the shore at the first sight. At that moment, the taste of the sea came on the way, and the heart felt like a long-awaited island. All the island's landscapes are still the original islands. The life is full of life. There are fishermen fishing in the sea, docked fishing boats, and even small conchs and seaweeds brought by the sea on the shore. From the prosperous city, they are quickly placed in the city. This quiet island, everything is so harmonious. The gallery is lined with the flags of various countries. It floats with the wind. Every few meters away, there are pavilions with special styles on the island to provide visitors with a rest and fishing. In fact, in my opinion, this gallery also has the advantage that he is a great place to watch the sun. Sitting on a lounge chair, drinking a small wine and watching the sunset or watching the sunrise with his family, are very comfortable. comfortable.
"A faded photo seems to bring me a little nostalgia. The hot dry noodles sold by the grandfather at the end of the street are filled with the old backyard. The stray cat sleeps and shakes the swing, the sunset shines over it and squints... Li Ronghaos voice sang the taste of the old street in his impression, strolling in Chikan Old Street, looking for and feeling the taste of the exclusive Chikan Old Street. Chikan District is said to be a small commercial street in the Song Dynasty. Later, the sea ban was lifted. The merchants in the surrounding cities went from the sea to Chikan to do business, and finally formed a business atmosphere of Chikan prosperity. Therefore, the old town of Chikan has both winding and winding lanes, as well as western-style small houses, as well as the arcade buildings that the old streets of the coastal city have. I want to take pictures in the morning, and see the sun shining through the shade of the trees on the mottled old wall. Old Street, with a heavy history; the footsteps of the years have passed by, the silence has been noisy; the world has been crowded; the hidden city has condensed the essence of ancient merchants. Looking at the narrow and deep lanes, step on the bluestone steps to feel the quietness of the farewell. Old Street seems to be the soul of a city, witnessing the changes of history, bearing the local history, condensing the vicissitudes of life, giving birth to lingering memories. The old street is quiet but not quiet, because there are many people living here. They are the old people of Lao Cai. They lived here for decades and witnessed the vicissitudes of the old streets. History changes, the prosperity of Chikan ancient merchants disappeared, only the streets and docks that have been steadily declining still whispered its once glorious history.