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Jiuhou Mountain
Outside the old town of Chun'an, it is Jiuhou Mountain, which is 30 miles away. There are Jiuhou Temple on the Jihou Mountain in the hqhou Mountain. It was built in the Tang Dynasty and continues to this day. It was rainy and rainy when it arrived. The wind blew through the forests and the rain fell. In the "Five Confucian Book Room" Shidong Xiaoyan, the stone carvings of the famous celebrities on the rock of the Rocky Rocks, I can't help but sigh: the land of true calligraphy and painting. raining, down the mountain, crossing the stone bridge, there is a statue of Guanyin in the bottle, standing in the middle of the bottle, the bottle of water in the hands. climbing door, looking up can be seen in the Ming Dynasty martial arts physicist Huang Daozhou titled "washing the heart of the Tibetan" plaque, stone wall mottled, moss marks all over, the age of the card is long. After the incense burner, the "Jiuhou Temple" plaque was hung high, and the sound of the gongs of the gongs and gongs came out. When you climbed the level, you saw two nuns or squats or standing. After the temple, the stone carvings of the past dynasties can be seen everywhere, such as the Fusheng Rock Cave Gates on the mountain. The Ming Jiajing 22 years engraved: "Fufen takes the name of the mountain, and the ancestral Buddha sacred; On the left side of the temple, there is a "Cloud Root" Cliff Stone Carving, which is engraved during the Ming Dynasty. You need to take a closer look and have fun. There is a boulder on the top of the mountain. A tree is attached to it. The torso and the stone are in one, and it is difficult to divide each other. The result of the crown blossoming has become a spectacle. Jiuhou Mountain is a natural and cultural resort. There is a Tiankai mountain gate in front. There are Jiuhou Temple in the middle, and there are wind-moving stones in the back. Many generations of scholars left many inscriptions on the stone, which is Great place to go.
I went to Diane with a friend of Diane, and I know that it is unusual here. This friend is a photography studio in Xiamen. The composition of the film is novel and beautiful, but it is not good at words. He did not listen to him talking about his hometown, Chunan, but also, he heard it, and he came. Walk the old town of Chun'an, slow down the charm of Nanzhao, count a few experiences: First, Chun'an is located at the junction of Fujian and Guangdong, and the economic development of Shaoping Town in Guangdong next door is flourishing. However, wearing the hat of poor county every year, it is incomprehensible that transportation, property, humanities and scenery are not worse than others. The second is the ancient city of Pan'an, also known as Nanjing Town. It has the same name as the ancient city of Yunnan in the south of the country. Although there are folk legends, there is a certain Nanzhao passage in the Tang Dynasty, saying that the scenery here is like me. Nanxun", named Nanxun. In fact, according to my comparison with Nanxun and Binnan, there is no similarity. Moreover, the folk language of the Luan landscape is different from that of Daixi. Therefore, the legend is obviously far-fetched. The third is that although Diane has condescended to be a poor county for many years, it has a strong cultural heritage. Since the Tang Dynasty, the style of calligraphy and painting has flourished to this day. The famous Danqing bookmakers have been born for generations. Even in the Qing Dynasty, the "Qian'an Painting School" was formed. In ancient times, there was Shen Jinzhou, and today there is Shen Ruojian. The people in the street are also elegant and gentle, and they are called "the hometown of calligraphy and painting." Four is rich in humanities and landscapes in Chun'an. The ancient archway in the ancient town of Nanxun, the Songming Temple, the Wushan Mountain in the north of the city, the Jiuhou Mountain in the north, the Meiling in the southeast of the city, and the Weinan Tulou in each township, especially the official The town of Yuzhen is famous in the Tianlou. In addition, the green plum is a special product of Chun'an, and it is very popular. On the night of Chun'an, my friend took to the street to eat cat porridge. In fact, I have eaten cat porridge in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, but it is the most amazing cat porridge in Pan'an. The porridge water is delicious. The materials used are real and the aftertaste is still here. Yu'an Mountain planted the alpine tea named "Eight Immortal Tea", and left a local friend to send a box, go home to brew a pot, take a sip, then think of all kinds of good.
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