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Things To Do in Zhaotong

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滇国剑客The western Grand Canyon hot spring, because of its unique form of regional formation, has led to the hot spring water special rich in ingredients, especially the health treatment effect to human body, more so that consumers enthusiasm, come to bath.
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爱尔兰咖啡I went in the afternoon, avoiding the sun, there are many entertainment facilities inside, children and adults can play! Charges range from 15-30! The scenery is average, and the water in the Dragon Cave is very clear! I washed my face with water from the water well and I felt so comfortable!
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_We***61When I went there, Dahaizi was not open. Perhaps the number of black-necked cranes overwintering was relatively small. The sunrise is very beautiful, the glass plank road is very shocking, and there is still part of it under construction, which may take several years to complete. Jigong Mountain is okay, and the lamb is delicious.
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Ancient Trail
微微一行The introduction of Doushaguan is Shimenguan, here is the Luoze River on one side, and the cliff on the other side (the opposite of the Luoze River is also a cliff). The Wuchi Road is built halfway up the mountain, and the pass is built on the Wuchi Road.
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Nature Reserve
137***35The couple started to say that they would go on the trip. A day trip to the Xiaocaoba Scenic Area is not bad. There are not many tourists. You can take pictures with you. Although most of the red leaves have fallen, the multi-colored scenery of a mountain is still silvery.
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151***54The environment is good, there are a lot of entertainment facilities, and children say it is a place to linger on. However, individual service staff had a poor service attitude, and felt as if the money was owed to him.

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Guandou Mountain Stone CarvingZhaotong,China

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Tiantai Mountain Karst CaveZhaotong,China

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Wannian Ecological ParkZhaotong,China

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Qingzhengu TempleZhaotong,China

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Twin PeaksZhaotong,China

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About Zhaotong

Zhaotong is situated in the northeast of Yunnan province on the border with Guizhou and Sichuan provinces. The fertile mountains produce a wide range of fruit and vegetables as well as medicinal herbs. The unique landscape features a number of scenic attractions including Huanglian River, Tongluoba National Forest Park and Luohanba Forest Park. The area also has a rich history and is home to several Neolithic ruins.

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Here are the best places to visit in Zhaotong, including: Western Grand Canyon Hot Springs,Xiaocao Dam Scenic Resort,Dashanbao
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