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Trip Moments

Zhengzhou Food Exploration Shop|Bannu Maodu Hot Pot Concept Restaurant

The hot pot restaurant that was flopped in the variety show "Aspire to Life" went to the concept restaurant on Jinshui Road.

The appearance looks very design, the interior is also full of red, the space is very wide, there is no feeling of ordinary hot pot restaurant cramped, the tables and chairs are very open, preferring more and more, I don't want to put a few more tables. On the first floor, I have set up a large area.

I wish the side dishes are not hiding in the dark, but simply semi-open, with hot pot bottoms and side dishes. There is a small brother who is responsible for the bottom of the pot, there is a soup of the present, and then the bottom of the bagged good noodle.

There are also many red elements in this restaurant, such as robot carts that deliver side dishes, and a red corridor that can take photos of beautiful and beautiful cards.

There are three flavor pots and five flavor pots at the bottom of the pot. There are two kinds of spicy flavors: buttery and green pepper. In addition, you can mix with tomato soup or bone soup. Wild mountain soup is available. So in the end we chose the beef and spicy + bone soup + wild mountain mushroom soup, full of a table of dishes is still quite spectacular. Before the opening, everyone will drink a bowl of wild mountain soup, the sauce is self-adjusting, and some suggestions for modulation are directly attached to the side for reference.

Because it is a hairy hot pot, of course, the main point is the hairy belly. In addition to the classic hairy belly, in addition to the classic hairy belly, you can also order the New Zealand hairy belly, the hairy belly that crosses the sea. Have a taste. Both hairy bellyes are the same for seven or eight seconds.

There is a signature fruit shoot, the propaganda says that it can be eaten raw. If you try it, you can actually eat it, but I still like to cook the bamboo shoots.

Fen fritters are also featured here, like the biscuit sticks that children eat, the fritters taste more like bread.

Drink their home-made iron stick yam juice, the first time to drink, warm, similar to a mixture of rice paste and milk.

The time of duck intestines needs to be longer, and the hot pot will be more delicious. If you can't eat spicy food, the bone soup is also good, but some of the visceral ingredients are delicious in the hot pot, and another fish fillet is suitable for the soup pot.

I don't usually eat hot pot. I feel that the environment is messy, and I can't eat the hot pot. I really feel embarrassed, but this Banu Mao Duo hot pot makes people shine.

Zhengzhou Fantawild Dream Kingdom
Compared to the Fantawild World, the Dream Kingdom is more suitable for family fun, and there are many projects like the Carousel Coffee Cup that are suitable for children. The following are recommended. Magic Castle: Stereo-tracking 4D project, exciting and enjoyable time. After entering, there will be a magician talking to you, and the interaction is stronger. After a test of layers of danger, everyone finally got a diploma from the Magic School to end this thrilling and magical journey. Jungle Flying Dragon: The wooden roller coaster is quite spectacular in appearance. It can experience the most primitive thrills in the vibrations and shaking of the high and low undulations and the slanting of the turn. The biggest feature of the wooden roller coaster is that there is no reversal, and the jungle dragon is also the same, so the seat of the seat is safer than other roller coasters. The upper part of the larger activity space, coupled with the psychological effect of "wood", makes the jungle dragon give people The feeling is extrarous. Time and space shuttle: It is a hanging roller coaster, the feet are suspended, if you are wearing sandals, you must take off your shoes to prevent them from falling out. As always, the excitement is fun, and you can't have a fresh ride on a roller coaster. Legend of the Journey to the West: Sun Wukongs scene of the Tiangongs three-dimensional reappearance, the heavens are grand and brilliant, and the eyes are not willing to lick. In the second half of the theater, I lie on the seat and look at the ball screen on the ceiling. I saw the Qitian Dasheng appearing from the sky full of stars, followed by the Monkey King to the world, and the Tianbing Day will play the Erlang God. Five thousand years of Huaxia: The glorious history of 5,000 years and the splendid civilization are amazing in the 360-degree three-dimensional display. In 20 minutes, with 4d glasses, I felt the Yan and Huang dynasties, the Qin Yitong dynasty, the contending of the philosophers, the flourishing modernity of the Tang and Song dynasties, and the present scene. Parents are surrounded by children to entertain and entertain.