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Xijindu Ancient Street
I havent been to Xijindu. I cant really understand Zhenjiang. Its no exaggeration to say this. Xijindu is an old street. Zhenjiang retains the most complete and most monumental area. The Zhaoguan Stone Tower is the oldest stone street in the country. When you listen to the name, you know that it used to be a ferry crossing the Yangtze River. In history, this ferry was incredible. It was the only ferry crossing to Jiangbei for a long time. As early as 1500 years ago, during the Six Dynasties, there were fixed routes to and from Jiangbei. During the unprecedented Yongjia Nandu period, more than half of the northern migrants landed here. The old street of Xijindu began in the Six Dynasties period. Nanjing, which is not far from Zhenjiang, was the capital, and Zhenjiang was also greatly developed. This old street can find traces from the Six Dynasties to the Qing Dynasty. This is called "Garlic Mountain Cross" in the Three Kingdoms. It was once known as "Jinlingdu" in the Tang Dynasty. It was called "Xijindu" after the Song Dynasty. It was originally close to the Yangtze River, and the river was flowing under the feet. After the Qing Dynasty, due to the silt of the river beach, the river bank gradually moved northward. The current riverside is more than 300 meters away from Xijindu. Song Xining first year (1068) In the spring, Wang Anshi was called to Beijing, and went from Xijin to Zhoubei. He wrote the famous poem "Boating Guazhou": Jingkou Guazhou Yishui, Zhongshan only separated Heavy mountain. The spring breeze and the south bank of the Green River, when the moon will shine.
Where is Zhenjiang looking at Shenzhou, full of scenery Beigulou Her age can be traced back to the wilderness than earlier than Xixi, she is the birthplace of Wu culture, with a long history and unique culture. . She is the "golden crossroads" of the Huaxia Grand Canal that communicated with the Yangtze River in the ancient times. It used to be a gathering of merchants and a prosperous source of wealth. She used to be the gateway to the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. It was Wutong in the east, the river was in the south, the river was in the west, and the west was in the capital. The river was in danger of being in the mountains. Since ancient times, it has been a battleground for the military. She used to be the capital of Jiangsu Province during the Republic of China, and nowadays, she is gradually annihilated by the long rivers of the years, and she has been taken away by the surrounding cities. Her name is Zhenjiang, an ancient city that has been built for more than 3,000 years. After several years of wind and rain erosion, it has been devastated by war and passed through a thick history. She is a history book. Frequently appear in the textbook "Where is the look of Shenzhou, full of scenery Beigulou", "Jingkou Guazhou Yishui, Zhongshan only a few heavy mountains" ... are all describing her, Xie Lingyun of the Southern Dynasties Tao Hongjing, Luo Bingwang and Meng Haoran of the Tang Dynasty, Wang Anshi and Fan Zhongyan of the Song Dynasty, etc. have all left a handed down here. In detail, the poetry of the poetry, the eight people in the Tang and Song Dynasties, how many people moved to the people, and here and now.
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