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Ho Family GardenNearby City

Ho Family Garden

4.7/55565 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 123 reviews
Ranked #2 in Yangzhou Classical Gardens
Open from 7:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"⭐ Fireworks in Yangzhou in March. The beauty of Yangzhou is not only the thin West Lake, but also the unique beauty of Yangzhou gardens belonging to Heyuan. Heyuan is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. One of the first 20 key parks in the country. I feel that I must come to Yangzhou and feel the name. The charm of the garden ⭐ He Yuan, known as the first garden of Wanqing, also known as "Jixiao Mountain Villa", is a Chinese classical garden building built in the middle of the Qing Dynasty ⭐ He Yuan has four world first, must not be missed, the first pavilion of the world, the Tongshuixin Pavilion, is the only water theater in China; The first corridor of the world is a retro corridor, all the buildings cleverly linked up, said to be the prototype of overpass; the first window of the world is a cloistered window, can be said to be a step; The first mountain wadding stone mountain house in the world has built a small garden in the big garden ⭐ This first garden in the late Qing Dynasty also because the owner He Yue had been in the Qing government in France legation, very much like the Western architecture, so the whole garden becomes the sense of Chinese and Western integration ⭐ This Sonko has produced many historical famous people, in the case of the descendants of the family, Shanghai Shanghai Foreign Studies University is the descendants of the family founded, even the future generations have built the first atomic bomb in China, can be said to be talented. In addition, there are many visitors, such as the Chinese painting master Huang Binhong, six times to Yangzhou, living in the east floor of the horse building ⭐ to Yangzhou, not to see Yangzhou garden is simply white, it is recommended that you come here to see, feel the charm of the gardens in the south of the Yangtze River and the late Qing Dynasty behind the gardens Story💡Practical information: ⏰Opening time: 07:30-17:15; Stop the entrance time 17:00 📍 Address: 66 Xuningmen Street, Yangzhou 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Take 26th Road to Shita Temple/West Gate Transfer 209 Road to Heyuan West Bus Station Bus Park and take 19th Road to Heyuan East Bus Station. Take 19th Road to Heyuan to drive to the surrounding parking lot. You can go to the ticket price with confidence: 45 yuan (October 1-October 31, March 1-May 31 Monday to Sunday) 30 yuan (July 1-September 30, November 1-February 28 Monday to Sunday)"
Kouan Ornamental Building Scenic Area (Chaixu Ancient Town)Nearby City

Kouan Ornamental Building Scenic Area (Chaixu Ancient Town)

4.9/51435 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 3 reviews
Ranked #5 in Taizhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Taizhou carving building is located in the port of Gaogang District, Taizhou City, in the ancient district of Qiannian Chai Ruins, here in recent years after the transformation, re-enacted the Ming Dynasty storage and storage "Chai Ruins Leisurely" poem "Liaoliu chat, walk to the flower village" the scenery, the building is unique, the water scenery beautiful and moving, the bridge scenery beautiful Lun beautiful. The port carved building is made of blue brick, high ridge flying, especially the wonderful door and window, cloister, column, railing, cliff are all made of carved components; Ryuho shosho, flowers, birds, fish, insects, and fishery were read (the fishery was the gonshi Ryo of the East Han Dynasty, and the puppet was the Zhu puppet in the period of emperor Wu, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under the mountain, and the puppet was the puppet teaching under A careful observation, a number of historical figures can be found, Zhou Dun-ling, Tao Yuan-ming, Wang Xizhi, Lin and Jing formed the "Four Loves", and the three countries' dramas and stories: three Gu Mao-ling, Sun Wu Zhao-qin and so on, all are remarkable."
Wang's Little GardenNearby City

Wang's Little Garden

4.2/5369 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 14 reviews
Ranked #2 in Yangzhou Famous Former Residences
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Must see: exquisite brick and wood carving; colorful glass; Jiangnan garden; fire alley "fire alley"; the decoration of the East and West. In Yangzhou a large number of gardens, the Xiaoyuan seems to be the weakest, natural visitors are the least. The area of the Guo's house is perhaps the smallest compared to the garden of He. The wood carvings are common in the old houses, and can be seen from the door frames and windows and even from the bedstead. There are many kinds of wood carvings, and the carving method is very diverse. There are many kinds of relief carvings, such as double sided carvings, and so on. If you have a careful look, you can enjoy a half day. But like the ship hall, carved into a whole door-cover with wood, but not very much. Glass decoration is another impressive place in the Guo's small court, guess the owner is true love for glass. Everywhere on the door, door frame, window is decorated with the most fashionable glass in the time, which is imported by the five-colored glass is most precious. The room where the colorful glass is located is called "received", the wonderful place is that, from the outside to see almost nothing, and from the inside to look out, not only can see the scenery, but also colorful world, let people feel very happy. The bottom of the big window line, is frosted glass, both protect privacy and do not affect the light, is also quite modern decoration concept. Compared with the deep alleys, the courtyard is open and clear. The ground in the courtyard has bricks, pebbles, tiles and tiles interlocked into the design of the moss and deer, meaning "the elk with the pine", meaning that all generations can enjoy the happiness and life. Small cobblestones spread out, the distant view like the ripples of the water, so that the whole original waterless small garden, more water poetry, more to match the existence of the boat house. The brick carving of the Guo's small garden is also very particular, everywhere is different, a wall leaks a window many pictures are different, but all the meaning auspicious. Even the door frames in the small corners are everywhere hidden brick carving, this house in the first year really don't know how much the owner of the mind! There is a row of windows behind the small garden, each of the brick carving patterns are different, but the beautiful meaning is the same. Peony flower is the flower is rich, the treasure is the peace, copper money is rich and noble. In short, it is a big luck. This is the Guo's small garden, no noisy tour group, no travellers holding selfie sticks everywhere, can let people calm down to appreciate every detail of the place."
Erfenmingyue PavilionNearby City

Erfenmingyue Pavilion

4.1/5103 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 3 reviews
Ranked #7 in Yangzhou Classical Gardens
Open from 8:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"Two Mingyue Building, in the middle of Guangling Road, near Guangling Elementary School, Yangzhou Academy Museum, but more than 100 meters away. Although the door is hung with the "Two Mingyue Building" plaque, do not pay attention to but will pass by. To enter the garden door, need to walk through a long corridor. See the brick on the wall of the corridor, "Chunjiang Huayue Night" "Send Weiyang Former Man" "Send Meng Haoran's Guangling" "Yi Yangzhou" and other Tang poetry, people feel a poetic feelings come. At the same time, and the garden paintings complement each other. The corridor, followed by climbing corridors can go upstairs. The building hangs "Ying Moon" forehead, is Ying Moon Tower. The front of the building is a couplet: "Lang Bao Kai Xiao Yue, Gao Wen excited waves." This month on the east mountain, can be in the Pavilion Ying Moon. Compared with the bustling and lively Guangling Road outside the door, this is a quiet and unique private home forest in the Qing Dynasty. Its owner first for the Yuanshi, and later for the salt merchant Jia Songping. Walking in, this small garden. Every few steps, can find the moon related traces. Many different postures of the moon bridge, moon door, moon window all over the moon, Yangzhou to the Moon trend. To people to appreciate the inexhaustible, moonlight moonlight moonlight shadow moonlight love. Garden main building, two clear moon building, sit north facing south of the seven long building, staunch, qiyu ang. Although the original Qian Xu titled book has no existence, but now set its ink "two bright moon building" the volume is still a positive situation. There is a well in the garden, the well column carved "Daoguang seven years Xing Yue personnel place" is like a history book, carved the real history of the garden. The garden is full of ploughs and ploughs, all for the Jinnong, Zheng Banqiao and other famous handwriting. The whole garden building columns are empty, beautiful people depend; the roof darts, take the potential empty. The east of the garden has Huangshi rockery, the level of the east of the garden has mountains and water, water meaning, reached the point of no god. On the rockery hills to build three east pavilions, west to the main building and the east sunset pavilion connected, when the moon sinks west, can be according to the pavilion send the moon, and the southwestern corner of the moon-welcoming building, and can be remote, a whole, matched into fun. Definitely, Yangzhou "dry garden water do" private gardens of the work. The ancient city of Yangzhou, which is a rich cultural accumulation, is like the streets of the old city, whether it is still there or has long been destroyed, all exude a rich humanistic atmosphere. In such a street, thin time, there are smoke, time, quiet good years. Like, this "two bright moon building", only a thousand square meters, but through the moonlight, mountain color, water, shadow, pavilions, windows, interweave, so that it rich in cultural connotation. It is also the owner of the past garden, away from the noise and the pursuit of the indifferent spirit of the hopeless. In the search process has been thinking, these old streets and alleys are more than just a street. More should be a history, a nostalgia, a culture. With it, Yangzhou is unique, with connotation. Also, as I now want to do, with the camera capture the memory of the old street."