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About Zhenyuan

Zhenyuan County is located in the eastern part of Guizhou Province, adjacent to Hunan Province. The town of Wuyang is the seat of Zhenyuan County and is located on the banks of the Wuyang River. The river passes through the city and is surrounded by mountains. From afar, the north shore and the south bank appear to form a swirling Taichi glyph. There are many ancient buildings, traditional houses and old piers inside and outside the city. Among them are nationally protected key cultural relics, such as Qinglong Cave, the former site of Heping Village and Zhenyuan City Wall. The Qinglong Cave in the east of the city is a group of large-scale Ming and Qing structures. In addition, there are tourist attractions such as Tianhou Palace, Wuwang Cave, Shiping Mountain and Tiexi Creek along the banks of the Wuyang River.

Popular Attractions in Zhenyuan

Zhenyuan Ancient Town
1,038 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Zhenyuan Ancient Town is located in Yuan County, southeast of Zhendong on the bank of Wuyang River. The river winds through the city, forming a pattern similar to the famous yin-yang symbol, so the town is sometimes called Bagua Ancient Town. It also resembles Venice, Italy, with its modes of water transportation. Zhenyuan Ancient Town is divided into two halves by the Wuyang River. The South bank contains the old acropolis, while the North bank holds the ancient city that was built during the Ming Dynasty. The city contains ancient walls and gates, and a number of ancient buildings sitting atop the hills.
Qinglong Cave
991 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Historical Site
The Qinglong Cave is a famous historical and cultural town located in China. It can be found on the Zhonghe Mountain just east of Zhenyuan. The mountains are described as being upright, with large cliffs, various rocks, and as having many caves to explore. Here there was a Qinglongdong Ancient Architecture Complex that was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. This complex has a long history of more than 500 years and is considered to be a famous monument in Guizhou. There are six different parts that make up the Qinglongdong Scenic Area which is composed of 35 single buildings surrounded by a variety of architectural cultures.
Wuyanghe National Scenic Area
547 Reviews
Wuyang River National Scenic Spot is located in the towns of Zhenyuan, Shibing and Huangping near Kaili City, including the Wuyang Gorges River, Yuntai Mountain, and Zhenyuan Ancient City. Wuyang River National Scenic Area integrates natural landscapes, historic sights, and ethnic customs. The unique karst landscapes are on both sides. The fresh air and elegant environment provide a good place for a relaxing vacation.
Zhusheng Bridge
270 Reviews
Zhusheng Bridge is located in Zhonghe Mountain at the east of Zhenyuan County, Guizhou Province. It is also named Wuxi Bridge, and its construction began in the Hongwu Period during the Ming Dynasty. was built by Daya Tian, the premier of Zhengyuan County and Huitong He, the Magistratein of Zhengyuan County. Later, it was rebuilt in the Thirty-seven Year of Wanli (1609), and completed in the First Year of Chongzhen (1628), which totally had taken about 250 years. However, it had been kept rebuilding for several time due to the flash floods. Finally, in the First Year of Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty (1723), the latest restoration was completed successfully. And it was renamed as Zhusheng Bridge to celebrated the birthday of King Kangxi. Nowadays, it is intact basically by protection.

Zhenyuan Weather

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Trip Moments

Zhenyuan County, Guizhou Province, is an ancient city with a long history. Since the founding of the county in the 30th year of Qin Zhaowang (277 BC), it has a history of 2294 years. The ancient city of Fenghuang, 200 kilometers away from Zhenyuan County, has unlimited scenery, while Zhenyuan has been quietly keeping a low profile.
Because Zhenyuan is not far from Phoenix, the scenery is similar. Both ancient cities are in the mountains, and there is a river passing through the ancient city. The number of tourists in Phoenix is much more than that of Zhenyuan, and the degree of commercialization is also higher. I like to go to the Phoenix and enjoy the quietness of Zhenyuan.
Wuyang River divides the ancient town of Zhenyuan into two parts, the north bank and the north part. The river bank is the old city, and the south bank is the old city. Both cities and towns were built in the Ming Dynasty, and some of the city walls and gates still exist. There are many monuments in the ancient city. The former residence of Zhou Dawen is a well-preserved courtyard.
Zhou Dawen's former residence was built by his grandfather in the Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 100 years and covers an area of 1,250 square meters. The former residence of Zhou Dawen is also the former site of the underground branch of the Zhenyuan.
Yangyang River is the mother river of Zhenyuan. The river is clean and clear. The riverside is the most lively place in the ancient city. There are many restaurants, bars and inns along the river. The lights are bright and colorful at night.
Occasionally, the small boat shuttles over the river, and the green hills are reflected in the distance. The ancient city is quiet and peaceful.
Posted: Dec 22, 2018