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Zhongshan Mansion Garden
Zhanyuan is the largest private courtyard in Lingnan, and is also known as the Dagongmen of Zhongshan. For Zhan Yuan, my understanding is limited to the story about it. This is a big dutiful son. In order to let my mother support the sky, I personally designed it and spent a lot of manpower and material resources to build this meditation place. The last name of the name "Zhan" is named. Later, his mother decided to open the garden to the outside world in order to inform his son of filial piety. It is also because of this story that Zhan Yuan and his party are looking forward to it. And the facts also prove that it is indeed a feast for the eyes. The blue wall and the tiled pavilion, the green water and the red fish, the exotic flowers and the wood, the beauty everywhere is really overwhelming. It is a great pleasure to live in such a quiet and quiet garden. Zhanyuan consists of three areas: Zhanyuan Zhushou, Minjiang Covered Bridge and Zhanfu. In Zhanyuan Zhushou District, you can watch the wonderful vaudeville performances and feel the strong folk customs. In the Guanqiao area of the Minjiang River, you can take a boat tour of the river, watch the folk customs of Zhongshan, and enjoy the scenery of Zhanyuan. In the Zhanfu planting area, You can appreciate the style of the Sihe Courtyard, Zhanyuan Tea House and other residences, and feel the strong family ties. In addition to the static scenery, you can also enjoy the various performances here. On weekends, the surrounding residents spontaneously come here to organize some activities, visitors can watch for free, in the fixed area of the park, there are freshly picked Lychee is sold at a very favorable price. This is rich in Lingnan water features, whether it is scenery or stories are enough to make people forget.
Come to punch the most famous restaurant in the local area of Zhongshan, Shijie, when the first Zhongshan positioning microblogging, there are partners jumped out, must go to Shijie to eat pigeons, do not bring gloves, the whole only Enjoyable! The restaurant is really hot. They don't accept reservations. They have to pay 10% for every holiday or weekend. Every day, the restaurant is full and the restaurant is full. There are dozens of people and even hundreds of people waiting at the door. If you can't wait to order the sale, you need to queue a long queue... Don't want to wait too long, just avoid the meal and go after 8pm. . The biggest feature of Ishigaki is the stalls located at the entrance of the store and in the corridor. Large fried dumplings, pineapple bags, stone gourd pockets, wave nets, ducks, farmyards, large intestines, sands, and meat... dozens of Zhongshan traditional foods are now sold, really open eyes. This big golden ball is the special food here - Wangcai Frying. The name of the light is very auspicious, and then look at the real thing, it looks very strange, like a big golden ball. It uses glutinous rice to make a skin, and there is a grain of popcorn in it. Immediately after the bombing, the master pushed and rolled for ten minutes, and made a hollow frying heap like a basketball. When you eat, the chopsticks will be opened and the hollow will be opened. The fried pile is sweet but not greasy, crisp and sound. big fry, all said that the frying piles are full, gold and silver full house! Frying is a symbol of the financial resources, but also the traditional food of the New Year in the Pearl River Delta. It is also a must-have for dining here, which can be seen on almost every table. The most famous pigeon, Zhongshan is famous for its pigeons and is especially promoted as a top dish. Here, the original pigeon is used, which is cooked with the secret marinade and cooked on the back of the pigeon. The palate is crispy and tender, and the meat is tender and juicy. During the process of burning pigeons, the temperature of the fire oil should be properly controlled. If the fire is too strong and the oil temperature is too high, it may cause the skin to become black and black. Cause the skin is not enough color, not crispy pigeon liver paste long beans / hc / / hc / chef put about 30 cm long beans into a soft rotten and rolled into a ball, Topped with super special pigeon liver sauce. Everyone knows the foie gras, but the sauce made by the pigeon liver is the first time I heard it! The taste is very fresh, with a hint of visceral scent, but it is not stinking at all. There is a mixture of Chinese and Western food.
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