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Hello #happynewyear
Posted: Jan 5, 2020
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The largest water park in Zhongshan - the Yangtze River Water World, the park has to be positioned as a deep-sea theme cultural and recreational water park. From the blue-blue door to the inside of the park, you can see the little mermaid, the shrimp and crab will wait for the cartoon characters, and it is very relevant to the theme of the park. Childlike, people can't help but want to become a child. There are various water slides and water sports in the
water park, among which are the facilities such as Rainbow Tribe, Aegean Bay and Jungle Drifting. For example, drifting from the forest is especially worthwhile for everyone to try. Visitors can lie on the specially designed swimming laps and drift along the river. There are many unknown surprises all the way to the rapids, so that you can experience the turbulence of sailing on the sea. The slow flow is exactly the opposite of the rapid outflow, making you feel like you are not lying on the river but lying on the shore. During the rafting period, you will find that the tropical rainforests on both sides of the river are rich and strange, as if you are really in the rainforest.
Of course, the rain forest tribe is not to be missed. It is the largest original tropical rainforest theme play area in Guangdong. The fairytale castle on the water, the chic tree house, and the rotating waterwheel are suitable for children to play and play. The road and the large wooden barrels filled with unknowns gave the adults a hint of excitement.
When you come to Zhongshan, how can you not taste the local cuisine! ? This wave of hard goods is recommended!

The first two years of special crispy pork! The squid meat is really crisp! People who have eaten must have been rubbing their mouths. If you havent eaten, you should still be curious about how the fish is crisp!

Because the squid in the Yangtze River Reservoir in Zhongshan City is aquaculture, the fitness fish is naturally firm, but the biggest difference is that in the third year of farming, it is above 25 degrees Celsius. The water temperature, feeding 120 days of broad beans, from this fish is different from ordinary squid, the fish has become tight and crispy ~

a pound of fish, in addition to clear water squid slices, you can also do soy steamed Fish gizzards, fried fish eggs, salt and peppers, fish fillets, etc., change the pattern to eat a whole fish, in addition to salt and pepper fish bones and fish fillets, other dishes are almost thorn-free, stick!

The pigeons are definitely a must in Zhongshan. The pigeons dont say much, and the word sleeves are dry!

After a full meal, you can go to the Lijiang Park outside the hotel. It is a beautiful little world, with woods and reeds. Because the predecessor was a shipyard, you can see the ship and the railroad track. Now it has become a big toy for children to play. The couple walks here, and the youth running is also a scene. Just in front of such a park in the city, the overall extra points! and walk to the business district and pedestrian street in a few minutes!
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